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Whether you’re a complete novice or consider yourself a pro roller, you’ll find everything you need to craft the perfect joints, blunts, and spliffs in the rolling section of the Zamnesia Headshop. Browse papers, cones, rolling machines, filter tips, and other accessories from the hottest brands in the rolling game.

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Pink Rolling Papers 'Runtz' Kingsize + Tips + Tray (Zamnesia)

From the team at Zamnesia comes another top-notch accessory for smoking enthusiasts. This pack not only includes high-quality rolling papers but also comes with an ample supply of filters for a smoother experience. And for added convenience, the packet transforms into a durable rolling tray. Enjoy the ease of preparing your materials wherever you go.

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Rolling Papers On A Roll (Zamnesia)

This strip of roll-your-own paper made by the team at Zamnesia allows you to craft cylindrical smoking papers of up to 13 feet long, if you can create a support structure! Allowing creativity and freedom with rolling, Zamnesia Roll-Your-Own Papers On A Roll are the perfect addition to the smoking connoisseur's arsenal.

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Zamnesia Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

We are excited to offer our exclusive branded set designed for hand-rolling enthusiasts. Zamnesia Rolling Papers King Size + Tips includes 32 ultra-thin king size sheets for a consistent and slow burn, along with 32 tips. The size of each sheet is approximately 4.25 x 1.77 inches.

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Zamnesia Hemp Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

We are excited to introduce our own branded rolling papers! Crafted from natural unrefined fibers, these papers offer a slow burn and are designed to stay lit better than other paper types. Enjoy the subtle sweetness derived from the natural ingredients. Each pack comes with 32 leaves and 32 tips, perfect for enthusiasts of legal herbal blends. The dimensions of each paper are 4.25 x 1.77...

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Zamnesia Unbleached Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

Our own branded set of unbleached rolling papers for hand-rolled cigarettes. Each pack of Zamnesia Unbleached Rolling Papers King Size + Tips includes 32 extra-thin, king size leaves for an even and slow burn, and 32 tips. These rolling papers are naturally brown, as they are not chlorine-bleached, providing a cleaner smoking experience without altering the flavor of your hand-rolled...

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Activated Coconut Charcoal Filters (Zamnesia)

Ready for an unparalleled filtration experience? These 1/4 inch slim filter tips are crafted with activated coconut shell carbon for superior filtration, ensuring a pure taste and consistent airflow.

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Zamnesia Premium Cones (3-pack)

We've all had those moments where our rolling skills could use some improvement. No worries—these Premium King Size Cones by Zamnesia are here to ensure you get a perfect roll every time. The hardest part might be choosing which legal herbal blend to enjoy, but that's a good problem to have!

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RAW Connoisseur Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

This pack of slimline papers crafted from unrefined hemp, featuring a natural hemp-based adhesive, includes built-in filter tips for convenience. Perfect for your smoking herbs!

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RAW Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim

Explore a more natural approach to your smoking experience with these RAW Hemp Rolling Papers. Crafted from 100% unrefined hemp, they offer a smoother, eco-friendly option for your enjoyment.

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RAW 'Black' Rolling Papers King Size Slim

These RAW 'Black' rolling papers are the thinnest to have ever come out of their factory in Alcoy, Spain. The humidity in this part of Spain is optimal for the production of rolling papers. The booklet has a stunning gold print. 32 leaves per booklet.

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Smoking DeLuxe King Size Rolling Papers

Ultra fine slow burning skins from the Spanish masters.

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Rolling Papers Elements King Size

Discover the ultimate solution for high-quality rolling papers with Elements. Crafted from ultra-thin rice paper and produced without the use of chemicals, pulp, or hemp, these papers set the standard for purity. Featuring a thin line of natural Acacia gum, Elements papers offer a superior experience. Perfect for those who prioritize quality and cleanliness in their rolling papers.

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Smoking Brown Rolling Papers King Size

Extra thin, slow burning, unbleached and chlorine-free, with the standard 33 leaves (gummed).

