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Whether you know them as filters, roaches, or joint tips, they can be invaluable to the avid joint smoker. Not only a way to add stability to your spliff, joint tips are also there to ensure your finely ground strain stays in the paper and doesn't find its way into your mouth.

Joint tips come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials. Here at Zamnesia, we carry all manner of joint tip varieties, available to purchase right now. From pre-rolled tips to books of card ready to be folded and placed into your joint, you'll never have to use an old receipt or piece of cardboard ever again.

To use, simply place your chosen tip into the end of your joint as your finish rolling, and you'll be ready to blaze in no time. This handy accessory will slip into your pocket, making it great for taking on the go. Check out our full range of joint tips now.

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Zamnesia Rolling Royalty Pack - Smoking Essentials

The Zamnesia Rolling Royalty Pack comes chock-full of high-quality smoking accessories that are all primed to enhance your smoking experience. So if you've been looking to level up your sessions, everything you need is contained in this pack (except for some of your favourite bud, of course!). From filters and tips to a grinder, smoke at home or on the move.

€ 9,99 € 7,49
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Activated Coconut Charcoal Filters (Zamnesia)

Ready for the cleanest smoking experience ever? These 6mm slim filter tips are made with activated coconut shell carbon for the finest filtration, without affecting the flavour or draw of your smoke.

€ 6,95 € 5,56
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Mascotte Active Slim Filters (34 Pack)

If a smooth and flavourful smoke is what you seek, you're in luck. These Active Slim Filters from Mascotte are effortless to use and provide a potent pull each time. Made from natural coconut charcoal, there's nothing getting in between you and your favourite strain. Simply slip the pack into your pocket, and they're ready to go.

€ 6,50 € 5,20
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Mascotte Brown Tips

If rolling papers are the most popular accessory in a smoker's kit, filter tips should be a close second. Available from Mascotte, these Brown Tips will enhance your smoking experience significantly. Easy to use, simply roll, place a tip inside your paper, and you're good to go! With a book of 35 fine paper tips, the session won't stop until you say so.

€ 0,50 € 0,40
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Rolling Tips Classic

No joint’s complete without a tip, filter or roach. These are your entry-level basic cardboard variety.

€ 0,50 € 0,40
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Zamnesia Rolling Tips

Cutting cardboard snippets is for losers! With our rolling tips you will never have to deal with various shapes, thickness and stoutness. A booklet contains 50 tips.

€ 0,60 € 0,45
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RAW Rolling Tips

RAW works with hemp, so no trees were harmed in the making of these joint tips.

€ 0,95 € 0,76
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RAW Cotton Filters (200 pcs)

Rolling your own cigarettes is a fairly common practice, and yet smokers pay little to no attention to the type of filters they use. These little devices can make a big difference in your smoking experience. These pure, unrefined cotton filters by RAW are natural, and each bag contains around 200 filters that are approximately the size of a cigarette tip.

€ 2,50 € 2,00
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RAW Cone Tips Perfecto

The cone shaped rolling tips by RAW are the perfect choice for stylish smoking with a "green" touch. The tips are made from purest natural, chlorine-free fibers and are vegan friendly. 32 tips per booklet.

€ 0,99 € 0,79
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Rolling Tips RAW Pre-rolled

The pre-rolled Rolling Tips by RAW are made from purest natural, chlorine free fibers and are vegan friendly. Always perfectly shaped and delivered in a matchbox style box. A box contains 21 tips.

€ 0,99 € 0,79
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The Bulldog Rolling Tips

You want to remember your trip to Amsterdam? With these filter tip booklets from The Bulldog Amsterdam you'll be reveling in memories each time you roll a blunt! These paper filter tips from The Bulldog come handy when you are in need of a piece of (thin) cardboard. Each booklet contains 40 tips, but if you're specialized in joints, you can tear each in half and roll twice as many.

€ 0,65 € 0,52
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Rolling Tips Cyclones Xtra

Add some flavor to your blunt or joint. These rolling tips from Cyclones are made from natural bamboo and have been soaked in flavor for 7 days. The tips can be reused. One roll contains 4 tips. Available in 2 flavors: Sugarcane and Wonderberry.

