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Top 10 Best Vaporizers

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We’ve put in a lot of work to create our list of the 10 best vaporizers for you. Through careful research, digging through piles of reviews and personally testing the best vaporizers out there, we’re able to give you well written, honest and easily understandable feedback.

The use of vaporizers has seen a real surge in popularity, not just as a means of enjoying cannabis but as an aid to quitting smoking, amongst many other things. With that surge comes a myriad of devices. Now widely available it can be hard to know who provides some of the best vaporizers and who is jumping on the bandwagon. Allow us to sort the best from the rest.

Taking into account the variety of reasons that people choose to use vaporizers, whether that be recreational use, quitting tobacco, or medical pain relief, we aim to give you an honest opinion on the best devices for you rather than what’s best for selling. Without further ado let's get straight to 10 of the best vaporizers available.


The Boundless CFC 2.0 is a refreshed and vastly improved version of the original. Its creators designed the model with discretion in mind. The vape is ultra-compact, and users can easily conceal its bullet-like shape in the palm of their hand. It’s a superb travel-friendly vaporizer that can be used in public and on the go without turning any heads. A length of 13.2cm means it can fit snugly into most pockets and bag compartments.

Adding to its stealthy demeanour is a rapid heat-up time. The Boundless CFC 2.0 can reach a temperature of 200°C in 25 seconds, and 230°C in 45 seconds. Users also have the liberty to set the temperature to their liking; anywhere between 60–230°C with increments of 1°C. These settings can be manipulated using the horizontal LED display and simple one-button control.

The battery life of the Boundless CFC 2.0 makes it even more of a candidate for the road. The non-removable 18650 battery can handle 10–12 session when used at 200°C, and 8–10 sessions when used at 230°C. With that said, the vape is also fantastic for home use. It comes with a water pipe adapter, allowing users to add even more smoothness to each hit.


Storz & Bickel have become a cornerstone of quality when it comes to vaporizers. The smaller brother of the infamous Mighty, the Crafty+ is no exception to this prestigious reputation. Beautifully small and lightweight, one of the defining characteristics that set this vaporizer apart is the ability to adjust the LED’s and vape temperature via the Web app.

Simple to use and adjust, the Crafty+ is truly a vaporizer for the modern and mobile cannabis smoker. 


The Arizer Air 2 is an update to the Arizer Air. With this upgrade comes some desirable new traits. Expect a long battery life and even faster heat up time, something that is often overlooked by vaporizer manufacturers.

With a removable battery, this is the first vaporizer in our list that can be used for extended vaping sessions. Simply have some spare batteries charged and you can swap them out in seconds, never having to fear that dreaded low battery notification.

7. PAX 3

The first contender that is compatible with resins as well as herbs and concentrates. Another unique feature is the built-in accelerometer. This is a particular fan favourite because of the way it can detect being passed around. This activates the vaporizers ‘party mode’ which automatically lowers the temperature to prevent burning anyone —guaranteed to make you the party favourite with your friends.

This entire unit is finished in a sleek matte finish, making it appear every bit the premium product it is. Enjoy full app control via Android or Apple to make your vaping life even easier!


The Arizer Solo II ushers in the newest generation of Arizer’s Solo line. The high-tech device has been designed to work solely with dried flowers. The large chamber can handle large amounts of bud at a time, meaning every session has the potential to get you sky-high. The digital temperature control and bright LED display allows users to easily set the Solo II to vape anywhere between 50–200°C, in 1 or 10-degree increments.

A hybrid heating system employs conduction and convection technology to heat your herb to the desired temperature. The vapor then travels through an all-glass vaping path which makes for a cool and buttery smooth hit that’s easy on the lungs. The Solo II boasts an impressive battery life of three hours. Don’t worry if you run out of juice; you can use it while it’s charging too!


The Firefly 2+ combines never-before-seen features with cutting edge vaporization technology. A smartphone app—available for both iOS and Android—allows users to accurately select temperature settings between 93–260°C. Such control allows users to customise every single hit.

The Firefly 2+ features dynamic convection technology that vapes both dried flowers and concentrates. The lack of contact between the product and a heating element generates much smoother vapor. What's more, users won’t be waiting long at all for their next hit. This high-powered device will deliver a lungful of vapor a mere three seconds after activation.

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The Firefly 2+ produces more pronounced hits that its predecessor. The newer version offers a massive 33% more airflow, making it extra satisfying to hit. Additionally, the inhalation time has been designed to last 10+ seconds. This means more cannabinoids in your bloodstream and less escaping into the air! The Firefly 2+ is available in Blue, Jet Black, and Zebra Wood.


The Plenty may look like something out of a science fiction movie, but don't be put off by its appearance. In fact, instead of melting aliens it will be melting your brain with the quality of the vape provided. Operation is simple, dried herb is placed in the herb chamber before turning clockwise to secure.

Temperature controls range from 226℉ to 395℉ (107°C and 201°C) offering a taste to suit every vaping connoisseur. Backed by German TÜV approval you can be guaranteed you are buying into a quality product.


The DynaVap VapCap M might seem primitive compared to devices with LED screens and accurate temperature settings. However, its simple, raw design makes it an absolute pleasure to use. The VapCap M is a flame-fuelled vape forged of medical grade stainless steel. The ultra-portable pen can handle both dried herb and concentrates. Simply place your product into the cap and apply a flame (a blowtorch works best).

Due to the lack of electronics, the VapCap doesn’t vibrate or blink, but it still manages to alert users when their hit is ready. The cap will make a “click” sound, indicating it’s time to inhale.

The VapCap M 2019 features plenty of improvements compared to older models. The newer version boasts a double-grooved triple helix for better airflow, a textured grip that makes it easier to handle, and a large carb hole to clear the vape. With a total length of 92mm and no need to keep track of batteries, the VapCap M 2019 is the perfect travel accessory.


The Volcano Hybrid is the successor to the legendary Volcano Digit desktop vaporizer. The Digit was known all across the cannabis world for its mountainous shape and size, and ability to fill massive balloons that could get an entire room high. The new and improved Volcano Hybrid maintains these classic traits, combined with impressive modifications.

The Hybrid marks a pioneering step in desktop vaporization technology. The device works with the Storz & Bickel Web app via a Bluetooth connection. This enables users to select temperatures between 40–230°C from the comfort of their couch.

The new model is compatible with existing vapor balloons and comes with an EASY VALVE adaptor. It also fills a balloon in much less time—all it takes is 1–2 minutes to reach full capacity. The Volcano Hybrid has also undergone an aesthetic makeover. Storz & Bickel replaced the loud red and green LED display with the gentle colours of white and orange. Overall, the Volcano Hybrid is a massive improvement on the best social vaporizer available.


The pièce de résistance of handheld vaporizing pens. It is hard to know where to start with why the Storm vape pen is one of the best portable vaporizers you can get. It presents the perfect balance of ease of use, versatility and price.

The introduction of being able to handle multiple mediums of weed often brings a price hike. Not the case with Storm. It is easily capable of handling herbs, concentrates and resins. Easy to use, decent temperature control and an auto shut off function are all essential features when considering your next vaporizer purchase. You can even expect up to an hour of vaping on one charge, so what are you waiting for?!


Written by: Zamnesia
Zamnesia has spent years honing its products, ranges, and knowledge of all things psychedelic. Driven by the spirit of Zammi, Zamnesia strives to bring you accurate, factual, and informative content.

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