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Choosing a vaporizer can be a difficult decision, especially with all the high-quality models available today. Never fear, we will go through some of Storz & Bickel's finest vaporizers to help you determine the best product for you!


Founded by Markus Storz, this German company quickly became a market leader in Europe after partnering with Jurgen Bickel. In 2003, they expanded to North America and gained traction with their world-famous “Volcano” vaporizer, which received the title of "first medical vaporizer" back in 2014. A certificate that, in 2018, STORZ & BICKEL is the only brand to hold.

After the successful release of the Volcano, STORZ & BICKEL branched out into the portable vape market, delighting vape fiends with the powerful Plenty, the handy Mighty, and the app-compatible Crafty+. Let's have a quick look at each different vaporizer, and afterwards, see how they stack up against one another with the STORZ & BICKEL Vaporizer Comparison Sheet further down in this article.

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Volcano Hybrid

Just by looking at the device, you already know you are in store for a top-of-the-line experience. Completely defying today’s trends, they went with a robust and heavy-duty design that asserts “power”. Once you try it, you’ll understand why the device is designed the way it is. It’ll give you potent, thick hits with a never-before-experienced smoothness.

STORZ & BICKEL have designed two versions of this monster, The Volcano Classic and The Volcano Digit. Both Volcanos are desktop models that are great centerpieces in their own right. Pop the Volcano on the coffee table, get out one of the special Volcano balloons, fill said balloon with vapour, and pass it around for effortless draws of flavourful fog.

The Volcano Digit vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is now an artifact of cannabis quality. The company has stopped producing this iconic model. Users would watch the device in amazement as it filled up large, cylindrical bags with vapor. The temperature adjustment controls set the standard for the digital era. Before you get too nostalgic, know that a new and improved version is now available! Let us introduce the Volcano Hybrid.

The new model looks similar to the previous device, with aesthetic improvements to the controls and LED touch display. The Volcano Hybrid is also much quicker to fire up. You and the accompanying circle of fellow vapers will only have to wait 1–2 minutes for a bag full of fumes, although you may opt to use the large inhalation tube provided.

The most distinct improvement to the Volcano Hybrid is integration with smartphones. Users can control the device using the S&B Web app. The Volcano Hybrid is a step forward in the desktop vape industry. It’s where large social devices meet modern technology.

Volcano Hybrid

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Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty Vaporizer is STORZ & BICKEL’s first portable vaporizer, as it was released before the Crafty+ and the Mighty. This device is best described as “home-portable”. While it may be labelled as portable, its 30cm height disqualifies it from being a pocket-sized vape. However, it is definitely a great addition to your living room sessions, producing super thick vapour from a unit that is easily passed around the vape circle.

This device is fully mechanical, including the temperature display, increasing the durability of the vaporizer. It may look like an intimidating object at first, but with its illustrated quick-start guide, you’ll be vaping within the first few minutes of it arriving on your doorstep.

Plenty Storz & Bickel

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Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer combines portability and maximum power in the perfect manner. Compact, but larger than its Crafty+ counterpart, this product allows for two batteries, a heating chamber, and a cooling unit on top. How long these two batteries will last depends on how high the temperature is set.

While the outer parts are composed of mostly plastic, its build quality remains unquestionable. The grid pattern on most of the device’s surface allows for more effective cooling. This is further enhanced by having the batteries separated from the device’s heating chamber. It’s an overall great vaporizer.

Mighty Vaporizer

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Crafty+ Vaporizer

The Crafty+ Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer compatible with both herbs and concentrates. The vape shares all of the benefits of its predecessor, along with some significant improvements. The CRAFTY+ boasts a sleek body designed for optimal grip and a comfortable feel. The curved edges allow the device to fit securely in the hand. The single-button control system sits neatly near the base of the device. Hit the button once to switch between three preset temperature settings— alternatively, triple-tap it to instantly heat the vape to its maximum temperature of 210°C.

Some vaporizers sacrifice power for portability, while the CRAFTY+ features both traits. The patented hybrid heating system utilises both conduction and convection to produce buttery smooth hits every time. It takes a mere 60 seconds for the device to reach the selected temperature. The vapor then passes through a "cooling unit" that makes each hit thick and easy on the airways.

The CRAFTY+ can be used in combination with the Web app.The app enables users to turn on their device, locate their CRAFTY+ when they misplace it, and extend the shutoff time up to 5 minutes. Users can also use the app to select temperature using 1°C increments, or the +15°C booster option.

Overall, the CRAFTY+ is a high-tech portable vape with 30% faster heating than the previous model, improved electronics, and impressive controls. This vape wraps sophistication and power into a pocket-sized design.

