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Dance-E is the strongest party pill in the Happy Caps family. The Dance-E gives an energetic and euphoric effect, comparable to XTC, but then a little lighter. It promises to nudge you into a state capable of keeping going the whole evening filled with energy.

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There are 3 active ingredients in Dance-E: caffeine, geranamine and theobromine. The caffeine is what creates the energy boost. Precisely matched to each other, the quantities of geranamine and theobromine combine together perfectly to create a powerful, euphoric buzz as result. The energy and euphoria will have you bouncing around the dance floor, and most probably it will be you who’s left to turn the lights out at the end of the night.

A pack of Dance-E contains 4 capsules.


For the majority of people 1 capsule is quite enough, even if some die-hards will go for 2 capsules. In any case, do not take more than 2 capsules in 24 hours. The first effects will come on around 30-45 minutes after taking.


  • Caffeine (50 mg)
  • Geranamine (35 mg)
  • Theobromine (25 mg)
  • E959
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Calcium dioxide
  • Hydroxypropylmetylcellulose ((vegetarian capsule)


Never take more than the recommended dose. Do not use Dance-E in combination with alcohol, medicines or other drugs if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart- or vascular disease and/or problems of the thyroid and/or liver, panic attacks, depression or other psychic problems. Also, do not use any Dance-E if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a doctor if you have worries. Store this product in a cool, dry place and of course, out of reach of children.


    By on 19/Jun/2017 :

    Title : Seem to work
    Comment : Package currently say other than written: Dendrobium, Guayusa and Sceletium. But it seems I had a good effect. Zamnesia say the reciept is now changed and they will also change the description soon as possible.

    By on 15/May/2017 :

    Title : Stark aber nicht ohne Risiko
    Comment : Der Wirkstoff Geranamin Unterdrückung von Müdigkeit und Steigerung des Selbstbewusstsein und der Wirkstoff Theobromin macht ein euphorisch und entspannend. Doch es hat eine starkes Abhängigkeitspotential, so das es nicht jeden Tag genommen werden sollte. Ich hat denn eindruck mir gelingt alles, aber ich habe kein Appetit oder Trustgefühl.

    By on 13/Mar/2017 :

    Title : innefficace
    Comment : Nous étions trois à tester et aucun de n'a pu noter un effet énergisant ou euphorique

    By :

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    By on 15/Dec/2016 :

    Title : party
    Comment : Ich finde eine tolle Erfahrung auf milden Euphorie und Antriebshigh. SUPER

    By on 05/Dec/2016 :

    Title : PC
    Comment : Prefer Gogaine etc which are now illegal in the UK so went back to these. Light hit but no come down. Would still prefer the experimental chemical type for a quicker hit

    By on 23/Nov/2016 :

    Title : A nice alternative to "real" pills
    Comment : I'm not a regular user of MD but I was looking for a new way to be energetic and more receptive to music, without the unpleasant side effects of the morning after. So I decided to try this Dance-E, without expecting so much. First attempt: Went for few drinks in a pre-party, then going to club around 00h. My friend and I dropped one pill each around 01h15. Feeling a slight feeling of awakening 45min later, a bit moreenergetic in the legs. No feeling of high, just very conscious about what is going on around us. No nausea at all (some other users reported it). We both dropped a second pill around 3h. Absolutely no sign of it... I guess it's better to take two in the same time. This second try was a bit disappointing. My friend feels a real physical tiredness, but I'm quite fine. I fall asleep fast, and wake up in a crazygood shape, with no hangover. Second attempt: Went to festival, and this time dropped 2 caps with my gf. Felt quickly a nice feeling of energy and euphoria 30min later. Wasn't so effective on her. Was smoking weed in the same time, the duo was perfect. But lasted only 1h. Then, tiredness came back specially in the legs. Anyway had fun. Conclusion : everybody's different, and can be more or less reactive to this. Since there's only plants and vitamins inside, don't be scared to try 2 caps in the same time and see what it does on you. However if you're expecting MD effects, you'll be very disappointed. I will maybe buy it again, but I'd rather choose the Space-E caps which was crazy on me (I wrote a comment about it).

    By on 05/Aug/2016 :

    Title : Nul
    Comment : Aucun effets même en doublant les doses. Zéro. Très déçu

    By on 14/Apr/2016 :

    Title : By Claus
    Comment : Perfect! One capsule is enough for me, to dance all evening - and afterwards be able to sleep well!

    By on 10/Apr/2016 :

    Title : Experiencia extraña que se acerca al mdma pero con matices bastantes diferentes
    Comment : Para empezar hacer notar dos cosas, y es que tengo pillado varias veces este producto, y me tiene llegado con dos fórmulas diferentes. En una de ellas, la que se anuncia en la descripción aquí en zamnesia, pero otra de las composiciones es la misma que otro producto que ya está descatalogado por lo menos en esta web, las energy-e que llevan kanna. El efecto parecido pero sutil mente diferente, siendo la fórmula con kanna ligeramente más narcótica y con un toque que da algunos de los extractos de kanna. Decir que combinado con marihuana el efecto es bastante impresionante, sobretodo en la fórmula que lleva kanna, potenciando y dándo un matiz distinto a toda la experiencia. Lo único malo es que no sabes que fórmula te va a llegar. En mi caso prefiero la de kanna, ya que es un mpoco menos exaltante, el corazón va un poco más acelerado con la otra fórmula. De todas maneras el efecto es parecido en ambos casos. La recomiendo, una de las mejores cápsulas junto con las sex-e para salir de fiesta. Las space-e y trip-e para mi son mejores pero ya es una experiencia distinta, más psicodélica, por lo que no las comparo.

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From Luna | 2013-04-06 16:52:47

Hoeveel caps zitten er in een zo'n zakje? Hoe lang duurt de werking hiervan? En als je ze neemt zal 1 dan genoeg zijn voor een goede trip?


Each packet contains 4 (vega)capsules. Recommended use indicates that you should take 1 or 2 capsules 45 minutes prior to the desired effect with a glass of water. The effect will peak until about 3 hours after consumption, but please note that you will not be able to sleep until about 5 hours after consumption.

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