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Rolling Papers The Bulldog King Size Slim

Another official merchandise item from the Bulldog Coffee Shops. This packet includes 33 slim and ultra-thin, very slow-burning papers. These are perfect for those who enjoy hand-rolled cigarettes of a larger size. Ideal for tobacco enthusiasts looking for a quality smoking experience.

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Rolling Papers Transparent Glass King Size

The transparent King Size rolling papers by Glass offer a nearly crystal-clear experience, allowing you to observe the craftsmanship of your roll. Crafted from 100% natural plant cellulose, these papers are also 100% biodegradable, ensuring an eco-friendly choice. Each booklet provides 40 leaves. Size: approximately 4.25 inches x 1.34 inches.

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Rolling Papers RAW King Size Slim

The King Size Slim Rolling Papers by RAW are rolling papers that are entirely natural and vegan. They are unbleached and made from unrefined paper without any chemical additives. The adhesive used for the RAW papers is derived from natural hemp. These finest quality ultra-thin rolling papers burn evenly and provide a very clean and pure taste. One pack contains 32 rolling papers. Made in...

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2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller (RAW)

No strangers to high-quality rolling papers and smoking accessories, RAW has created the 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller to make rolling effortless. It's designed for ease of use: simply load it with your preferred herb and a rolling paper, then give it a turn or two. You'll have a perfectly rolled item ready in no time. Plus, you have the option to choose between standard or wide sizes.

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Smoking Thinnest King Size Rolling Papers

Welcome to the thinnest rolling papers the world has ever seen: 20% thinner than other papers and weighing only 10g/m², Smoking’s thinnest rolling papers ever ensure the purest flavour! Despite being ultra-thin, these papers have optimum strength and they burn evenly and slow. The 100% natural vegetable gum used ensures the papers stick every time!

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RAW Cones (3-Pack)

Long famous for its natural unrefined rolling papers, now RAW has produced a range of cones (pre-glued smoking papers that are packed rather than rolled and incorporate a built in filter). They use the same quality paper, and are perfect for the casual smoker who’s never nailed the art of rolling their own.

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Cyclones Clear

These pre-rolled translucent cones by Cyclones are made in the Philippines from clear, smooth burning cotton mallow. The individual cones are packaged in a see-through tube.

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RAW Classic Cone Loader

Filling cones can be a challenging and slow process without the right equipment. The RAW Classic Cone Loader is designed to make this task quicker and more efficient. Simply fill the funnel with your herbal blend, place it in a cone, and allow the mixture to slide into it. To ensure it is adequately packed, utilize the included packer. Dimensions: approximately 4.3 inches long and 2.2 inches...

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RAW Six Shooter

The Raw Six Shooter will revolutionize your preparation process. Simply insert pre-rolled cones, add your preferred herbal blend, tap lightly, and you're set for a great experience! 

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RAW Cone Filler King Size

Say goodbye to endlessly packing your cones with a straw! With the RAW Cone Filler, you can fill your cones 10x faster and better! Just stick your pre-rolled cones on the end of the RAW Cone Filler Shooter and slide forward and back to make a perfectly filled cone. Light and enjoy! Works with many cones, including the RAW pre-rolled King Size cones.

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Cone Roller RAW

Not all are natural-born joint rolling artists, but there is a nifty little gadget that will help you roll perfect ones with very little effort. With this cone roller by RAW and a little practice you will always produce perfect cones - with the rolling papers of your choice. Material: Acrylic. Max cone length: 110mm.

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Buy rolling papers and accessories at Zamnesia

Buy rolling papers and accessories at Zamnesia

When it comes to rolling papers, every smoker has their preference. Whether this is king-sized slim or flavoured hemp papers, you'll find what you're looking for at Zamnesia. We stock a whole host of the best rolling papers from the industry’s top brands, and are confident we can pair you with products that will bring your smoking sessions to new heights.

