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Herbal Aphrodisiacs - Get Your Mojo Going

Feel you need to but a bit of pep back into your libido? We understand that things in life are not always straight forward, and that the toils of life can have you “too tired” to make any romantic effort. To help remedy this we have compiled a list of herbal aphrodisiacs that will get you going again and have you firing on all pistons.


MacaDating all the way back to the Incan empire, maca is a super food that packs a punch. It was used exclusively by the higher rungs of Incan society and awarded to distinguished warriors. It has many beneficial health properties, but one it is most know for is stimulating a sexual drive.

Made from the dried and powdered root of the Lepidium Meyenii plant. This plant grows in the harsh reaches of the Andes Mountains where it is seen as a valuable commodity by the local people. The active ingredient that is relevant here is p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, a chemical associated with aphrodisiac like qualities.

Maca powder can be spooned into a drink and taken a few times a day in between meals. It can be quite overwhelming at first, so start with smaller doses. It is a completely legal herbal supplement; head over to our shop to find out more information about maca, its ability to stimulate your sex drive, as well as its other health benefits.

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Muira Puama

Muira PuamaAlso known as “potency wood”, this herbal remedy has been used by the people of the Amazonian rainforest for centuries to increase their mojo. It is not only seen to increase the sexual drive of most people, but also help treat impotence in men. A study in the 1994 edition of “The American Journal of Natural Medicine” outlined how they tested its use on 262 impotent men. After 2 weeks of 1 to 1.5g dosages, 62 percent of the test subjects rated it as having a dramatic effect, whist 52 percent said it had been beneficial.

Taking this in a powdered or capsule form is to currently believed to not work. If you are looking for this you need to get it in tincture form.

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Clavo Huasca

Clavo HuascaThis woody vine is used the Indian tribes of the Amazon rainforest for the treatment of impotency and increasing the sex drive of both men and woman. The vine itself grows tall,towering up to 80m in length. It produces small white flowers and long, flat fruit. You may come across the term “clove vine” when looking for Clavo Huasca. This is because the bark of this vine gives of a very distinctively clover aroma.

Clavo Huasca is often taken as a tincture, 3-4 ml taken twice a day.

All of these herbal aphrodisiacs are safe and legal. For obvious reasons, it is best to consult a trained medical professional before consumption if you have any other pre-existing conditions, or are pregnant.

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