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Boundless CF Vaporizer

Boundless CF Vaporizer

Vape in style with the Boundless CF Vaporizer. With a superb airflow, five temperature settings, a large capacity for dry herbs and concentrates and a super-fast heat-up time, the Boundless CF is an excellent vaporizer that doesn’t just impress with looks.

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Boundless - CF Vaporizer: style and excellent performance combined

Looks can be deceiving and not every vaporizer that looks sharp is necessarily providing a good vape. No need for such concerns with Boundless Vape Technology’s CF! The Boundless CF combines style with some outstanding features and a fantastic vaping performance.

The Boundless CF has a large capacity that makes it an ideal unit for any type of herb or concentrate. It can hold upwards of a half gram of freshly ground herb and you may even fit 0.7g in it if you grind finely enough and tap down a little. This makes the Boundless CF a great device, even for multiperson sessions! In other words, if vaping capacity is a concern for you when choosing a vaporizer, you will love the CF.

As you would expect from a good vaporizer, the Boundless CF has an excellent airflow so it can provide a very comfortable draw. Where it really impresses is with its very short heat-up time of 20 seconds or less. If you've ever used other vaporizers that require much longer to reach the desired temperature, you will know the difference this can make. With only 20 seconds heat-up time, the Boundless CF blows every similar-priced conduction vaporizer out the water.

The unit has five pre-set temperatures that range from 355°F(179.4°C) to 415°F(212.8°C). If you want to switch between the CF’s different temperatures, you can get to your desired vape temperature almost instantly. Gone are the times where you patiently needed to watch a light turn solid like with many other vaporizers: This is a huge plus for the Boundless CF.

The CF stands out in term of performance and flavour since it has a fully isolated air path that cools the vape while you use it. No more harsh taste and coughing because of a vape that might be too hot! But the CF doesn’t just give a smoother and more pleasant vape. It provides a really phenomenal flavour for a conduction unit! You could start at a low temperature if you want to enjoy some delicious starter hits and then slowly increase the temperature while you vape. The CF will give a super-flavourful and smooth vaping experience all the way through and there is only some minor harshness at the maximum setting. Even then, the vape is still bearable because of the unit’s generous airflow.

The Boundless CF is a great vaporizer that, for its price range, offers cool features that make for an excellent vape. The Boundless CF doesn’t just look great - it really is.


Boundless offers a 2 year warranty on every CF Vaporizer purchased.



    By on 29/May/2017 :

    Title : Genial
    Comment : Es mi primer vaporizador así que no puedo comparar con otro. Lo que si tengo claro es que la mejor compra que he hecho en mucho tiempo. Una vez lo pruebas no vuelves a fumar, si lo haces te arrepientes a la primera calada. Desde que lo uso me he hecho un sibarita del sabor de la yerba. Me costó un poco pillarle el truco pero ahora ya somos inseparables. Recomiendo hacer las modificaciones de la boquilla. Hay mucha información en reddit.

    By on 24/May/2017 :

    Title : such a good vape!!
    Comment : works really nice!!! it got a big ass battery, that needs a lot of hours to charge :P it has a really big chamber(0.6 grams, more if you compress it with a stick), the flavour isn't the best for a vape but still, it works perfeclty vape quality 4/5 (flavour 3/5) battery 5/5 ergonomics 4,5/5 confort 5/5 overhall 4,6/5

    By on 30/Mar/2017 :

    Title : super vapo!!
    Comment : Le rapport qualités prix est excellent. Ce vapo défonce plus qu'un simple joint a essayer ;)

    By on 07/Jan/2017 :

    Title : Boundless CF
    Comment : Also ich bin mit dem Gerät sehr zufrieden,die Handhabung ist einfach,der Akku reicht bei mir für ca 6-7 Anwendungen,einzig der penetrante Plastikgeschmack und Geruch stört mich,ich hoffe das sich dies im Laufe der Zeit gibt. Sonst ist dieses Gerät absolut empfehlenswert.

    By on 10/Dec/2016 :

    Title : Juste excellent!
    Comment : Ce vaporisateur est juste génial! Pour en avoir tester pas mal je trouve que celui-ci est vraiment parfait. Déjà le prix, pour un vapo d'aussi bonne qualité 130€ c'est pas grand chose. Le débit d'air aspiré est doux, la vapeur ne pique pas la gorge et est d'un goût magique. Le temps de chauffe est incroyable, on l'allume et a peine 5-10 secondes après il est prêt. Le vaporisateur est de plus beau et a de très bonnes finitions. Il est discret, il tient dans la main sans soucis. Je le recommande à tous.

    By on 24/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Mijn eerste vaporiser
    Comment : M. C. said the right things. Ik ben er na ontvangst, (4 uur later) zeer te spreken over. Mijn eerste gebruik deed ik gelijk nadat ik de batterij had opgeladen. Vreemde smaak vond ik. Waarschijnlijk moet je hem 5 minuten aanzetten zonder herbs. Dat deed ik dus niet. Lijp werd ik wel, en daar gaat het ten slotte om nietwaar? Een aangename roes overviel me en bleef ook veel langer hangen, dan wanneer ik op traditionele manier de werking van THC tot me krijg. Smoking! Dit is vergelijkbaar met spacecake eten. Hij warmt op in slechts 10 seconden, en elke hogere instelling duurt ook max 10 seconden. 5 Waarden temperatuur: 179,188,196.204,213 graden Celsius of 355,370,385,400,415 Fahrenheit Voordeel is dat er een memory op zit die je laatste instellingen laad zodra je de vape aandoet. 5 x op de powerknop moeten drukken om hem aan en uit te zetten is dan wel weer irritant, maar veiligheid boven alles. Dus Yes! (arme schakelaar) Het design op de foto is meervoudig tot mij gekomen in 3D. Super Vet Gaaf dingetje! Batterij, vermoedt ik dat ie het wel een dag volhoudt bij intensief gebruik.

    By on 12/Oct/2016 :

    Title : excellent vaporiser
    Comment : For 130 euros , there is nothing that can compete with the CF’s battery life, bowl size, heat up time, and ease of use. It handles better and outperforms vaporizers that are twice its price.

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