San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 seeds


Echinopsis pachanoi, the original San Pedro cactus is one of the sacred cacti of South America. For centuries, this cactus has played an important role in Shamanic culture. The cactus is a native to Bolivia and contains psychoactive compounds, the most important one Mescaline. With our fresh Echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro) seeds you can now easily grow your own San Pedro cacti at home!

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San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi): Grow the Sacred Cactus Easily At Home!

Growing your own San Pedro cacti at home isn’t too difficult with our fresh seeds that ensure best growing success. The San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) does best in peat-based special cactus and succulent soil that you can easily get in any well-sorted gardening store.

Echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro) loves it very humid for optimal germination success. After germination, ensure adequate air circulation and ventilation to prevent mould. Keep the growing environment warm and shaded and most importantly, make sure that the soil is always moist during germination and early growth.

The San Pedro cactus grows into a green cactus with a columnar shape and will develop white flowers.

Contents: San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 Seeds

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 seeds data sheet
Cactus San Pedro

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Reviews (86)
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    Das Keimen ist gelungen
    Bis jetzt haben 11 kleine Kakteen überlebt. Mal sehen ob ich sie groß bekomme. Zusätzlich habe ich auch einen 30cm Steckling gekauft. Alles in allem bin ich zufrieden.

    T. M.

    Superb delivery time. Excellent customer service and all seeds germinated. Totally recommend.

    A. E.

    All of them germinated
    Perfect, every single seed sprouted.

    A. A.

    Sehr gutes Saatgut
    Habe sie in Sand erde gepflanzt und es sind alle gekeimt. Top

    M. G.

    Bien arrivées et fonctionnelles !!
    Les graines sont arrivées rapidement, et une fois semées elles ont germé relativement vite !

    Y. L.

    Prefekt und Top-Quali
    es wächst, super Anleitung, ich bin mehr als zufrieden. ich werde mich auch an die anderen seeds trauen. ich bin begeistert. wie gesagt aus guten Sachen wird auch ein Gutes endprodkut. Also nicht bei der erde und zubehör sparen, wer wie Perlen vor die Säue geworfen. Top

    S. R.

    San pedro
    De 20 semillas salieron 5 es correcto, estoy muy contenta

    E. B.

    ça pousse!
    3/4 germées. Merci beaucoup.

    M. M.

    San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 seeds
    Germinating outdoors at shadow,, a little more than 60% have germinated. Only time will say if it's 100% pachanoi or hybrid.

    M. S.

    Mal sehen wann die keimen
    Die samen sehen top aus, alle gesund und jetzt nur noch abwarten

    D. K.

    100% germination
    Excellent, graines semées en terrine plastique avec couvercle transparent type "mini-serre", deux semaines pus tard je suis maintenant papa de 13 "grand-père Huatchuma" Excellent, seeds sown in plastic terrine with transparent lid type "mini greenhouse", two weeks later I am now dad of 13 "grandfather Huatchuma" Never been disappointed by you, guys!

    J. D.

    Leuke cactussen voor een goeie prijs!

    K. W.

    Blije vader
    5 van de 20 zijn uitgekomen. Ik heb wellicht fouten gemaakt, maar toch 5! Blije vader van 5 baby pedro’s

    W. V.

    Une moyenne de 20% des graines qui germent
    Je ne connais pas le % moyen de graines capables de germer pour cette espece Une moyenne faible compensee par un paquet bien fourni Dommage que les frais de port soient si chers l'équipe est cool et a proposé un avoir ainsi que des frais d'envoi gratuit pour compenser une partie des graines n'ayant pas poussé, merci à eux

