JetpackKratom GOLD Extract - Capsules


JetpackKratom Gold extract capsules contain 80mg of pure mitragynine, which is equal to approximately 9g of powdered kratom leaf. This highly concentrated kratom extract is super strong and intended for experienced users who want to accurately dose high quantities of kratom. Capsules are made of 100% natural vegetable HPMC.

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JetpackKratom GOLD Extract: Highly Concentrated Kratom Capsules

More and more people are enjoying kratom as an alternative to coffee and other stimulants. What makes kratom so unique are its versatile effects. At low doses, it acts as a stimulant, whereas in higher doses its effects are more relaxing. Jetpackkratom GOLD extract capsules contain 80mg pure mitragynine—equal to 8g of powdered kratom leaf. This particularly strong kratom extract in capsule form is intended for experienced kratom users.


Since the effects of kratom depend on dosage, it's important to establish what kind of outcome you desire from the experience. Those who take kratom regularly report feeling happy, active, and energetic, but also relaxed.

If you have never tried kratom before, know that the first few times taking it may produce very light effects. This is because your body still doesn’t know how to react to the new substance. All you need to do is give it some time; once your body adjusts to the substance, you will be able to achieve your desire effect.


To administer the extract, empty one Jetpackkratom Gold capsule into some liquid, such as water or juice, before drinking. Alternatively, you can swallow the capsule whole.

1 capsule of Jetpackkratom Gold extract contains 80mg pure mitragynine, equivalent to about 8g of powdered kratom leaf. Take between 30 minutes and 1 hour before desired effect. The capsules will work for around 5–6 hours.

Caution, Jetpackkratom Gold extract capsules are strong. It is advised that you take only one capsule at a time.


Mitragynine (80mg per capsule), vegetable HPMC (derived from vegetable cellulose. 100% natural, vegetarian, halal, and kosher; capsules contain no preservatives, gelatine, wheat, animal by-products, or starch).


Contains 2/25 capsules with Jetpackkratom Gold extract, 80% Extract

JetpackKratom GOLD Extract - Capsules data sheet
Type Capsules
Number of caps 2 | 25

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Reviews (49)
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    J’ai consommé une gélule il y a 2 heures avec une petite quantité de résine de Lotus bleu et je trouve l’effet très agréable. Ça reste suffisamment subtil pour être consommé en journée 🤩( si vous en consommez trop régulièrement votre visage va se tacher de marron donc attention )

    J. L.

    très bien.

    E. C.

    Good product

    I. V.

    Buona esperienza

    G. M.

    Très puissant C’est mieux de prévoir un antiacide à prendre 30min avant consommation et quelques choses à grignoter 30min après.

    P. A.

    Super gerne wider
    Ich mag kratoom

    A. O.

    Muy buena opción para el dolor crónico de la fibromialgia

    M. B.

    Hat eine ordentliche Wirkung. Auf leeren Magen ist es noch ein bisschen stärker, sonst wirkt es wie ein starker Kaffee

    E. K.

    High potential
    As a lover of the strong, opiate-like effects, the capsules are ideal for me. Next I will try the liquid concentrate. However, the effects of this herb are amazing in any form, at least when purchased from Zamnesia.

    C. S.

    Very Weak
    I didn't feel anything (especially compared to the powder).

    M. Z.

    quality kratom
    I took a half gram of 15 x Thai extract and one of these pills and the effect was happy euphoria and made me feel energetic, alive and felt great for the whole day.I would recommend for sure I have ordered more as I liked it so much.

    P. P.

    Super kwaliteit
    Beste kratom die er is, maar niet voor elke dag.

    R. V.

    handy for traveling, with a caveat
    Love Zamnesia! and this is a good product. I would like to give it 4 or 5 stars, but due to 2 things --strength and price-- that could improve (honest reviews can hopefully help!-- for now I give it 3 stars. For experienced folks: the Gold capsules are not so strong; my brother-in-law takes 2 (he is a big guy) -- and the price makes it prohibitive to use often, much less if taking 2. If it were strong enough to take 1 capsule that would be up it a star. And then there's the price-- OUCH! All in all a great product that needs tweaking -- especially the price. thanks for listening and LOVE Zamnesia!

    M. R.

    Super gut
    Top zeug

    S. G.

    Warm blanket
    Absolutely best thing to carry with you, small and powerful. Effects are like kratom but without much body load, pretty strong though so I’ll probably buy silver caps next time.

    A. S.

    Excellent produit, qui tient toutes ses promesses.

    A. T.

    Mieux que les extraits
    Comparé aux extraits genre X5 ou X10 existants depuis plus de 10 ans, et toujours décevants, cette mitragynine tient ses promesses!

