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DynaVap VapCap "M" PLUS 2023

The VapCap "M" PLUS 2023 is the latest iteration in DynaVap's "M" series of thermal extraction devices. 12% bigger bowl than previous versions Square airport for controlled airflow Great flavours time after time Precision-positioned pyramid pivot Finless tip for single heat cycle

€ 99,00
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VENTY, the latest innovation from renowned manufacturer Storz & Bickel, heats up in just 20 seconds so you can start vaping right away. The rapid 20 second heat-up time makes VENTY the fastest portable vaporizer.

€ 448,00
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The MIGHTY is an easy to operate portable, battery-operated, high-performance vaporizer with precise control electronics. The air heater provides continuous heat during evaporation, while the radiation heat ensures that vapor is generated instantly at the first breath. The plus / minus buttons and the highly visible LED display make the operation of the MIGHTY self-explanatory.

€ 329,00
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Did you enjoy the Storz & Bickel MIGHTY? Well, this new and improved version takes things a few steps further with an improved heat-up time and rapid charging. You'll also notice improved housing that makes the device feel great in the hand.

€ 398,00
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The CRAFTY+ is a modern and stylish handheld vaporiser ideal for travel. This upgraded model can be controlled remotely using a smartphone, uses hybrid heating, and boasts a cooling system that generates silky smooth hits.

€ 298,00
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G Pen Elite II

The Elite II from G Pen is suited to all kinds of cannabis enthusiasts. Featuring a dual convection/conduction 360 heating element, this portable vaporizer is quick to heat and really brings out the best in your herb. So load up, use the intuitive LED screen to dial in your settings, and you're ready to go.

€ 249,00
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DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021

The DynaVap VapCap "M" is a small flame-fuelled vape pen that’s very efficient and produces incredibly flavourful vapour. The 2021 model features several improvements and a new classy design.

€ 78,00
In stock

DynaVap VonG (i) Titanium

Looking for a portable vape that won't ever let you down with an empty battery? Then look no further. The VonG (i) Titanium is DynaVap's latest portable vape creation, boasting all of the ingenuity of the original VonG but with a new-and-improved, all-titanium construction. Thanks to DynaVap's VonG, vaping on the go has never been easier.

€ 192,00
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The PLENTY Vaporizer is a silent and lightweight, yet robust and powerful handheld device. This durable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel weighs only 680 grams and is as small as 15.5cm x 22.5cm x 5cm. It is equipped with a stainless steel cooling coil and utilises a direct application system. The temperatures for vaporisation can be adjusted between 266°F and 395°F (130°C and 202°C).

€ 248,00
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Dynavap The "B" Series

The original "B" vaporizer by DynaVap is now available in a variety of stunning colours. Made with budget smokers/vapers and first-timers in mind, the "B" offers the functionality and quality that DynaVap is renowned for, but in a simplified, cost-effective package that produces delicious hits without fail.

€ 49,99
In stock

Puffco Plus

The Plus is Puffco's flagship portable vaporizer, and is primed to handle all of your cannabis concentrates, resins, and oils. With a simple loading system, intuitive controls, and effective heat settings, it's never been easier to enjoy smooth hits and all of the nuances of your chosen substance. Load up, and kick back with the Plus.

€ 99,99
In stock

DynaVap The BB3

Combining innovative design with ease of use and complete portability, it's no secret that the team at DynaVap are masters of their craft, and the BB3 is certainly not looking to buck this trend. Fusing glassware with stainless steel, this portable pipe offers up smooth hits on the move thanks to the three-ball diffusion system. Load up your BB3 and take it everywhere you go!

€ 70,00
In stock

AirVape X

AirVape X is a portable vaporizer that shines with top performance and the utmost discretion. The X Shell of the AirVape X keeps it odour-proof and water-resistant, yet it is one of the thinnest vapes on the market and fits in any pocket. The AirVape X works with dry leaf, oils, wax, and concentrates.

€ 149,95
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AirVape XS GO (2021)

The AirVape XS GO is a small and portable vape that fits comfortably in the hand. The hybrid heating system and ceramic air path make for buttery smooth hits.

€ 59,00
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DynaVap Omni 2021

As the flagship thermal extraction device from the team at DynaVap, The Omni is a battery-free device that has gone through numerous iterations to become one of the most popular devices of its kind. However, this is no happy accident.

€ 226,00
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The BB6 (DynaVap)

DynaVap has been simplifying the vaporizer game since the invention of its original VapCap in 2015. Now, we're proud to stock one of the brand's latest inventions—The BB6. Featuring a colourful, newly designed glass stem complete with diffusion beads that cool vapor as you inhale, The BB6 is perfect for enjoying cool hits on the go, all for a super-affordable price.

€ 75,00
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Puffco The Guardian Peak PRO Smart Rig

Taking the Peak PRO to new premium heights, this limited edition device from Puffco marries great looks with incredible dabbing functionality that's easy to use! The Guardian Peak PRO Smart Rig is a highly customisable dabbing device that can be combined with the accompanying app to deliver perfect pulls every time you reach for it. As a limited edition item, it won't be around for long.

€ 599,00
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