€ 1,00 € 0,80
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Jilter Filters (42 pcs)

Too lazy or too cool to work with tips? There is an easy solution: Jilter Filters - the pre-rolled pasteboard filters. No more crumbs in the mouth and less tooth discoloration at full flavor. Jilter filters are designed to reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful cancer-causing agents. A pack contains 42 filters.

€ 1,59 € 1,27
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Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim'

With these active carbon filters by actiTube you can reduce the tar intake while indulging the pleasure of smoking a cigarette or blunt. The filters have ceramic caps at both ends, making every puff taste smooth and cool. These 'Slim' filter tips do not fit into the 'Tune In' smoking pipe. Length: 27mm

€ 7,25 € 5,80
In stock

RAW Cone Tips Maestro

A classic joint has that typical cone shape and RAW apparently has a heart for classics and an eye for details. With these rolling tips "Maestro" you can roll a perfect cone-shaped tip in no time - fold along the inner perforations to make a "z" or "w" shape and then roll into a cone or strip off the perforations, then fold your shape and roll. A booklet contains 32 tips.

€ 0,99 € 0,79
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Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter

With the Activated Carbon Filters by Actitube you can significantly improve your smoking experience. Using these filters improves the taste of your blend, makes a pure or harsh smoke (Salvia) smoother and the amount of tar that reaches your lung is reduced. Tune activated carbon filters can be used to roll blunts or in the Smart Smoking Pipe from Actitube. Available in packs of 10, 40 and...

€ 1,75 € 1,40
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Poker Rolling Tips (full deck/52 cards)

Check or fold? Definitely no folding here, only rolling! This book of rolling tips provides you with a full deck of cards, and we bet you will not be able to resist playing a miniature game of poker before rolling your spliff to 4-of-a-kind-like perfection. All in! Tip size: 50 x 30mm

€ 1,50 € 1,20
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Mascotte Brown XL Slim Paper Filters

Mascotte Slim Filters are made from 100% biodegradable, unbleached fibres. These filters are 19mm long and have a diameter of 6mm. Because they are somewhat longer than average filters, they have better filtration for a cleaner and cooler smoke. The filters come in convenient re-sealable bags containing 120 filters each. These are papers filters, not cotton.

€ 1,50 € 1,20
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EHLE Glass e.Tips (3 pcs)

A tip, I need a tip... Put the search for a piece of cardboard to an end and switch to an environmentally friendly alternative—glass. EHLE has the answer: Glass e.Tips. These high-quality borosilicate glass tips bring the joint-smoking experience to a whole new level.

€ 34,95 € 27,96
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Tattoo Flip Book Rolling Tips

OK, these cartoon flip books may not present you with an elite and Oscar-winning animation, but they will definitely entertain the "highbrow" crowd! Flip through the silly cartoon on your rolling tips while enjoying your favorite smoke. This Tattoo Flip Book comes in 4 different cool designs/animations, randomly selected. Size: 5.3 x 2.5cm

€ 1,50 € 1,20
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EHLE Glass e.Tips for Actitube (3 pcs)

Say Good Bye to your old cardboard filter tips! The EHLE Glass e.Tips for the Actitube are specifically made for the Actitube SLIM filter for anoptimal smoke experience. Made from high quality glass they are reusable and environmentally friendly!

€ 33,95 € 27,16
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Black Leaf glass tips (3 pcs)

The set of genuine glass tips by Black Leaf comes in a nice metal box for protection. Three glass tips in different diameters, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm are included. The glass tips are made from laboratory grade borosilicate glass and feature unique groves blown into the glass so that no material will enter your mouth. Each tip has a flat mouthpiece and measures 30mm in length.

€ 7,75 € 6,20
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RAW Glass Tip

No more soggy paper filters and harsh taste! These premium grade glass tips offer a super-easy to use, reusable option for those wanting a bit more from their smoke. The Grade-A glass tips by RAW Tips are hand-made for a classy way to smoke! The length of each tip is 35mm.

€ 4,99 € 3,99
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RAW Black Rolling Tips

RAW "Black" Rolling Tips are made from natural hemp fibres and come in a handy pack of 50. They’re easy to use, smooth to roll, and strong enough to stay rigid even when wet. The pocket-sized booklet is small enough to carry and conceal, and ready to go when you are.

€ 1,49 € 1,19
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