ActiTube: Activated Charcoal For An Extra-Clean Toke
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ActiTube: Activated Charcoal For An Extra-Clean Toke

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ActiTube activated charcoal filters not only make for a healthier smoke, but a tastier one to boot! Find out why actiTube is deserving of the title Avant-Garde Entrepreneur, and discover their unique product range available at Zamnesia!

The cannabis industry is a diverse landscape. What began as a market that only offered the essentials now caters to the many facets of ingenuity throughout the cannabusiness. With products ranging from cannabis seeds and paraphernalia to growing equipment, this decade has seen a sharp rise in cannabis tech innovation.

At Zamnesia, we like to set aside some time to reward the avant-garde entrepreneurs leading the industry fearlessly forward with their groundbreaking products, services, and ideals.

In this blog, we’re going to explore the history and product range behind actiTube, a pioneering company focused on improving the quality and purity of the smoking experience. But being an avant-garde entrepreneur is about more than just offering high-quality merchandise; thankfully, actiTube is also a standout for their world-class customer service and transparency, making them one of the foremost experts in their niche.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore the origins behind the original “take the gunk out of your skunk” company - actiTube.



It’s fairly well-known that smoking cannabis isn’t necessarily the most healthy method of cannabis intake. However, there are ways to reduce the harm on one’s lungs. Enter actiTube. After receiving a scientific tip from a physician friend in the late ‘90s, the founder of the actiTube discovered that charcoal was able to filter out unwanted substances from cannabis smoke, while also improving the taste.

Upon having this revelation, the foundation for the business was born. Interestingly, the company first started out in 2001 as Tune Smart Smoking, and remained under that name until 2014.

At first, getting products off the ground and off the shelves wasn’t an easy project for the company. Most retailers were sceptical about the efficacy of charcoal filtration. However, once it became apparent that this method does in fact have legitimate prowess, a flurry of new retailers became involved. Today, actiTube products can be sourced in most German headshops and others throughout Europe.

Speaking of Germany, all actiTube products are produced within country lines to the highest quality standards. In an effort to support local business, actiTube often partners with community enterprises in the creation and distribution of their range.

Moreover, actiTube adopts a unique stance on customer service—one that truly focuses on the experience of the customer, and not on generating “likes” for the business. As such, actiTube does not save user data or use Google Analytics, and they purposefully keep a very limited social media presence. But this isn’t in effort to create distance from customers; actiTube is still happy to supply email and phone numbers should customers need to reach their team with any questions or concerns.

And as an extra bit of assurance that actiTube takes transparency seriously, they never write or inflate reviews of their own products to make them look better. For these avant-garde entrepreneurs, it’s enough to let the products speak for themselves.



At Zamnesia, we are proud to carry a selection of actiTube products for our customers. These filtration systems are unique and versatile, and are available at very affordable prices. Not to mention, the health benefits these products offer in the long-run are more than worth the small investment.


With these activated carbon filters by actiTube, you can reduce your tar intake while indulging in the pleasure of smoking a joint or other kind of roll-up. The filters have ceramic caps at both ends, ensuring that every puff tastes smooth and cool. These Slim filters do not fit into the “Tune In” smoking pipe.

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These top-quality, regular-sized activated carbon filters from actiTube will significantly improve your smoking experience. With these filters, not only will the taste of your herbal smoking blend improve, the amount of unhealthy substances like tar that would usually make their way into your lungs will also be reduced. There’s simply no reason to bypass this product when rolling your next blunt. Furthermore, these filters can also be used with the “Smart Smoking Pipe” from actiTube. Filters come in packages of 10, 40, and 100.

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Despite the fact that it took awhile for the innovative actiTube products to convince industry skeptics, today, other cannabusiness leaders are actually developing products made specifically to work with the actiTube range. Take for example another avant-garde entrepreneur—the glass masters at EHLE—who have created special glass tips to fit with the actiTube Slim filters. This product removes the need for cardboard tips, and makes for an even more pleasurable and clean smoking experience than before! Not to mention, EHLE glass tips are reusable and sustainable, which is something all of us can get on board with.

And this is only the beginning. As actiTube looks to the future and extends their catalogue to cater to the diverse demographics of the industry, you can be sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about these entrepreneurs and their influence in the years to come.

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