    J. P.

    Le Format gélule est pratique mais le gold est un peu fort pour moi je reste sur le silver

    C. M.

    Producto de muy buena calidad, una capsula me dio todo lo que necesitaba por unas 6 horas, trabajo en cocina y las comandas volaban, increible producto, asimismo de efecto analgesico.

    A. B.

    Wirkung gut

    R. H.

    Kratomjetpack capsules gold
    Dit is een heel goed product, wel niet voor beginners die niet aan kraag gewend zijn. Het is vrij krachtig. Ik gebruik het voor migraine, enkel en alleen voor dat, het is een der beste pijnstillers als niets anders wil helpen. Ik doe het niet voor de high of de energie maar enkel om pijn pijnklachten onder controle te krijgen. Tevens raad ik zamnesia sterk aan, altijd perfect en op tijd geleverd.

    K. D.

    great product fast delivery

    C. R.

    Top comme expérience
    Petites pilules qui rendent euphorique et surtout très loquaces. Petite soirée bien sympathique avec ce beau Jojo

    A. M.

    subtiel maar toch intens
    Ik ben aangenaam verrast door dit product. Verwacht niet dat je in een wervelende draaikolk wordt weggezogen naar andere oorden, maar eerder een subtiele verandering van mindset waardoor alles prettiger, leuker wordt en helder blijft. Eén minpunt echter is de kostprijs, wat het een dure hobby maakt mocht je dit regelmatig willen gebruiken. Voor mij dus voor occasioneel gebruik.

    P. V.

    Good quality
    Good quality product, effects quite good

    S. A.

    tres bon produit

    E. C.

    Taking 1 before eating leads to good light effects oh motivation 2 or 3 hours after. I like it.

    C. D.

    Gute Ware
    Sehr angenehm.... 2 auf einmal sind zu empfehlen

    S. M.

    Perfect to chill, ignore all complications and jyst listen to music.

    E. C.

    Vraiment pas mal
    Pas mal, je préfère quand même le thai en poudre

    T. B.

    Muy bien, aunque prefiero los extractos líquidos las cápsulas también son cómodas para tomar

    B. S.

    buon prodotto
    buon prodotto

    U. M.

    Goof alternative to alcohol
    I took both capsules half an hour before hanging out with friends and i have to say it definitely created a chilly athmosphere. Not as strong as the effect of a bottle of vodka or something but compareable to like 4-5 beers.

    L. S.

    Not good
    I took both of the capsules, but it had no effect. Not even a little!

    R. S.

    Leuk product
    Sterker dan de thee. Tevreden

    N. S.

    Goed spul
    Het effect van deze capsules zal je zeker niet teleur stellen, bij mij had het een vergelijkbare werking als een lage dosis cocaïne, bij een dosering van 2 a 3 capsules nam de kalmerende werking wat meer de overhand. Ik zou dit product zeker kunnen aanbevelen, maar ik vind de prijs wel erg hoog. Ik wacht nog even met bestellen tot er een goede korting op deze pilletjes wordt gegeven.

    J. R.

    Maby its just me but I felt no effect. 1 capsule in the morning, it was like a cup of coffe for me. I gave the other capsule to my friend and he said it gave him a lot of energy for 2 hours.

    T. N.

    Jamais déçue du kratom chez Zamnezia, très efficace contre la douleur, donne un "coup de pêche" pour assumer une soirée après une journée de travail. Beaucoup plus simple que gérer la poudre qui elle nécessite une préparation et reste parfois sur les bords du verre. Je recommande ces capsules !

    G. C.

    pour le prix de se produit sa reste chère se n'ai pas tellement puissant , sa fait de l'effet quand même , prendre une pilule complet conseil ne pas le mélanger dans une boisson la poudre peut rester sur le fond du verre .

    J. L.

    I am new with Kratom but I have to say that this products actually work! I loved it, I am going to purchase again. The Zamnesia staff is incredible: the best.

    V. R.

    Resurrection when you are already in hell , but u forgot things back in Earth. Gives you what you need, when you need it .

    N. V.

    Buona alternativa
    La mia prefernza va alla tintura, sia perché più immediata sia per la possibilità di calibrare meglio il dosaggio secondo le proprie esigenze. Tuttavia se proprio non vi piace il sapore o se per altri motivi pratici preferite assumere il Kratom in questa forma, questa può essere una buona alternativa. Ovviamente trattandosi di capsule però l'effetto è un pò diluito e non proprio istantaneo.

    F. M.

    a little weak but tasteless and good
    I can't consume kratom tea/water anymore because I have to puke immediately. So this stuff is great because obviously, it's tasteless. The downside is, that it's not very strong, you have to take two to get the same results as ~6-8g Kratom, not 8g per pill like advertised, so more like half. But still a nice product.

    A. D.
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JetpackKratom GOLD Extract - Capsules
JetpackKratom GOLD Extract - Capsules