    L. O.

    Suppi gekeimt
    Die Samen haben sich nach 14 Tagen endlich gezeigt :) heute sind kleine grüne Noppen hervorgeleuchtet *-* gezählt hab ich sie noch nicht aber ich bin mega glücklich die anderen wo ich ausversehn Alkohol drübergesprüht hab die sind auch gekeimt sogar die wo man am meisten sieht 🤭 ich würd das niemanden empfehlen puren Alkohol über die Samen zu sprühen.... Hab sie auch ein bisschen an der frischen Luft stehen lassen bevor ich das wasser zum einsprühen drüber gemacht hab. Und bei mir war es anfangs auch nur 17°C das für 10 Tagen bis meine heizmatte da war.... Aber sie haben es alle gut gemacht :3

    E. G.

    Very good quality

    M. P.

    ottimi semi
    Ottima confezione di semi, molto professionale. Come in altri casi, non si può giudicare molto la qualità, perché sono piante a germinazione molto lenta e ci vuole tempo prima di capire quanto sia andata a buon fine la semina. Sono piante abbastanza facili e la semina non richiede accorgimenti speciali.

    S. M.


    L. M.

    Cute baby cacti
    I currently have 8 baby cacti and I'm patiently waiting for them to grow. Very happy with the product and service!

    S. S.

    aussitôt reçu aussitôt mis en terre sur 100 graine , 81 on germais, accompagner de 3 lune de culture et d un micro soleil super départ 1 graine a germais en 6 petite pousse .

    B. B.

    16/20 Gekiemd
    Eerste zaadje na enkele dagen gekiemd. 3 weken later zijn het 16/20 zaadjes geworden. Prijs is oké.

    W. V.

    Bon produit
    J'ai fait pousser uniquement 3 graines pour le moment les 3 en germé et mon fais de petit cactus, c'est pas bien compliqué je conseille ce produit

    R. D.

    nati velocemente, li consiglio

    D. D.

    Top Saatgut!
    100% Keimquote bisher! Innerhalb von 10-15 Tagen 5/5 aufgegangen zu kleinen mini-pedros

    N. G.

    Top seeds
    which are easy to grow using the instructions at this site.

    E. G.

    Top Qualität
    Habe sie vor 10 Tagen gepflanzt (unter led-beläuchtung und Anzuchterde für Kakteen). Bis jetzt sind 80% gekeimt.

    M. S.

    They are very sweet
    All the seeds grew perfectly and look beautiful Still Very patient on them Thanx

    S. A.

    will be back
    fast delivery, quality product

    W. D.

    Got 7 Cacti
    Sowed them and kept humidity high with a Ziplock bag. 7 out of 20 seeds germinated.

    N. D.

    They are already start to growing , almost all the 20.... they are as like smaller green peas... :)

    A. S.

    8 sur 10
    Sly. Même façon que pour les peyotl dans un petit verre d'eau tiède à 25 degrés 8 sur 10 ont germé en une semaine en changeant l'eau tout les 2 jours (eau mineral en bouteille) planter avec une pince à épiler délicatement avec un mélange maison. D'ailleurs je vais pas tarder à fignoler un autre substrat pour les laisser tranquille une bonne année... graines de bonne qualité avec sachet hermétique à la lumière et au changement d'humilité. Bientôt 3 mois aujourd'hui ! Merci Zamnésia

    S. R.

    Hey-ho Pedro
    Two weeks in from planting, about half the seeds have germinated. Looking forward to following them. Using the cactus grow guide on the website.

    S. H.

    Am very happy with the results had 100% germination rate.

    M. T.

    San Pedro
    Super gekeimt und wachsen schön vor sich hin auf meiner Fensterbanck.

    L. G.

    Sind gekeimt und wachsen.

