DaVinci Ascent Vs Crafty
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DaVinci Ascent Vs Crafty

4 min
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There are many vaporizers to choose from, so we take a look at some of the big names, and see how they compare against each other. Today, we look at the Crafty and DaVinci Ascent.

When it comes to portable vaporizers and weed, there is nothing quite like having the reassurance, convenience, and quality of a top-end model. However, there are a lot of decent portable vaporizers out there, all with certain benefits and drawbacks. To help distinguish between them, we have started up a line of comparisons, with today’s focusing on the DaVinci Ascent vs. the Crafty by Storz & Bickel. So let’s get to it!


When it comes to construction, both the Ascent and Crafty excel. The Ascent has a hard plastic shell with an internal ceramic heating chamber and full glass vapour pathway – which is removable. It also features an inbuilt LED display, and buttons for easy control. Its competition, the Crafty, is also made from a hard plastic construct but is ribbed for optimal heat dispersal. The battery is also kept in a separate compartment, ensuring there is not any risk of it overheating. The vapour path is plastic and can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

In all honesty, both are very similar in build quality. The only advantage the Ascent has is that it comes with an entirely glass pathway, whereas the Crafty does not. However, the resulting difference in resulting vapour quality is minimal - as we will get into later.


Both Vaporizers are easy to use. For the Ascent, it is a case of twisting open the bottom, packing the herb chamber, closing it up and turning it on. It is pretty much the same for the Crafty, but instead the top twists off to reveal the herb chamber. The Ascent has inbuilt temperature controls that allow for on the fly control. The Crafty defaults to 180°C, unless you change it using the smartphone Web app. Having the temperature control separate has allowed Storz & Bickel to pack in a lot more power into the Crafty while still keeping it small. The result is excellent vapour quality. Having used the app a lot, there has never been a problem connecting or changing the temperature on the go. For both vaporizers, any novice should be able to pick them up and use them without much trouble. Exactly what you would want from such high-end bits of kit.


The Ascent and the Crafty have been designed to offer discretion in their portability; as such, size is always a factor to take into account. Both vaporizers are very similar in size, with the Ascent measuring at 12cm H x 6cm W x 2cm D and the Crafty at 11xm x 5.5cm x 3.3cm. As you can see, there is very little in it, with the Crafty being slightly smaller but also slightly thicker.

Another factor important to talk about in this situation is odour leak. Unfortunately, the Ascent’s ventilation allows for a small amount of odour leak. Not a big problem during use, as you will be active breathing out vapour, but if you have a small amount of bud stored in the chamber, you may get the occasional whiff. This does not appear to be a problem for the Crafty.

Lastly, when looking at discretion, it sometimes pays off to think about aesthetics. The Ascent is available in a range of styles, with some being fairly discreet looking while others make an outright and bold statement. While the more subtle designs offer a good level of stealth, they can’t really compare to the Crafty’s nondescript and unassuming look. The only think that may call the Crafty out is its LED light that indicates when the vape is at temperature, but this can be covered by the hand.


Storz & Bickel have a reputation for unrivalled quality when it comes to their vaporizers. As such, it probably comes as no surprise to know that the Crafty’s vapour quality is next to none. It even rivals the quality of desktop vaporizers, such as the Volcano, or the Arizer Extreme Q. While the vapour quality of the Ascent is also excellent, it doesn’t match up to the Crafty. The engineering of the Crafty is supreme, harnessing an initial burst of conduction vaporizing to help produce an initial dense cloud of vapour, followed a convection vaporizing to keep things on the level. You do have to draw quite hard on the Crafty, but doing so results in dense, smooth and rich vapour every time.

The Ascent, while not quite on the same level, still has a lot going for it. The vapour produced is cool, smooth and flavourful. The ascent also has a completely glass vapour path, whereas the Crafty does not, which is preferable for a lot of connoisseurs.


Battery life is an incredibly important part of vaping on the go; no one wants to be in a situation where their battery dies mid-session, leaving them disappointed and frustrated. Fortunately, the Ascent isn’t likely to go wrong here, as it can be used for up to 2.5 hours before it needs a recharge. The Crafty cannot say the same, with a continual usage time of only 45 minutes. It is still enough to get 4-5 good session done, but it is no way near as long lasting as the Ascent. In the Crafty’s favour, it can be charged via USB, where the Ascent has a mains adapter, but it doesn’t quite make up for the monumental time difference in longevity between these two vaporizers.


At the top end of the market, the DaVinci Ascent and Crafty vaporizers both come with reasonable price tags. The Ascent will set you back €229 whereas the Crafty costs a hefty €298. It is a price difference that makes the Ascent much more accessible to those taking their first steps into the vaping market or are looking for good value for money. However, if you can afford the extra €69, the Crafty will not disappoint, offering the best the vaping market has to offer.


It is a close call; both the DaVinci Ascent and the Crafty are exceptional vaporizers. However, in general, the Crafty tends to outperform the Ascent. The Crafty feels like it has a lot more precision engineering behind it - built to do a job and be the best at it. The Ascent does have some advantages, such as having a pure glass vapour path, being much more affordable, and having a longer battery life - but in general, the Crafty outperforms it every time. However, if you are leaning towards the Ascent, don’t let this put you off, it is still an amazing vaporizer, and will do you proud. We are comparing Titans here - each will be better suited to certain situations.



Written by: Josh
Writer, psychonaut and cannabis aficionado, Josh is Zamnesia’s in-house expert. He spends his days nestled out in the countryside, delving into the hidden depths of all things psychoactive in nature.

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