The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag


The STALIN PhoneBAG is an excellent way to keep your devices secure. This anti-spying bag has several fibrous layers and a triple magnetic locking system. This will stop any connection from accessing your phone, including nefarious ones. Keep your devices from being hacked, tracked, or interfered with by storing them in the STALIN PhoneBAG. Material: Premium synthetic leather

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STALIN - Anti-Spying Bag: Keep Your Devices Protected


Breaking News: It is no longer paranoid to suspect you're being spied on. The modern world we live in has transitioned so many services to the digital space, and on a scale unimaginable only a generation ago. This has inspired the development of lightweight technology for keeping digital devices connected. The RFID chip is a widespread example of this, and it can be tracked. It appears not just in phones, but inside important cards like your bank card, your passport, or your ID. These all have valuable information that is sensitive if compromised. All of these devices can potentially be compromised via a remote connection.

Criminals and spies will have varying degrees of technology to connect with such devices. Even if you don't think you're a target, the fact that these vulnerabilities exist makes you one. Not protecting your devices runs the risk of upending your whole life because someone walked past you with the right technology. Protecting against this activity has now been made simple with the STALIN PhoneBAG. This leather pouch can store your cards and devices, keeping them free of any connection with the outside world. German manufacturers have drawn upon great technological craftsmanship to produce the reliable STALIN PhoneBAG.


The STALIN PhoneBAG will securely hold your credit cards, ID, KEYLESS GO car key, or any other cards with RFID chips. It is named of course for the phones it is capable of holding—in Small and Big sizes. The Small PhoneBAG can hold smaller models like the Apple iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. The Big PhoneBAG can hold a much wider range of phones of more conventional size. These include the Apple iPhone 5 through 7, the Nokia Lumia 930, Huawei Honor 6, Sony Xperia Z3, or the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, and S7.

These hand-crafted pouches contain foam to keep your devices physically safe from damage. The other layers of this pouch are where digital protection comes in. By fastening closed the magnetic buttons, you activate a magnetic field which blocks all external connections. Three layers of polyamide weave shields against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF) and low-frequency alternating electrical fields (LF). This means connections like GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID, or NFR will not get through.

You won't be using your phone while it's in the pouch, so it's okay to have it offline. You may want to set your phone to Airplane mode so it doesn't waste battery trying to find a connection. There will be no connection to be had inside the secure STALIN PhoneBAG, which shields your devices from any interference.

This product comes especially recommended if your profession deals with sensitive information. Don't take risks with your privacy. A straightforward solution for stopping phone-tapping or identity theft is now available.

The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag data sheet
Type Bags, Secret Stash
Usable For Signal blocking
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The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag
The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag
The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag
The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag
The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag
The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag
The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag
The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag
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