    T. F.

    As always with this kind of products

    M. B.

    Good ratio
    Timely delivery, well packed. 15 out of 20 seeds germinated. Mineral water spray over a mix of perlite and sterilized cactus earth, closed with wrapping food plastic, they germinated inside home in February. First came after 8 days, 15 days for the latest. JM

    J. M.

    attenti alla semina
    inizialmente non è spuntato nulla per settimane e allora ho ripescato i semi (una faticaccia) dal terreno e sono riuscito a recuperarne 7, di questi con un nuovo terreno piu adatto ne sono spuntati 4. tutto sommato sono sicuro che se fin da subito avessi scelto con cura il terreno avrei avuto risultati migliori

    E. R.

    san pedro seeds
    semi arrivati in buone condizioni, imballaggio professionale e ben curato, li pianterò a breve

    A. S.

    Bien reçus
    Bien emballé, discret et bien reçus.

    C. E.

    Pyote cactus zaden en San pedro cactus zaden
    De zaden ontkiemen niet, staan warm en licht en ik houd de (cactus) aarde vochtig Ik heb ze al enkele weken staan.

    S. B.

    Facile coltivazione
    Un quarto dei semi è germogliato. Crescita rapida e cactus sani. Consigliato

    M. Z.

    Bad Germ rate
    1/20 and 7/20. But price is good and the product is delivered.

    N. L.

    5 stelle
    Ho acquistato questi semi ad esclusivo scopo di collezionare diverse varietà, ma non l'ho piantati, quindi non posso dare una recensione sulla pianta o sull'efficacia dei semi, ma ci tenevo comunque a mettere 5 stelle. Metto 5 stelle perché il design mi è piaciuto molto. La scelta del cartoncino marrone, molto naturale. In più la bustina è sigillabile per via della chiusura (simile a quella delle buste dei formaggi nei banchi frigo), ottima.

    S. V.

    Les graines on bien germée en 1 semaine pour les plus rapide, un peu plus de deux semaines pour les plus lentes

    K. N.

    3 of 20
    only 3 made it and i did it with a proffesional, but anyways for 4,95€ worth it :)

    N. G.

    Very low germination rate
    After 2 dry / wet cycles i only had 2 out of 20 germinating even in perfect conditions . I think these are very old seeds.

    G. V.

    Germination OK
    Protocole adopté : Substrat de surface : 1/3 terre végétale tamisée, 1/3 terreau horticole acide (pH 6) tamisé, 1/3 sable + qq graviers pour drainage. Fond : terreau horticole + graviers. Graines disposées assez proches les unes des autres pour faciliter l'activation des phéromones, graines posées à la surface du substrat, arrosage par le dessous, 25°, lumière artificielle 16h/j, pas de lumière directe du soleil, emballage sous cellophane pour garder l'humidité et faire une mini-serre. Résultat : 15/20, les plantules ont 1 mois, j'attends entre 6 mois et 1 an pour rempoter PS : J'ai oublié de stériliser la terre ça a marché quand même ... PSS : C'est la 1e fois que je fais pousser des cactus.

    A. C.

    5 graines germées en 1 semaine.

    J. C.

    Be patient
    I follow the instruction of San Pedro Mastery and I have germinated 3 seeds. Actually In 2/3 months are still really little, be patient"

    S. G.

    Didn't manage to grow yet
    I tried but I think after looking for instructions videos maybe I got the conditions wrong. So I will try again with better prepping.

    S. R.

    un début prometteur
    un peu moins de la moitié en germination mais j'ai pas planté toutes les graines

    B. O.

    nothing has sprouted
    Sadly nothing has sprouted... I have the right substrate, heating pad, sprouting box, i used room temperature water ... It has been 1 month that i am watching them. At some point one seems to sprout but nothing. I don't know... Same thing happen to the peyote seeds started at the same time...

    B. L.

    buenas condiciones
    buenas condiciones

    A. R.

    A bit unreliable
    I bought this seeds months ago and none came out (this time could've been my bad). Bought again at the end of summer and some did come out, 3 or so. The rest of the pots did nothing, yet weeks and weeks later some more green bits started showing. This time I had followed the instructions on the website strictly. I think the instructions are just a bit vague and don't specify some probably important factors (how much ventilation they need, specific temperature, etc). I now have 10 out of the total 20 seeds, they take much longer than stated.

