Every Item You Need To Smoke A Joint For The First Time

Every Item You Need To Smoke A Joint For The First Time

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
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Never smoked a joint before? Here is a list of everything you need to enjoy a successful first joint-smoking session.

So, you’ve never smoked a joint before. Or maybe you have, but it’s been a minute and you’re considering diving back in. You’re not alone, friend. As the laws gradually change around the world, more and more people are taking the opportunity to smoke a joint for the first time.

It’s an enjoyable, easy way to experience what cannabis has to offer. Smoking a joint is also a low-investment way to try smoking, as it doesn't require expensive equipment

What items do you need to smoke a joint?

That said, you do need some essentials in order to experience a jay to its fullest. To that end, we’ve put together the ultimate equipment shopping list, so nobody will believe this is your first time!



This should go without saying, but in case it doesn’t, the first thing you’ll need to smoke a joint is marijuana.

There are three main categories of weed, each with its own personality and benefits: indica, sativa, and hybrids. Indicas are known for being relaxing and helping smokers mellow out or sleep. Sativa is the creativity-inducing type of cannabis, and is great in groups or social events. A hybrid is, as you might expect, a blend of the two.

If you have green fingers, you might want to consider growing your own cannabis plants. This might seem a little daunting, but luckily, we have a handy step-by-step guide to growing your first cannabis plant.

We also have a guide to the top 10 autoflowering seeds, which will allow you to enjoy your first harvest quickly (in around 10 weeks).


Weed Grinders

Before we can put the weed in the joint, it needs grinding up. Why?

The grinder breaks up the bud into a much finer substance. This means the weed will smoke evenly and easily. Some people choose not to use a grinder, but to be honest, that’s a judgement call for when you have a little bit more experience. While you can break up the weed with your fingers, you may find the smoke is a little harsher than you expect, or the joint doesn't burn as readily as you'd like.

A grinder is often equipped with a bottom chamber where a fine powder known as kief ends up. Kief is particularly potent, as it’s produced when the hairy trichomes are split from the plant. Collected kief can add a delicious boost of potency to your joints.

Zamnesia Acrylic Grinder

The Zamnesia Acrylic Grinder does exactly what it promises. Composed of two parts, you can easily grind up your buds into something more easily rollable, and the lid also has a small compartment where you can store your weed.

Dutch Passion Pollinator

A little higher end, the Dutch Passion Pollinator is made of four pieces of aluminium. It’s sturdy and durable, and has a convenient sieve which will collect your kief for you. Not expensive, but definitely a worthwhile investment.


Now you’ve got your weed ready to roll, it’s time to get the right papers to roll with. Papers come in various shapes, materials, colours, and sizes, but it’s worth bearing in mind that they’re all there to cater to personal preference. The change in base material for the papers will affect the smell, taste, and burn of your joint.

You can find papers made from wood pulp, rice, or hemp itself, and as you continue to smoke, you’ll find you develop your own preferences.

OCB X-Pert Slim Fit

OCB X-Pert Slim Fit are slim king-size rolling papers that measure 110 x 38mm. This makes them easy to roll, especially with sticky fingers. The edges are made of natural Arabic gum, renowned for an easy stick.

RAW Organic Hemp King Size Slim

If you prefer the idea of an all-natural experience, then RAW Organic Hemp King Size Slim are the way to go. These papers are made from unrefined organic hemp, and the edges are lined with a hemp-based gum.

Tips & filters

Tips & Filters

To filter or not to filter, that is the question. Well, that and what you call a filter in a joint. Some call it a crutch, or a tip, and there are many kinds of origami you can do to make your joints distinctive.

To begin with, you’ll find many joint papers already include crutch material with their packaging. The purpose of the filter is mainly for convenience—it stops anything from falling out the end of your joint (or into your mouth), as well as adding stability and stopping you from burning your fingers.

RAW Cone Shaped Rolling Tips

Natural, chlorine-free, and vegan friendly, the RAW Cone Shaped Rolling Tips will help you roll a great joint. As with all products in the RAW range, you can rest assured you’ll be enjoying a wholly organic experience

RAW Cotton Filters

Similar to the tip on a cigarette, RAW Cotton filters help you avoid getting anything unpleasant in your mouth. These filters are made in Lebanon, and are 100% cotton.

Rolling tray

Rolling Tray

You might think that a rolling tray seems like more of an accessory, rather than an essential. But once you’ve had a go at rolling your first joint, you’ll see how and why a rolling tray can make your life so much easier.

A rolling tray stops you from wasting any of your marijuana, and comes in handy in case you mess up a joint or drop it. And trust us: this is going to happen to you at some point. Take our advice and have the tray ready for when it does.

RAW Rolling Tray

With the iconic RAW branding, the RAW Rolling Tray comes in two different sizes so you can choose how much space you need.

RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray

If you want to look stylish, as well as roll efficiently, then the RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray is the tray for you. Not only does it give you a safe surface to practise rolling on, but it has a helpful mount where you can load your joint.


Zamnesia Clipper Lighter

The final accessory that you need to smoke a joint is, of course, a lighter. Sure, you could use matches if that’s your thing, but if you’re planning on shopping for the perfect first time joint experience, then treat yourself.

Zamnesia Clipper Lighter

This Clipper is a classic for a reason—it does exactly what you want it to. Plus, it comes in cool Zamnesia branded designs.

Novi Plasma Lighter

Perhaps the worst feeling is to have a perfectly rolled joint ready to smoke, and to realise that your lighter is out of fuel. This is a problem the Novi Plasma lighter has solved. Completely electrical, this lighter will work in all weather situations. It’s USB chargeable, so it won’t let you down when you need it.

Now what?

So, there you have it; everything you need to smoke a joint for the first time. But once you’ve got your supplies in place, there’s some other knowledge you’re going to need.

How to roll

If you’re wondering how to roll a perfect joint, then we’ve got you covered. The main thing to remember is to aim for an evenly packed joint. It might take you a few goes to get it right, but you know what they say: practice makes perfect.

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How to light

How To Light A Joint

Once you’ve successfully rolled the joint, then you need to perfectly light it. This might sound finicky, but you’ll notice there’s a big difference in the way a joint burns depending on how you light it. And the burn dictates the flavour. A joint is packed with delicious, fragrant cannabis, and smoking it should help highlight the flavour, not take away from it.

Tobacco alternatives

It’s quite common when rolling a joint to add in some tobacco, as it helps your smoke last longer, adds flavour, and also gives you a little nicotine buzz. However, if you’re not a smoker and don’t like the taste of tobacco, there are definitely some great herbal alternatives. Here’s a list of our top 10 tobacco alternatives.

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Do's and don'ts

And there you have it. Light up, and enjoy your first foray into the beautiful world of joint smoking. If you’re looking for some further forays into the social niceties of getting high, don’t forget to check out our Do’s and Don'ts of Smoking Joints. You can thank us later.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
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