Jetpackkratom SILVER Extract - Capsules


Jetpackkratom SILVER extract capsules contain 60mg of mitragynine, equal to 5g of powdered kratom leaf. The capsules are perfect so you can accurately dose even heavy doses of kratom. Capsules are made of vegetable HPMC, which is 100% natural, vegetarian, halal, and kosher.

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Jetpackkratom SILVER Extract: Highly Concentrated Kratom Caps

Kratom is a natural supplement capable of providing both energy and relaxation. It is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to coffee and other stimulants. Jetpackkratom SILVER extract in capsule form is the easy way for experienced kratom users to measure an exact dose every single time. Each Jetpackkratom SILVER capsule contains 60mg mitragynine, which is the active alkaloid in kratom, equivalent to 5mg of powdered kratom leaf.

These capsules are perfect if you already have experience with kratom, allowing users to discreetly and accurately consume even larger doses with precision.


Kratom is unique in regard to its effects since it works as both a stimulant and a relaxant depending on dosage. Taken in lower doses, kratom is energising and stimulating, similar to strong coffee or energy drinks. In higher doses, the effect of kratom is relaxing and euphoric. Users describe these doses as happy, active, and motivating, yet relaxing at the same time.

If you’re still new to kratom and have never consumed it before, know that the first few times you take it may only produce a light effect. The reason for this is that the brain still doesn’t know how to react to the new substance, so you may not feel much or achieve the desired effect upon your first dose. Just allow it some time until your body has adjusted.


It is best to mix the contents of these capsules with some liquid, such as water or juice, before drinking. However, you can also swallow the capsule whole.

1 capsule of Jetpackkratom SILVER extract contains 60mg mitragynine—equivalent to about 5g of powdered kratom leaf. It will take between 30 minutes to 1 hour before the desired effect. Effects last for about 5–6 hours.

Caution, Jetpackkratom SILVER capsules are strong. It is advised that you take only one capsule at a time.


Mitragynine (60mg per capsule), vegetable HPMC (derived from vegetable cellulose. 100% natural, vegetarian, halal, and kosher; capsules contain no preservatives, gelatine, wheat, animal by-products, or starch).


Contains: 2 / 25 capsules with Jetpackkratom SILVER 45% extract

Jetpackkratom Silver Extract - Capsules

Jetpackkratom Silver Extract - Capsules

Jetpackkratom SILVER Extract - Capsules data sheet
Type Capsules
Number of caps 2 | 25

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Reviews (39)
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    Great product
    We prefer the gold/silver extract as it is more economical, but the capsules are certainly an easier and more comfortable option, for instance for travels and when you don't want to attract any attention. We use Kratom against anxiety and the capsules do their job just as fine as the liquid extract.

    J. G.

    avevo aspettative alte che sono state deluse

    S. T.

    très bon produit

    E. C.

    reçu rapidement .le produit fait son effet , très bon pour les fêtes a recommander.

    G. B.

    Macht was es soll!

    E. C.

    Pas le must
    J'ai avalé les deux comprimés d'un coup peut-être une légère stimulation mais rien de ouf . Je mets 4 étoiles car peut-être ce sont mes médicaments qui annule les effets

    H. C.

    It works beautifully
    I firstly bought the bronze liquid extract and it hard to find the dose. Then I read here that the dose provided by the capsules were correct and I decided to try. I bought 25 capsules and I don't regret at all, I take 2 capsules and I have a really pleasant "party mood" effect

    C. J.

    Hat mir gut gefallen. Ab dieser Dosis wird’s interessant.

    N. H.

    Niet te sterk, niet te slap. Ideaal om de dag mee door te komen

    K. D.

    Blow my mind
    Im happy to finded the best way to change yourself, when you are lazy and passive

    S. S.

    Einfach schön
    Kann ich jeden nur empfehlen!

    D. V.

    Super gut
    Die Wirkung könnte noch etwas stärker sein

    S. G.

    Molto entusiasmante
    Consigliatissimo. Ma attenzione a non esagerare

    U. M.

    Would recommend
    Price is almost equal to Jetpackkratom's liquid extract. Worth it!