Crafty+ Vaporizer

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These German vaporizer engineers are proud of all five of their vaporizers. Each offers its user something that the others can’t, whether that be portability, available accessories, full convection heating, or precise temperature control—there will be a perfect STORZ & BICKEL vaporizer for you. It all comes down to personal preference and what you want from a vaporizer; but rest assured, you won’t be disappointed by STORZ & BICKEL. Our comparison sheet delineates all the differences and similarities in an easy-to-view manner, and will hopefully help you to decide which one to purchase!

Storz & Bickel Vaporizers


VOLCANO Classic Full-convection desktop vaporizer, uses a removable balloon system for resistance-free draws
VOLCANO Hybrid Full-convection desktop vaporizer with LED display, uses a removable balloon for resistance-free draws, or a rotatable tube system (Tube Kit)
PLENTY Hand-model vaporizer with hybrid heating technology
MIGHTY Portable vaporizer with hybrid heating technology
CRAFTY+ Portable vaporizer with hybrid heating technology, supported by the app


VOLCANO Classic Dry herbs | Herbal extracts (in combination with the 'Drip Pad')
VOLCANO Hybrid Dry herbs | Herbal extracts (in combination with the 'Drip Pad')
PLENTY Dry herbs | Herbal extracts (in combination with the 'Drip Pad')
MIGHTY Dry herbs | Herbal extracts (in combination with the 'Drip Pad')
CRAFTY+ Dry herbs | Herbal extracts (in combination with the 'Drip Pad')


VOLCANO Classic 1600g
VOLCANO Hybrid 2900g
CRAFTY+ 135g


VOLCANO Classic 20,0 x 18,0 x 20,0cm
VOLCANO Hybrid 20,0 x 18,0 x 20,0cm
PLENTY 15,5 x 20,0 x 6,0cm
MIGHTY 8,0 x 14,0 x 3,0cm
CRAFTY+ 5,7 x 11 x 3,3cm


VOLCANO Classic Main electricity supply
VOLCANO Hybrid Main electricity supply
PLENTY Main electricity supply
MIGHTY 2x lithium ion batteries (charging time: 2 hours)
CRAFTY+ 1x lithium ion battery (charging time: 2 hours)


VOLCANO Classic 130°C to 230°C, set by rotating the analog dial
VOLCANO Hybrid 40°C-230°C, set by using the plus and minus buttons, value visible on LED screen or via the Remote Control App
PLENTY 130°C to 202°C, set by rotating the dial, value visible on thermometer
MIGHTY 40°C to 210°C, set by using the plus and minus buttons, value visible
CRAFTY+ 40°C to 210°C, set via the Remote Control App


VOLCANO Classic Full convection | Cooling: Easy Valve Balloon
VOLCANO Hybrid Full convection | Cooling: Tube Kit or Easy Valve Balloon
PLENTY Hybrid heating technology (hot air convection with additional convection) | Cooling: Cooling coil
MIGHTY Hybrid heating technology (hot air convection with additional convection) | Cooling: Cooling unit
CRAFTY+ Hybrid heating technology (hot air convection with additional convection) | Cooling: Cooling unit


VOLCANO Classic Easy Valve Balloon ensures a resistance-free draw
VOLCANO Hybrid Easy Valve Balloon ensures a resistance-free draw | Tube Kit: 30 liters per minute
PLENTY 30 liters per minute
MIGHTY 10 liters per minute
CRAFTY+ 10 liters per minute


VOLCANO Classic 6.5 cm³ (with filling chamber reducer: 1.4 cm³)
VOLCANO Hybrid 6.5 cm³ (with filling chamber reducer: 1.4 cm³)
PLENTY 3.4 cm³
MIGHTY 1.4 cm³
CRAFTY+ 1.4 cm³


VOLCANO Classic Drip Pad
VOLCANO Hybrid Drip Pad | Automatic shutoff: after 30 minutes | Remote Control App
PLENTY Drip Pad | Automatic shutoff: after reaching preset temperature
MIGHTY Drip Pad | Automatic shutoff: after 2 minutes | Vibration alarm
CRAFTY+ Drip Pad | Automatic shutoff: after 1 minute | Vibration alarm | Remote Control App


VOLCANO Classic € 339,00 | Warranty: 3 years
VOLCANO Hybrid € 598,00 | Warranty: 3 years
PLENTY € 219,00 | Warranty: 3 years
MIGHTY € 299,00 | Warranty: 2 years
CRAFTY+ € 289,00 | Warranty: 2 years
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Adam Parsons
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