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7 Natural Aphrodisiacs That Will Work For Women

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Getting in the mood is an important part of any sexual relationship, so we explore tried and tested natural and traditional aphrodisiacs that work for women.

An aphrodisiac, according to the Oxford Dictionary is “ food, drink, or other thing that stimulates sexual desire.” Curiously, the term is derived from Greek mythology. The goddess Aphrodite was polyamorous and with an elevated libido, the first to contrast the male sexual dominance of the Olympus.

Aphrodisiacs go back a long way. There are numerous mentions throughout the history of its use and practice. From anecdotal remarks in books to folklore recipes, straight through mythology and back down to plain old logical reasoning (or lack thereof). Numerous are the instances where unique concoctions are described as heightening agents for sexual pleasures. In India, you would boil goat testicles in milk, while in Japan’s brothels the “yujo” staff swore by eel’s tincture.


In this day and age, if you were to ask a stranger for an example of an aphrodisiac you are very likely to hear the words oyster, chocolate, champagne, Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. This is probably due to Hollywood productions and pharmaceutical advertising.

But be warned, this is not factual. Oysters are not proven to be aphrodisiacs, nor are any of the three pharmaceutical drugs mentioned actual aphrodisiacs.

These chemicals were conceived to aid those with erectile dysfunction only. In men, an erection is considered a direct visual sign of sexual arousal, but a man can become aroused without an erection. Women, on the other hand, have no evident telltale sign from afar. A man can’t sexually function without arousal while a woman technically can, which is totally unfair to them. Which is why aphrodisiacs are of particular importance and interest to women.

Chocolate does contain tryptophan and phenylethylamine, which indirectly mimic a pleasurable non-sexual response more closely related to infatuation and love than it is to sex. None of these directly influence our sex drive, which is a result of our libido, which in turn regulated by our hormones: testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Contrary to popular belief, all three play a role in both male and female physiology.

Cannabis is widely known to induce sexual appetite in some women (and some men as well, of course). The infamous film Reefer Madness mocked this point. But so does alcohol and caffeine. Be it by lowering our inhibitions, to heightening our sense of touch and smell, or boost blood flow to certain regions – these are all indirect reasons. Otherwise, instead of taking Viagra, one could put on a cannabis condom to boost an erection. These were certainly not designed for such purpose, but we have high hopes of its use as a positive side effect!

An aphrodisiac, therefore, plain and simple, is a food, drink or other, that directly induces in us sexual desire, through the interaction with our limbic system. But this does not automatically imply crazy pharmaceutical concoctions. Far from it. There are indeed some completely natural and safe ingredients readily available in nature that are known for their ability to play red-light-Cupid.

As mentioned before, this article is of particular interest to women. Female sexuality functions quite differently than the male. If you are to include any of these 7 natural and safe ingredients in their day-to-day life, be sure they will help you overcome some of the hurdles in the lack of arousal department.



Origin – South America
Type – small biennial shrub
Commercial Form: Powder

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) – This is a small plant or shrub natively found in Peru that grows for two years before it can be harvested. Ground to a powder, Maca can be taken in also sorts of ways. This super food of the Andes can be eaten raw or even mixed into all sorts of plates and drinks.

Maca does wonders for women’s health in general as it is great hormonal balancer. Not only will it boost libido, but also leads to a more regular ovulation. It has been used for ages as a fertility enhancer too. Daily consumption of Maca will ensure significant positive results. The highest recommended daily dose is around 3 grams.

The preferred way to consume Maca: Smoothies and cappuccinos, mate tea, or even mixed with your favorite taste of gelatin. Raw Maca can also be sprinkled over pasta or other of your favorite dishes.


Ginkgo Biloba

Origin: Native to China
Type: Tall tree
Commercial Form: like dry tea leaves

You have probably heard of Ginkgo Biloba before. It has become wildly popular these past few years with the advent of health-oriented dietary programs. You’ll see it everywhere these days, but a word to the wise, be sure to check the label for the authenticity of the product, and well as if it was down-mixed with other herbs and ingredients.

Even The World Health Organization highly recommends its daily use. Ginko Biloba has been proven to have a positive effect on all phases of the sexual encounter. Starting with desire, then lubrication, orgasm and finally resolution (afterglow). Not only that, endurance significantly improves.

