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Yerba maté is a traditional South American brew that acts to stimulate the mind and body. Often compared to tea or coffee, it is a beverage that can give you an upbeat start to the day, or give you energy when you are flagging. However, unlike tea or coffee, yerba maté also comes packed full of vitamins and mood boosting properties.

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Yerba Maté: Energizing, uplifting and full of goodness

Yerba maté, a hot beverage brewed from the leaves and stemlets of the Ilex paraguarensis tree, is packed full of energizing goodness. Described as having the strength of coffee, health benefits of tea, and mood stimulation of chocolate, this traditional brew quickly is making a name for itself in mainstream society.

Customarily used by the Guarani tribes of South America, yerba maté has been a way of promoting general health and wellbeing. Its combination of minerals, vitamins and compounds cause it to act as a natural stimulant, relieving both mental and physical tiredness. Here in Europe, yerba maté has almost become synonymous with tea or coffee, being a regular and popular hot beverage.


Yerba maté is full of vitamins and compounds - including caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine - that have various effects throughout the body.

The main effect of yerba maté is to act as a stimulant, much in the way tea or coffee does.


Yerba Maté can be used as a regular tea. Simply place a heaped spoonful per cup in a strainer and allow it to steep in hot (but not boiling) water for 3-4 minutes.

Yerba Maté can also be used in a French coffee press in the way outlined above.

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Weight 80 grams

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Reviews (43)

    good taste - if you can turn it then ;)
    take it as a tobacco substitute and if you manage to twist it into the bag, it tastes good. a revival I can nciht determine, but this makes yes the other additive ;)


    Yerba mate
    Ahora en septiembre ayuda a compensar mi falta de energía, gracias


    pas mauvais, mais pas très fort
    C'est moins fort que le café, mais sûrement moins mauvais pour le foi que ce dernier. Les premières foi je ressentais une sort de bien être, différents du café en mettant une cuillère a café entière mais les fois suivantes je ne l'ai pas beaucoup ressenti ... Je reprendrai sûrement si c'était moins chère !


    Simple infusion
    J'en ai bu 3 tasses et n'ai ressenti aucune sensation niveau réveil/motivation, Mais le goût n'est pas désagréable


    Bien être
    Effet léger


    [Bad in comparison and completely overpriced]
    I'm glad I got this more or less for free. This was a disgusting journey to finish. A few days back, through this powder, it was the first time I drank Maté and I was indeed shocked how utterly miserable it tastes. But with enough sugar, I gulped it down, this package lasting a few days. I have to say, I liked the effect of the tea. But that's not because of this quality – it's because Maté is simply in itself much more healthy than any other caffeine beverage as far as I'm concerned. Zero problems with the belly give you a good energising yet calming ride. Back to the product: You can really taste that this is not IN THE LEAST bio quality. It's a terrible, bitter taste. As I did like the effect of Maté in itself compared to everything I tried (Cacao, Kola, Guarana and of course the bad old coffee) as described previously, I ordered a real Maté bulk order in organic quality powdered. And this is just so much better, Heaven-like compared. Stay away from this overpriced, most likely cheap and sprayed with pesticides stuff and get the real Maté experience is my advice. Don't repeat my mistake. Zamnesia is truly losing quality and becoming the worst version of itself.


    Gleich nochmal bestellt
    Ich war vorher schon Fan von Mate-Tee und finde diesen auch sehr lecker und es ist ein guter Wachmacher. Im Gegensatz zu Kaffee vertrage ich den auch sehr gut im Magen


    Replaced my daily coffee with this. My body is happy.


    I ordered this to smoke but I only got sticks, absolutely no leafs to be seen. its okay finely ground up but its a pain in the ass and I honestly expected better. I assume its alright to vaporize but as a tobacco alternative its a no from me :/


    A fumer je ne conseillerais pas vraiment mais c'est une question de goût, l'herbe est trop sèche et poivrée. Par contre en infusion c'est vraiment bon et ça remplace très bien le café. Ca éclairci les idées sans énerver physiquement et le goût est agréables je dirais des parfums de fruits des bois un peu musqué :p

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Yerba Maté
Yerba Maté