    D. J.

    Very nice
    First time trying the capsules, went for silver and a single capsule dose was about right for me. Typical kratom effects, nice chill and very fast acting (

    F. M.

    Au top, le format gélule est super pratique Effet détente et stimulant parfait

    C. M.

    Le produit met une bonne heure a faire effet mais celui ci est intense et tres agréable. Je recommande

    V. D.

    I agree with some people that the price is high. Otherwise, good.

    I. A.

    De la bombe
    Kratom au top. Pratique en format gélule. Bon effet. Je recommande

    C. D.

    Le silver est a la frontière entre les effet boostant du kratom et ses effets sédatifs. Son effet est vraiment plaisant, poser vous devant une série avec amis et des bière et savourer l'instant. SI tolérance il y a, optez pour une gold pour un effet similaire.

    L. B.

    Tout à fait l’effet recherché. Et très bien dosé. Très content

    E. C.

    Relaxing and energizing

    J. C.

    Very nice
    Took 1 capsule and went on a nice trail, and I'm not disappointed. Was a very nice experience, albeit the price for 2 capsules of 6g leaf extract in each is a bit off-putting, but you do save yourself some nausea and gulping down the sludge.

    A. P.

    Great kratom
    Very happy with this product. The dose is just right for me - gives an energy boost and yet mentally relaxing at the same time. I recommend it.

    C. R.

    Bella esperienza
    La mia priva volta col Kratom: ho provato le silver, l'esperienza è stata blanda, ma molto piacevole e quindi ora proverò le gold.

    S. A.

    Liked it
    It was the first time I tried Kratom so I took only half of the content of one capsule and the effect was quite strong. It felt like being on opioids. Next day I took a smaller amount hoping to feel energized and motivated but I didn't feel nothing much. The whole experience was although nice, you just need to find out the right dose that works best for you.

    M. R.

    Nice product
    Quite efficient and very convenient, though the price is a bit high.

    S. E.

    Pas mal comme boost
    Un bon boost lors d'une journée ou vous êtes fatigués. 100% naturel. Ce qui est pas mal :)

    S. V.

    Diciamo che una capsula di questo kratom ti salva da quelle giornate di merda quando non ci sono santi né in cielo né in terra a darti il minimo stimolo e ti sembra inutile fare anche ciò che ti piace. Quindi da prendere per determinati motivi e non per gioco, altrimenti è facile dire "non mi ha fatto un cazzo"

    G. P.

    Nickel ou plutot argent ^^
    Une pillule ma mis bien prise le matin a jeun la deuxieme je l ai pris a 14h et la bonne remonter. Un produit de qualité et pas non plus trop fort j'ai pus travailler sans etre sur mars XD

    L. Q.

    The best so far!
    I've tried kratom powder before, it wasn't that great, but not bad either. However, this product works like a charm, I really like it! To me it feels like a strong dose codeine, but better in my opinion. (Probably due I don't do opioids often) I ordered the Gold version too, but probably this one will send me light years away. I find this one (Silver) strong already. Be careful when you are new to kratom. I would recommend the Bronze version for the first time! Cheers! :)

    F. F.

    Efficace, donne un coup de pêche sans effets secondaires... Je recommande+++

    G. C.

    I am new with Kratom but I have to say that this products actually work! I loved it, I am going to purchase again. It is the right one for me as I am never used before and as it is in capsules it is easy to take them. The Zamnesia staff is incredible: the best!!

    V. R.

    Troppo leggero
    Chi ha già provato il Kratom ed è abituato difficilmente apprezzerà questo prodotto. Lo consiglio invece a chi vuole iniziare e magari teme un dosaggio eccessivo o effetti indesiderati. Molto difficilmente avrete problemi di qualunque tipo perché si tratta di un prodotto fin troppo leggero e quasi evanescente. Inoltre trattandosi di capsule l'effetto non è nemmeno immediato e ci sarà da pazientare un pò. Come sempre il Kratom va preso a stomaco vuoto altrimenti diventa quasi inutile assumerlo.

    F. M.

    Was okay, but not great
    It boosted my motivation and will to wirk a bit, but the boost wasn't as strong as I had hoped. Tried the liquid extract next which worked much bettet. Furthermore, the price (10 Bucks for two pills) ist a bit extreme.

    P. N.
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Jetpackkratom SILVER Extract - Capsules
Jetpackkratom SILVER Extract - Capsules
Jetpackkratom SILVER Extract - Capsules
Jetpackkratom SILVER Extract - Capsules