Joints, Blunts, And Spliffs: What's The Difference?
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How to Roll The Perfect Blunt?

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Rolling a blunt isn't always an easy process. It is a craft that takes some time to become comfortable with and eventually master. Use these steps to help you along the way.

In the modern era, there are so many innovative ways to smoke cannabis and get high. From volcano vaporizers to large and complex glass bong rigs. These inventions are incredible and definitely do the trick, but it has to be said that there is an edge of nostalgia in using slightly older methods. The act of rolling a blunt is ritualistic and offers a great and reliable way to get stoned.

The blunt is almost like the cigar version of a joint. A blunt is essentially the outside layer of a cigar, from which the internal tobacco has been removed. This layer is then packed full with processed cannabis flowers and rolled shut. Many people enjoy blunts due to the desirable tastes that many cigars add to the mix. The slight nicotine content left over from errant tobacco may also add a pleasant buzz that a lot of smokers appreciate. Premade blunt wraps can also be purchased in a wide array of flavours. This option saves smokers the time and effort of processing a cigar into a blunt wrap.


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When it comes to blunts and joints, there really are two kinds of smokers. Those who throw weed into a skin, impatiently roll it up, and continue to blaze on a crooked and ugly construction in order to get toasted as soon as possible. Then there are those who take the time to master the craft. They are focussed on achieving an aesthetic shape, one that looks stunning and burns perfectly even. Below is a guide on how to achieve this type of blunt.


Before we get started with the individual steps on how to correctly roll a blunt, you need to make sure you have the following equipment in order to get going. First of all, you will need to have your cannabis strain of choice. Smokers have their individual preferences when it comes to cannabis.

If you are looking to sit back and mellow out, then you’ll probably be best off with a strain that is heavy on the indica genetics. If you’re looking for a cerebral buzz and some creative inspiration, then you’ll want to roll your blunt using a strain that is sativa-dominant. You’ll also need a cigar or blunt wrap to place your cannabis in. Lastly, you will need a grinder or a sharp pair of scissors to process your buds down into a perfectly rollable form.

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To begin, place your bud into a high-quality grinder in order to process the nuggets into a fine green powder. Doing so will allow you to fit much more plant material into the blunt; it will help the blunt burn more evenly, and it will make the roll much easier to accomplish.

There are many grinders out there and they all ultimately achieve the same outcome. However, some are electric and will do the hard work for you. Others are multilayered and will process the flowers down into a much finer powder. Some grinders have a mesh layer on the bottom that allows loose trichomes to fall through, allowing smokers to build up kief over time. If you don’t have access to a grinder, then sharp scissors will suffice.

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Next up, you will need to prepare your blunt wrap. If you have purchased a premade wrap, then this process will be extremely easy. Simply remove it from the packaging. If you have purchased a cigar, then you will need to open up the outer layer and empty the tobacco or “guts” from within. If you have a small and sharp blade, then simply slice down the cigar lengthwise. If you don’t have a blade, you can crack the blunt open using your fingers, applying pressure all the way down the side. The cigar will be begin to crack open each time you press down.



Lightly wetting your blunt wrap will increase its flexibility. Most cigars are quite dry and susceptible to breaking, especially when it comes to novices. Using your tongue to wet the wrap with saliva is an easy way to accomplish this.

Alternatively, you can use your finger to apply a small amount of water to the wrap. Wetting the wrap will also help it to become slightly sticky, which is needed to help it bind together when the roll is complete.

Now that the wrap is adequately wet, start to load it up with the processed weed. Distribute the ground-up herb evenly along the blunt wrap to make the rolling process easier. Some smokers also like to place a roach at the end of the blunt that makes contact with the mouth. A roach is a rolled-up piece of cardboard that serves as a small handle and also stops weed from entering the mouth when smoking blunts.

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Now that your blunt is loaded up with weed and a tiny bit wet, it’s time to roll it up. Hold the packed wrap between your thumbs and index fingers and begin to roll and shape the blunt. Once the weed has spread out evenly, tuck the side of the wrap closest to you around the weed so the outside of the wrap makes contact with the inside, on the side furthest away from you. Now, use your tongue again to wet the top of the wrap to help it stick. Proceed to roll the blunt closed and run your fingers along the blunt to smooth it out and help it stick.



There’s one more process needed before lighting up your blunt. Take your lighter and run it up and down the part of the blunt that has just been sealed. This will help to fuse it shut and to minimise any risk of it opening up mid-smoke and creating a mess. Heating it lightly this way will also help to dry it out and remove the moisture created from wetting it, allowing it to burn evenly. Once you have done this, it’s time to kick back, light up the blunt, and get blazed.

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