The Advantages of Vaping: Why It’s The Smarter Choice

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Why Vaporize: Top 5 Benefits Of Vaping

It may not come as surprise: Vaporizers are slowly becoming the ingestion method of choice – even overtaking the joint. Vaporizers are on the rise, and there’s many good reasons for it.

The image of cannabis is transforming rapidly. Just a few years ago, consuming cannabis was considered a pastime of students, freaks and the unemployed. But as times are changing, more awareness about the health benefits of cannabis are sinking in: Even small kids are now benefiting from the plant. With the increased health awareness, habits of consumption are also changing.

The joint is threatened to become a relict of the 60’s, overtaken by modern technology. Vaporizers are slowly but steadily becoming the first choice for medicating - or simply getting high. This comes as no surprise, as vaporizers offer a number of distinct advantages over smoking.

Malouff’s research

In the study, titled ‘Experiences of Marijuana-Vaporizer Users’, Australian researched John Malouff set out to assess the perceived advantages and disadvantages of using a vaporizer. By following 96 individuals who began using vaporizers at their own accord, Malouff was able to identify consistently reported advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Advantages vs. Disadvantages Vaping

The advantages he found are as follows:

  • Users feel it is healthier for them, resulting in less coughing and going easier on the lungs.

  • It tastes better, with a much more “clean” flavour.

  • No smoke or lingering smells.

  • Stronger effect for less weed.

The disadvantages he found were as follows:

  • A lot of vaporizers require maintenance and cleaning.

  • A delay in use due to having to set it up.

Of the 96 participants, 84 said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their vaporizing experience, and an astounding 97.9% said they would continue to vaporizing from now on. Malouff also found that of the 96, only 15 reportedly used tobacco normally when they normally smoke weed. When vaporizing, this number dropped to 2. This difference shows the lack of need for tobacco when vaporizing, and has vast health implications all of its own.

Malouff concluded, “If vaporizers become more commonly used and competition among manufacturers increases, the vaporizer may become cheaper to buy and more convenient to use, leading to greater use. The results indicate that vaporizers are worthy of experimental research.”

The advantages of vaping in more detail

The Advantages Of Vaping In More Detail

To the experienced vaporizer user, these results will come as no surprise, and when you weigh up the advantages against the disadvantages, the advantages clearly come out on top:

Advantages It’s simply better for your health

Probably the biggest advantage of using a vaporizer over smoking a joint is that it is by far better for your health in every way. When you vaporize cannabis, the cannabinoids evaporate instead of burn, which means that you breathe in a clean vapor laden with potent cannabinoids, instead of toxin and tar filled smoke.

When you burn cannabis, like you do in a joint, the smoke is made up of roughly 88% non-cannabinoid particles, all of which are toxic; meaning only a small fraction of the THC and CBD make it into the smoke. Burning cannabis actually destroys much of the cannabinoids, creating harmful toxins in the process. Conversely, when you vaporize nothing gets destroyed. Leading to vapor having a 95% cannabinoid content, with the other 5% being made up of a single PAH and caryophyllene – a non-toxic oil. This makes vaporizing not only better for your lungs, but for the entire body and wellbeing as a whole.

Advantages It has a stronger effect

This goes hand-in-hand in with the above point. Vaporizing cannabis produces a much purer experience than smoking it. Burning cannabis destroys much of its content, whereas vaporizing doesn’t. This means when you vaporize, the vapour has a much higher concentration of cannabinoids and other compounds than an equivalent smoke – making it much stronger. That’s why…

Advantages It saves you money in the long run

Because vapour is much stronger, and much more efficient, you need to use a lot less marijuana to get you to the same place smoking it would. Some reports actually suggest that vaporizers are between 30% – 40% more efficient than smoking.

This efficiency isn’t just down to a higher cannabinoid content. Unlike smoking cannabis, which can be very uneven in its use of cannabis, vaporizing will evenly utilize the entire surface area of your weed, ensuring it is all used to its fullest.

If you think about it, a heavy smoker can save quite a bit of money by requiring 30 – 40% less weed each time they smoke – a vaporizer can very quickly pay for itself. Actually, we made a post about this and found that it takes between 6 and 12 months for a vaporizer to pay for itself, depending on the model and the amount of weed used of course.


There are many advantages to using a vaporizer - the price tag can be hefty, but what it often overlooked is how much money a vaporiser can actually save you.

Advantages A cleaner taste

It is not just the cannabinoid content that is saved from destruction when you vaporize. The flavonoids and other components within cannabis are also maintained and released into the vapour, creating a much purer, clean and more realistic representation of taste – as it should be.

Advantages Discretion and stealth

As there is no sticky tar filled smoke, smells do not linger or stick to your clothing and personal possessions. Vapour dissipates within seconds, and only those in your immediate close vicinity will smell it briefly. This means vaporizers are much more hygienic and discreet within - allowing portable vaporizers to be used on the go.

Advantages No more ashtrays lying around

Further expanding on the previous point, vaporizers do not create an abundance of hot, smelly ash. When you are done vaporizing you are left with dried out, odourless plant matter that can be put straight into the bin – so no more stinking up the house.

Some smokers are put off by the idea of having to set up a vaporizer, but when you look at some of the newer, modern portable vaporizers like the DaVinci Ascent or the FireFly, and compare their use to the time it takes to roll a joint, there isn’t much in it. Vaporizing has some very major and distinct advantages over other methods of use, so whether you sue for recreation or medical purposes, a vaporizer is well worth your time and consideration. Happy vaping!


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