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Top 20 Aphrodisiacs Around The World

Fertility rites come in all shapes and forms. From simple dances to more elaborate and intricate rituals to appease the gods, humans have always been on the hunt for maximum pleasure. Fortunately, nature is on our side and has provided us with an abundant supply of herbal aphrodisiacs. Here‘s our list of the Top 20 Aphrodisiacs Around The World:

1. Maca

The use of maca as an aphrodisiac dates all the way back to the Inca Empire, where it was used to invigorate warriors with stamina and libido. It is cultivated in the Andes Mountains and still used by Peruvians to put a little extra spring in their step.

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2. Muira Puama

Found in South America, the bark of this tree is infused into a drink, made into a tincture, or chewed in order to treat infertility and increase sexual sensitivity.

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Muira Puama

3. Cacao

Used as the base for chocolate, the cacao bean contains theobromine, caffeine and the aphrodisiac chemical phenylethylamine. It has been used in Central America as a sexual stimulant for centuries – Aztec prostitutes were even paid in cacao beans.

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4. Cannabis

Weed, marijuana or cannabis has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for thousands of years. It is said to increase the sexual pleasure and intensity, however, in higher doses it might just be too relaxing, literally.

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5. Catuaba

Hailing from the Amazon rainforest, Catuaba is a traditional Brazilian medicine that is said to help with impotence, improve potency and increase sexual desire. The bark of the tree is infused into a drink to make this aphrodisiac.

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6. Damiana

This natural stimulant is found growing in America. It can be smoked, or its extract drunk with water. Clinical trials on rats have indicated that Damiana can potentially increase sexual drive within both men and women.

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7. Magic Mushrooms

Found the world over, magic mushrooms are a renowned psychedelic. However, psilocybin can also act as a very effective sexual stimulant in both men and women when taken in a lower dose.

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Psilocybe Cubensis

8. Mandrake root

Mandrake root is a fairly rare herb but it can be found across the world. It has a historic association with black magic and the dark arts, but it reported to act as a fairly effective stimulant to the libido as well.


9. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are said to be fairly effective at increasing the sexual drive of both men and women. They contain Zinc, which is essential in the production of testosterone – testosterone being one of the main factors effecting sexual drive in men, and to a lesser extent, women.

Pumpkin Seeds

10. Saw Palmetto

Said to be particularly effective for women due to its oestrogen content, saw palmetto can be found growing in North America. Its fruit can either be eaten or fermented into a “love drink”. Among men, it‘s the most common herbal treatment for prostate enlargement.

Serenoa repens

11. Tongkat Ali

This is a tree found growing natively in Malaysia. Dubbed the “Asian Viagra”, the root of the tongkat ali tree is used to improve sexual desire and sexual performance in men, as well as treat erectile dysfunction. Studies suggest that it works by increasing levels of testosterone, which is one of the main sex hormones.

Eurycoma longifolia

12. Velvet Beans

These are found growing in the wilds of tropical regions, especially around Africa and India. It has long been a traditional remedy for the loss of sexual desire, impotence and sterility.

Mucuna pruriens.

13. Yohimbe

The alkaloid Yohimbine is mainly used as a sexual stimulant by those fighting impotence. It has been shown that it increases blood flow to the gentiles as well as increasing sexual sensitivity and desire within people – making it a fairly successful aphrodisiac within the USA. Something to be aware of is that yohimbine comes from the bark of the yohimbe tree, which contains other active ingredients in addition to yohimbine. These can act as a weak MAOI, so caution is advised when taking it in this form. Yohimbe sale is banned in most of Europe.



14. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a prized Indian herb that has been used for thousands of years to invigorate and maintain youth. It is seen as an excellent sexual stimulator and is prescribed by Indian physicians to stimulate sexual desire in both men and women with a low libido. It is considered an important rejuvenating herb in the Indian medicinal system called Ayurveda.



15. Alkyl Nitrates

Commonly found in the form of the recreational drug known as “poppers”, alkyl nitrates are largely regarded by researchers as an aphrodisiac, and have been show to effectively increase and enhance sexual stimulation. Poppers have become very popular in the disco/club scene of the 90‘s, particularly in the gay community. As of today, poppers have been made illegal in the European Union.



16. Dong Quai

This is a traditional Chinese aphrodisiac for women. It is believed to hormonally enhance sexual desire, increasing women’s sex drive and sensitivity. It also enhances blood circulation, giving an extra benefit to the clitoris.

Dong Quai

17. Fo-Ti

Is a traditional Chinese remedy. Translating as “black-hair Mr. He”, it is said that it was first found by an old villager called Mr. He who used it to restore his black hair, vitality and sexual vigour. The legend continues to this day, the long term use of fo-ti is used to treat erectile dysfunction and increase sexual desire.

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18. Gingko Biloba

Found natively growing in China and Japan, the seeds of the Gingko Biloba Tree have been used for centuries to invigorate and increase the sexual stamina of men.

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Gingko Biloba

19. Ginseng

Ginseng is a very famous natural aphrodisiac. It is an Asian root that is traditionally made into a tonic. With prolonged use it is said to be very effective at increasing sexual desire, especially within women. It is the number one selling aphrodisiac in the US among women looking for an extra boost to the libido.

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20. Horny Goat Weed

Going by the scientific name Epimedium, horny goat weed was first said to be discovered by a Chinese goat herder when he noticed that his goats seemed a lot more virile after eating the herb, (hence the name). Research suggests it has hormonal, blood flow and chemical effects – making it a good all-rounder for both men and women suffering a variety of sexual problems.

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Horny Goat Weed


As you can see, nature provided us with an abundance of herbs and foods to stay fertile. Some herbs have more specific action for either men or women, others work on both. One important point to note is that many herbs, in general, have a cumulative effect. That means as they are taken regularly, their effect builds over time. Specially when it comes to herbal aphrodisiacs, with a few exceptions, they are not one-shot instant fixes. Some stronger herbs are, and their use should be reserved for special occasions.

Many aphrodisiacs work best, if sexual desire is already ignited - then they can add another level of pleasure. When dealing with a sexual dysfunction, aphrodisiacs are rarely going to fix it, instead the underlying causes should be addressed first.

We do not take any responsibility for the effectiveness and effects of any herbs mentioned.




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