Difference Joint, Blunt and Spliff
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Joints, Blunts, And Spliffs: What's The Difference?

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Even something as simple as rolling and smoking cannabis can have countless terms and ways it is enjoyed. Breaking down the 3 main types, joints, spliffs, and blunts, will not only give you some intellectual bragging rights but help you to make informed decisions based on the high you want.

The terminology associated with cannabis and the world it encompasses can often be daunting. It's no longer just a simple case of rolling a joint and letting the world go by. Vaporizing, edibles and cannabis oils can all add to the myriad of different words and terms used. Even something as simple as rolling a joint is different to rolling a spliff or even a blunt.

Whilst it wouldn't be feasible to try and cover this vast amount of terminology in one blog, what we can do is give you the building blocks. Starting by explaining one of the most enjoyed ways of using cannabis, rolling and smoking. Even this ancient past time has since evolved and along with the different terms, a different result can be had depending on how you enjoy smoking marijuana.

The 3 pillars are typically joints, spliffs, and blunts. Each carries a unique experience, aroma, and subsequent high. The following is a breakdown of the differences between each type of rolled marijuana.



Typically this is often a user's first experience with cannabis. Simplistically a joint comprises of a smaller size rolling paper filled exclusively with cannabis. The rolling papers themselves are normally made from hemp, flax, rice or wood pulp all usually unbleached. Burning quite fast this can put some users off if you are looking to savor the flavour and aroma of your chosen cannabis strain.

Especially so if your rolling abilities need some work. Uneven joints often burn down one side if not packed tightly enough, as cannabis burns a lot quicker. Papers also come in different sizes depending on how big the joint is that you are planning on rolling. Typically though joints are rolled using a single paper in either long or short guises. Providing a fairly intense high due to the volume of cannabis, they are often pre-rolled before smoking so they can be enjoyed in succession, intensifying the high.


Spliff Tobacco Cannabis

Spliffs form a sort of middle ground. They are comprised of a mix between cannabis and tobacco, allowing the ratio of the two to be varied. This can be especially useful in helping to dictate the level of high that you want. All that is required is a stronger ratio of tobacco to cannabis. This does however not only lessen the high you get from marijuana but can alter it as well.

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Tobacco gives an energetic physical buzz when smoked, which can be useful when balancing out a particularly indica heavy strain. This is especially beneficial if you are enjoying weed throughout the day but don't want to become too lethargic. Similar to joints, they are constructed from a single paper, either long or short and typically made from hemp, flax, rice or wood pulp normally unbleached.

A final point to note on spliffs is that the word itself can be interpreted differently depending on your location in the world. The description above is how spliffs are enjoyed mainly on the continent and in America. Jamaican's, however, refer to the spliff as a pure cannabis rollie, lacking in tobacco. However, you refer to the use of the word. Understanding the difference adding tobacco makes, can help when rolling, not to mention making your weed go further!


Cannabis Blunt

The heavy hitter in this lineup. One of the biggest differences between the two previously mentioned types of rollie is the actual rolling paper that is used. In this case, blunts are predominately made using hollowed out cigars. The often sweet and tobacco rich papers of the cigar can add a unique and varied taste to your smoking experience. Some users claim this can ruin certain strains, whilst others complement the flavour, adding to the already unique aromas.

For ease of use though many tobacco shops sell tobacco paper, easily identified by their larger size and dark brown colour. Considerably bigger in diameter and length to a joint or spliff, it can often take a lot of cannabis to fill and subsequently a lot longer to smoke. Blunts are not aimed at being a casual smoke during the day but more of a session orientated activity, usually being passed around with mates.

Given the slower burning speed as a result of the tobacco paper and the sheer volume of cannabis, even the most seasoned cannabis smokers can struggle to finish a whole blunt in one sitting. It is worth noting that the high, understandably, will be the strongest out of the three categories we have covered. Some blunts have even been rolled using multiple tobacco papers, giving behemoth sizes ... you have been warned!


Regardless of your choice, it is about understanding how the different types of rolled cannabis can affect the high you will have. Spliffs can be ideal for a quick pick me up throughout the day, whilst a joint provides a more intense high. If surfing the cosmos in a couch locked state is your aim then an indica strain rolled into a blunt could be a perfect choice. The joys of choice and creativity don't stop there, though. Using multiple papers to create longer rolls or even creating animals and flowers are just some of the ways that people have innovated the art of rolling cannabis.

Which one do you want to light up?

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