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Growing cacti at home is not difficult at all, if you consider a few minor things.


PeyoteAll mescaline cacti can be grown from seed. The corresponding seed is available in both gardening and ethnobotanical stores. Cactus seeds are placed on the potting soil and perhaps covered with some sand. This is done for mold prevention. Then moisturize well and keep in greenhouse climate, for example, with a small propagator.

The seeds germinate more or less rapidly, depending on the type and are afterwards, as stable seedlings, set and transplanted into separate pots. Now we have to be patient. Gradually the cacti will grow and develop from seedlings to plants. The cacti want to be watered regularly, but not excessively. Whenever the substrate is dry. However, this can vary from cactus to cactus. Furthermore they need one thing: light. Therefore, they have to be kept on the window sill or, in the summer, even outdoors.


But there is another way. With a clean knife, simply cut a piece of a cactus, let the surface dry out and then just put the cuttings in cactus substrate. At the vascular bundles it will develop the new rootlets and thrive and grow as an independent.

Some cacti form kindles which are offshoots that can easily be detached from the mother plant and further cultivated. With most cacti the vegetative propagation is a real breeze.


Mescaline Cacti