    P. A.

    In der richtigen Jahreszeit einer der besten Samen !

    J. M.

    sav parfait
    pas encore testé mais service client génial

    N. A.

    ca marche
    7 ont germées

    M. B.

    Decent results
    I had around 50% germination rate at a steady 25C in moist cacti soil. Marginally higher germination rate than seed bought elsewhere (2-3 plants) in the same conditions.

    P. D.

    Good stuff
    Most of the seeds germinated, now I just gotta wait a couple years to collect the fruits of my labor. THANKS Zamnesia!

    C. G.

    High germination!!
    17/20 germinated!!

    M. H.

    A good germination rate
    I planted 17 seeds and only two didn't germinate. They germinated pretty quickly and my seedlings are looking healthy. I didn't plant them in the best condition so I was happy when I saw that alsmost all of them germinated.

    C. P.

    Super fast to germinate
    So I did a little test between eBay, and Zamnesia. 100 from eBay, 100 from here. For one, the seed from eBay did not look like these seeds, they are too shiny. Most likely fake. As I found out most are... USA sellers especially! Secondly I’ve been germinating the eBay seed for a month prior to getting the zamnesia seed. The eBay ones, took SO long to germinate. I had them in optimum conditions, sterile containers, heat mat, 100W grow light but not under full beam. Then my zamnesia experiment started. 8 days in and I can see two multiple germinations already. These ‘usually’ take two weeks to germinate, so I’m already impressed with the quality of the seed. These seedlings are healthier looking I should add, as the others look poor by comparison. No doubt the San Pedro products from zamnesia are the way to go

    J. F.

    sin exito
    no he conseguido que salgan.....tendre que informarme mejor de como hacerlo!

    S. L.

    The best cactii in Zamnesia
    Fra San pedro, Peyote e Torcia Peruviana questi sono i semi migliori. In una piccola serra in plastica ho piantato i semi e 16 sono germinati. C'erano tre semi rotti. Terriccio per piante grasse 50% perlite 50%.

    M. L.

    good germination rate
    almost all of my seeds germinated (18 of 20), far better rate than the Peyote

    F. #.

    Growing nicely
    Planted a couple of them in regular garden soil a few weeks ago. The little cacti are slowly growing along just fine so far.

    B. S.

    Not bad
    Sown the seeds using the instructions, used 10 and only 1 has sprouted, I believe this is my fault though as it is the wrong time of year and I may have buried the seeds too deep in the cactus soil. I imagine this takes a bit of trial and error testing to get right but they are what they say on the tin!

    R. H.

    Es wird grün
    Ein kleiner von 7 ist aufgegangen

    L. K.

    Not succesfull
    I das not lucky... Nothing grew from my purchase My fault probable..

    P. G.

    Very happy
    More than half of the seeds have germinated, quick & easy delivery too.

    S. M.

    Amazing seeds
    18 seeds out of 20 grew in 8 days! Sown 29/05/2019 in the evening the shoots appeared on 06/06/2019 in the morning! I put over 8h over the internet box (temperature 27 to 28 degrees from the ground) then set to 23 degrees at low light (west room), the 7th day in direct sunlight strong west, temperature rise to 30 degrees, removed after about 2 hours of abundant light, they are out the next day! I watered the seedlings with 1/2 spoon of magnesium sulphate mixed with a small 1cm ball of soy lecithin (fungicide and high phosphorus) in 100 ml of water. The 14/06/2019 2 news are out! Keep the cacti in a clear plastic for 2 to 5 months for moisture. 20/20, thanks Zamnesia.

    Y. G.

    Good seeds, some of them already sprouted.

    P. T.

    Correct delivery
    It´s too early to start with germination due to low temperature this March, so info about it will come later...that´s why only 4 stars.The pack arrived in 1 week time, very discrete packing, everything was correct. I am happy with the customer support of this page.

    A. G.
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San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 seeds
San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 seeds