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Clear Focus is a premium nootropic mental performance enhancer that consists of a nootropic stack that is scientifically designed to bring you to the next level of mental performance. The unique combination of carefully selected extracts, amino acids and vitamins enables overall improvement of your brain!

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Mindscopic - Clear Focus: Premium Nootropic Mental Performance Enhancer

Nootropic mental performance enhancers have become a very hot topic in recent times. Used by tech-entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to boost their mental performance for quite some time, it was just recently mainly due to the success of the movie Limitless that nootropics have also caught the interest of the mainstream.

Clear Focus is a mental performance enhancer that stands out. Its unique combination of ingredients, with Bacopa Monierri extract as its effective key ingredient, together with Rhodiola Rosea and L-Theanine and additional ingredients including vitamins, amino acids and caffeine has never been used before.


Clear Focus is made with the help of doctors and food supplement experts in accordance with the very strict food supplement legislation of Europe. Clear Focus is safe to use and does not have any negative side effects.


  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract
  • L-Theanine
  • Caffeine
  • Huperzine A
  • Alpha GPC
  • Vitamins B3, B5 & B12
  • CoEnzyme NADH
  • Bioperine

HOW TO TAKE Clear Focus

The recommended dosage for Clear Focus is to take 2 capsules per day with a glass of water in the morning. Although many users report results from the very first dose of Clear Focus, it is recommended to take Clear Focus regularly for an optimal effect.

Clear Focus by Mindscopic data sheet
Number of caps 50

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Reviews (34)

    excellent produit
    Super produit. Rien de violent, ou de radical, mais j'ai senti une vraie différence, avec le temps. Aucun effet secondaire. Juste une belle concentration, et un réactivité accrue.


    Excelente Producto para estudio y trabajo
    Tomo este producto desde que se llamaba OmniMind, lo utilizo cuando tengo cursos intensivos por 2 o 3 meses y trabajo en simultáneo. Cuando el cansancio llega por trabajo o estudio, tomo 1 capsula con café y luego otra si es necesario, la concentración vuelve muy rápido. Totalmente recomendado. Alejandro


    Buon prodotto
    Ottimo per la concentrazione


    Op en top product!
    Ik was al even op zoek naar een natuurlijk supplement dat mij helpt bij het focussen. Na een paar natuurlijke producten te hebben geprobeerd ben ik helemaal verkocht van dit product (Mindscopic). Het werkt ongelofelijk goed en niet onbelangrijk, het heeft geen bijwerkingen. Na de eerste dag was ik een beetje sceptisch. Ik probeerde er iets van te voelen maar tevergeefs. Na dag 3 a 4, had ik meer energie en een heldere geest. Ik kon mijn taken tot een goed einde brengen zonder constant afgeleid te zijn. Heerlijk dat ik op een natuurlijke manier zo productief kan zijn/blijven tijdens de lange werkdag. Ik ben duidelijk verkocht!


    from three capsules to two !
    Hello, i bought before omnimind and now I bought the new packaging mindscopic. i used to take three capsules but now i take 2 capsules , that seems to be enough for me. also tried the sleep spray and that one is really effective after a night out when i cant get any sleep. havent tried there mood product yet but the formula seems as well promisisng. i see the opinions are devided but everybody 's biosystem is also different luckily for me natural supplements are super supportive to me. happy to see that zamnesia is carrying those quality brands with clean and clear label. should make a subscription for these sups!


    Not sure who‘s writing these reviews!
    So, after much searching I went with Zamnesia. The one star is for the wealth of information and customer support. The product itself gets ZERO. I really wanted the microdosing but that couldn’t be shipped to Germany. After over a week of use, this is what I find: Day 1 two tablets, no effect. Day 2, three tablets (not at once) slight energy (but only marginally, and this could be attributed to any number of things). From the following day I’ve been suffering from tremendous irritation and mood swings. It’s done nothing for my concentration (other than the fact that I seem to have lost the ability in dramatic fashion to do more than one thing at once, like someone talking to me while I’m driving!), I don’t have more energy, and after 1 week my energy levels are actually starting to go in the other direction. I understand that, like with all pills, it would work for some more than others - and everyone would feel differently. But what I was NOT expecting was for this to not work AT ALL. Very VERY disappointed. Also slightly dubious that in a lot of the reviews of this product, customers seem to be calling these pills by a different name. What’s that all about??!


    very good !!


    I'm winning all of the Internet debates thanks to this product. Great for verbal IQ people and amateur writers alike, I rate it 8/10.
    Man, this stuff actually works! :0 I always wanted to write a book, 100 pages maybe, not much. It'd be my first book. In the meantime, I feel that winning a debate on the Internet is piece of cake thanks to the mental power of OmniMind. As amateur martial artist, I didn't notice much at the dojo, but while typing with my keyboard, it really is like being under the influence of Tzeentch himself, if you know what I mean, and it's not as unhealthy as drinking too much caffeine. Like drinking caffeine, but it won't make you nervous. I dislike cyberbullying because I don't like being mean online, but if trolls ever find out about this product, they'll go full Super Saiyan while trolling people. :p My online popularity notably increased too, and I may give writing a book a serious second chance, even if I lost my first attempt at writing a book, having everything accidentally erased. I didn't consume all of the pills yet, but even though the price is somehow relatively expensive, it contains tons of them, and they will last for a while. And it works, it's effective. I don't regret I tried nootropics for the first time. How is that doctors never talked me about this stuff and poisoned me with Big Pharma instead? I wish I had discovered it before. I don't like smoking weed or growing stuff yet, I wish Zamnesia sold edible THC (not CBD) someday though. Pretty happy about this, shrooms are my very favorite product. I always buy shrooms. :) In a nutshell, don't let Internet trolls have OmniMind. XD


    Neuer Lieblingslernhelfer
    macht wach und hilft, sich besser zu konzentrieren


    Makes the mind a ultra turbo clean thinking machine.

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Clear Focus by Mindscopic
Clear Focus by Mindscopic