The name Euphor-E pretty much says it all. These capsules create a euphoric mood that will have you pulling your broadest grin imaginable. The ingredient that is primarily responsible for this pleasant and most welcome effect is the increasingly popular Sceletium tortuosum, also known as Kanna.

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The most important effect of Kanna is that a feeling of relaxedness comes over you and strengthens your feelings of social interaction with other people. It’s the addition of guarana, theobromine and synephrine that creates Euphor-E’s extra energy kick. The result of this combination is a powerful capsule that gives you an energetic but relaxed boost, night or day. Perfect for a party or an evening at home with your (girl) friend.

A pack of Euphor-E contains 4 capsules.


An hour before you want the desired effect take 1-2 capsules with some water. Never take more than 2 capsules within a 24 hour period.


  • Guarana (150 mg)
  • Kanna extract 10x (110 mg), the active ingredient of which is mesembrine.
  • Theobromine (50 mg)
  • Synephrine (20 mg)
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Calcium dioxide
  • Gelatin
  • Cellulose



Euphor-E data sheet
Type Capsules
Type Capsules
Number of caps 4

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Reviews (119)
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    Didn't notice any difference
    I tried twice the recommended dose but couldn't notice any effect. This is the second time I tried Kava products, never could feel the described effects so maybe I'm more tolerant.

    A. S.

    une bonne surprise
    J'ai testé une gélulle pour voir un peu l'effet et toute la journée, je me suis sentie de bonne humeur, sociable et sautant sur la moindre occasion pour rire! un sentiment de paix et de tranquilité mélangé à un dynamisme bienprésent ! Franchement , je suis convaincue, du coup j'en ai recommandé.

    A. B.

    No effect.
    The title says it all. Tried 2x and even 3x recommended dose.

    A. B.

    Ottimo prodotto, l'effetto e' salito subito

    G. N.

    Mellow sensation
    Just a mellow sensation on the body, nothing strong at all, just relaxing and uplifting in a way

    R. L.

    Déçu mais Zamnesia gère ça
    J’ai été déçu par les promesses du produit, j’ai fais un premier commentaire et Zamnesia a ensuite voulu me rembourser mon achat, ce que peut de site marchand ferait, donc merci à vous :)

    G. M.

    Euphor E
    Nice trip, exciting

    A. S.

    Nice pills. But a little weak for my taste
    To be honest I did not expect much of these pills. I always was somewhat reluctant on natural plant based drugs. However, the first one brought up my mood. Hard to say in what way, but I noticed a general more uplifted happy feeling, a little crazyness like nothing could harm me. Which means quite something for me since I relate anything to the feeling of xtc. Normally I used to take xtc. I really crave the 'oh fuck yes damn fuck yes!' feeling xtc usually provides. This cap does not come near any effect of xtc in any way. But this cap works like 'softening the sharp edges of a bad mood'. Some bad thoughts I sometimes tend to have seem t be washed away. I took 2 of them. First sitting on my couch, doing my favorite thing, which is chilling and doing nothing. Worked like I described as above. Then after one hour when the feeling started to diminish, I took a second one. After which I went cycling for 45 minutes. I felt something, but not as strong as the first one. Came home, sat down, doing nothing again and the happy feeling came back. So for me, activity and focusing (including paying attention to the traffic) seems to keep the effect down.. For anyone considering this cap, or any drug for that matter, please keep in mind that some work like a charm and others don't. It's effect is always a matter of your personal situation, and strongly depending on your mood, your physical and mental health, wether you have been eating and a lot more factors. If you like to try this, please pick it along with anything else you order and try it out for yourself.

    R. C.

    Extrem super
    Am besten in der Kombination mit den Hawaiinischen Holzrosen

    L. C.

    Einfach Klasse

    S. S.
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