Top 5 Flame-Powered Vaporizers
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Top 5 Flame-Powered Vaporizers

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Powered by a flame and nothing else, explore our list of the 5 best flame-powered vaporizers on the market. For those seeking pure flavour, ease, discretion, portability, and style, there's a device on this list that's perfect for you!

There is an expectation that as time passes, vaporizers become more technologically advanced. While this is generally true, the notion that it is required for a decent vaporizing experience is not. There are many vaporizers out there that can be powered with a simple lighter and still effectively deliver a high-quality vapour. Not only this, but they are also cheaper, and don’t run out of battery, making them appealing to those wanting to vape on a budget or are constantly on the move. With this in mind, we thought we would put together a list of five excellent flame-powered vaporizers, giving this often overlooked category the credit it deserves.


When it comes to vaporizing, most people initially assume that it must be done with an electronic device, or the weed will burn. As mentioned, this is not true. Vaporizing involves bringing cannabis to a temperature where the cannabinoids vaporize, without any of the plant matter combusting. Whether it is by flame or heating element is irrelevant, heat is heat. Electronic vaporizers tend to be more consistent, as they often have precise temperature controls. However, a high-quality flame powered vaporizer in the right hands can easily achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost.

5. VAPO2


The Vapo2 is a pretty basic device, but once flame vaping is mastered, can produce high-quality vapour every time. It is basically a pyrex bulb pipe; the cannabis bud or wax is placed in the bulb and carefully heated with a lighter until it begins to vaporize. The bulb prevents the temperature rising too quickly, allowing to hit a sweet vaping spot without causing burning. It is cheap, discreet, and produces a clean vape – great for those vaping on a budget.



The Vapo-Bowl is a handy little extension that fits onto pretty much any bong, converting it into a vaporizer. Once again, the bulb prevents direct flame contact, heating the weed in a more controlled measure, helping reduce any likelihood of combustion. In addition to it being a cheap and effective method to vaporize, you also get the added benefit of water cooling through the bong!


Eclipse Vape H2O

Although the Eclipse Vape H2O can be used to vape dry herb, it has been designed with concentrates, such as wax and oils, in mind. It is a top shelf bit of kit that can be attached to a bong to convert it into a vaping water pipe, or it can be used on its own using the glass mouth piece. It makes the Eclipse Vape H2O an extremely versatile piece of kit, both discreet and easy to transport. It even comes with a shock-proof travel case.



The Vaponic vaporizer is the ultimate stealth flame-powered vape. It comes in a hollow magic marker case, and can be quickly and discreetly loaded up for a vaping session on the go. It consists of two glass pipes, one internal and one external, to help keep temperatures controllable. Simple to use, discreet, and economical - there is a lot to like!




The Vaporgenie looks like a conventional pipe, but it holds a secret: a heat dispersing silicon carbide disc, which as long as the flame never actually comes into contact with it, helps ensure a smooth vape with every draw. Touching flame to the filter will not damage it, but will make it require cleaning more often, and potentially raise the temperature too high during vaporizing. All you do is fill the herb chamber, screw on the top heating bowl, and flame up! It is an ingenious design!

Who needs batteries!? These vapes can keep you going without relying on electronics, meaning as long as you have a lighter, you can vape no matter where you are. So, if you are looking for a cheap and versatile way to vape, consider giving a flame-powered vape a go!


Written by: Luke
Luke is a part-time writer and full-time visionary. An anonymous psychonaut blending into society with his suit and tie, he works to bring evidence-based rationality to the masses.

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