The preferred way to consume Ginkgo Biloba includes: Infusion or tea, tincture, sometimes straight up baked nuts. It has a bittersweet, slightly sour, slightly cheesy taste.



Origin: Central Asia and the Himalayas
Type: Root
Commercial Form: Usually as powder

Another well-known magic herb is the Calamus. It goes by very many names, including sweet flag, calamus root, flag root, muskrat root, sweet calomel, sweet flag, sweet sedge, and many other names. Is has been considered an aphrodisiac by many ancient cultures, including Arabic, Roman, and early Europeans – so that says quite a lot.

Excess consumption can cause some side effects. It all boils down to the dosage. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid taking Calamus entirely as it is known to hyperstimulate the uterus and can even cause hallucinations. Other than that is safe to use. Just be sure to stay within the recommended daily dose of 3g and you will be perfectly ok.

The preferred way to consume Calamus includes: Typically infused in milk for custards, goes well in any pudding as an alternative to cinnamon of vanilla. It is used as any regular spice all over the Arabic cuisine. The taste is said to be a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Starts off sweet ending with a slightly bitter aftertaste.


Clavo Huasca

Origin: South America
Type: Wood vine
Commercial Form: shredded leaves

In South America, you will find that the main advocates and feverous supporters of the sexual enhancement properties of Clavo Huasca will be the Shipibo-Conibo, Kayapó, and Assurini tribes of the Amazon. Not only will they swear by titanium strong erections of men, but also the immense libido-heightening effects on women.

Women generally love Clavo Huasca not only as an aphrodisiac, but also because it strengthens hair follicles, and cleanses and smoothens the skin. It also aids in the digestive process and greatly reduces nausea and diarrhea.

Preferred way to consume Clavo Huasca: Usually ground to a powder, this woody vine is used to spice up broths. But if intended as an aphrodisiac, it is much more effective to increase the dosage by taking a few teaspoons of the powder and infuse it in hot water or milk. Effect should set in within 30 minutes.


Butea Superba

Origin: Thailand, Vietnam, and India
Type: vining shrub
Commercial Form: Pills or powders

You may recognize Butea superba by some of its more common names, like the Red Kwao Krua, creeping butea, butea gum tree, flame of the forest, and climbing palas.

Butea superba is huge as an aphrodisiac in Thailand. It contains phytonutrients and flavonoids, so will give your cardiovascular system a nice boost. People with hair loss highly recommend it too.

The preferred way to consume Butea superba includes:
In capsules due to its notably acrid taste. To fully get the desired libido enhancement effects you should take it regularly for at least a few days, 2 to 3 times a day.


Kola Nuts

Origin: West Africa
Type: evergreen tree
Commercial Form: powder from ground seeds

You will probably know this plant as it was one of the original ingredients of Coca-Cola. While the coca leaves were chewed on in South America to boost physical activity, the indigenous tribes of Western Africa surrounding Nigeria, Mali, and Senegal used the Kola Nuts for much the same reason during their ceremonies. They were often considered religious objects and used during the most important life changing social events and gatherings.

Kola Nuts do contain caffeine and tannins. Tannins reduce caffeine absorption thus prolonging sexual urges and increases libido immensely. It is a stimulant and general energizer that also increases oxygen levels and improves concentration. Great all round supplement.

The preferred way to consume Kola Nuts includes: Traditionally mixed with milk or porridge, you can freely experiment as it goes well with lots of flavors. Another reason for its use in many different types of sodas. Slightly bitter to the taste buds, easily masked when mixed with other ingredients.



Origin: North America and Eastern Asia
Type: perennial
Commercial Form: dried crumbled root

Ginseng was once worth as much as gold. Many wars have been fought over cultivated ginseng territories, and at one point over harvesting almost extinguished it.

Women have a great time with Ginseng, as it contains Arginine. This amino acid is responsible for triggering physiological responses like increased blood flow to the genitals, reduce vaginal dryness, increase clitoral sensation and stimulates female orgasm.

Ginseng is known to improve mood, boost endurance, treat heart disease and fatigue. All excellent added benefits that help increase and sustain sexual drive.

The preferred way to consume Ginseng: Traditionally infused as a tea and used as a spice. To increase the effectiveness of the benefits, it provides higher doses should be taken in the form of capsules.


Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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