Everything you need to roll your joints

So, what do you need to roll a joint? Though you can technically use any old rolling paper and a filter made from a piece of card, you would only be doing yourself a disservice. Instead, choose from a selection of high-quality papers, cones, rolling machines, wraps, and more from the Zamnesia Headshop.

🔴 Rolling papers & rolling machines

Primed to satisfy all preferences, the selection of rolling papers at Zamnesia features only the top brands, including Zamnesia's own dedicated range. Papers of all sizes, thicknesses, materials, and colours are available, and environmentally conscious stoners also have plenty of options at their fingertips.

To make the rolling process even simpler, consider picking up a rolling machine to create perfectly proportioned joints that wouldn't look out of place in a dispensary or coffeeshop. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have a rollup that’s ready to go. Trust us when we say, you won't know how you managed without a rolling machine once you've used one.

🟠 Filters & tips

Filters don't just act as a barrier to keep burning material from getting into your mouth; they also facilitate a smoother and more flavourful pull. But the question is; do you roll your own or purchase pre-made filters? Well, here at Zamnesia, you can opt for either. With pre-made activated charcoal filters available as well as simple cardboard tips, the choice is entirely up to you. Whichever you choose, you'll find an easy-to-use accessory that will do the job well.

🟡 Cones & cone fillers

Perfect for joint lovers who want to bypass the rolling process, pre-rolled cones don’t require any real finesse to fill. However, to limit spillage, we’ve even got cone fillers to help. Slide your cone into position, add some herb, and let the cone filler perfectly pack down your joint. It doesn't get much easier than this.

🟢 Blunt & hemp wraps

Available in plenty of flavours, blunt and hemp wraps are favoured by those looking to add a little something extra to their smoke. It might sound like a weird combination, but with the right strain, these wraps can bring out all the nuances of your herb. Not only do wraps focus on flavour, but they are robust, offer a generous amount of room, and burn evenly without the risk of canoeing.

Choose from your favourite rolling paper brand

Many companies have thrown their hat into the rolling paper ring. Some lean toward organic papers with no additives, whereas others push the envelope with colourful and unique papers. Whatever your preference, brands such as RAW, Mascotte, Smoking, Juicy Jay, Vibes, and Blazy Susan are here to satisfy you with the best paper for your wants and needs.

Choose your favourite rolling paper size & material

You can buy rolling papers in a range of sizes and thicknesses, from mini to king size. You’ll also find papers in a variety of materials, including rice, hemp, wood pulp, and even flax.

Speciality rolling paper

Who says rolling paper has to be made from paper? That's right; it's possible to find speciality papers that showcase unusual (but appealing!) colours or provide specific flavours. Did you know it's even possible to find gold and see-through rolling papers to really give your smoking session a unique twist?

Rolling Papers: Questions & Answers

📜 What are rolling papers used for?
Rolling papers are used to roll cannabis/tobacco into joints and spliffs. These can then be lit and smoked, allowing the user to inhale the substance inside.
❓ What types of rolling papers are there?
Rolling papers are available in all shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours. Take a look around our shop to get an idea of just how great the variety is!
📏 What size of rolling paper is right for me?
That depends on what you’re smoking! If you just want a cigarette, stay small. If you want to smoke a joint with a group of friends, try king size or even larger.
🩺 Which rolling papers are the healthiest?
No rolling papers are “healthy”. However, it may be that additive-free ones, made of organic plant matter, are healthier than heavily treated, synthetic alternatives.
💰 Where can I buy rolling papers?
Find the best rolling paper right here, at Zamnesia. Just make sure you’re old enough!

Pick your papers today

As you can tell by now, the rolling paper market is a thriving one, with so many diverse options available for smokers. All in all, it means you never have to settle for a paper that doesn’t deliver. If we've piqued your interest, pick up some rolling papers and accessories today to bring your smoking sessions to the next level.