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These ultra-thin, high quality, pre-glued conical papers with built-in cardboard filters can be filled, packed and smoked with no rolling needed at all. Find our range fo smoking cones below!

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Cyclones Clear

These pre-rolled translucent cones by Cyclones are made in the Philippines from clear, smooth burning cotton mallow. The individual cones are packaged in a see-through tube.


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RAW Cones (3-pack)

Long famous for its natural unrefined rolling papers, now RAW has produced a range of cones (pre-glued smoking papers that are packed rather than rolled and incorporate a built in filter). They use the same quality paper, and are perfect for the casual smoker who’s never nailed the art of rolling their own.


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Cones King Size (3 pcs)

You distrust your blunt-rolling skills? You feel too lazy to roll one at the moment? Time to find a remedy! Err, you already found it. With these pre-rolled Cones you'll always have perfectly shaped blunts - in almost no time and with very little effort. Overall, a Cone is 109mm long, the tip measures 30mm. Content: 3 pcs


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Buddies Torpedo Cone Tube

Transport of a ready-rolled joint can be quite a challenge. A cigarette pack - too short. Tobacco pouch - no real protection. So where put it to keep it safe from damage? Buddies Torpedo Cone Tubes are the answer. In these plastic tubes you can safely transport 1 or 2 joints (depending on your rolling preferences). Colors (randomly picked): Black, orange, red, yellow, & blue.


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RAW Classic Cone Loader

Filling cones can be a tedious and time-consuming task without the correct tools. The RAW Classic Cone Loader is the solution - it allows for a much faster filling. Simple fill the funnel with your smoking blend, stick it in a cone and let the content slide into it. To make sure it is properly packed, use the packer. Dimensions: 11cm long - 5.5cm wide.


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Banana Bros Premium King Size Cones

Ever tried rolling with cold or clammy hands? Keep getting too baked to roll? Banana Bros Premium King Size Cones work side by side with the world's first cone-filling machine to provide top-quality joints with minimal effort and lightening speed.

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Raw Six Shooter

The Raw Six Shooter will change the way you roll, forever. Simply load it with pre-rolled cones, add some weed, give it a tap, and you're ready to blaze!

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Size matters to you? You can't get enough of that green stuff? Cone GIGA accomplishes your desire for a blunt in excess length! This pre-rolled Cone measures 280mm in length, with 88mm taken up by the tip - but hey, this means you have 192mm for smoking pleasure! Almost 20cm of pleasure ... wink, wink ...


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