Peyote with Pups (Lophophora williamsii)


Mainly for the collector and connoisseur, our Peyote with Pups is a much rarer form of the illustrious peyote cactus. Originally found in desserts of Mexico, these psychoactive cacti have a historic reputation for their spiritual and religious use. If you are in looking to obtain a psychoactive plant that is a bit more unusual, then our Peyote with Pups may be for you.

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Peyote with Pups: A special breed of peyote that has the collector in mind

Natively called Peyotl, this psychoactive cactus first hailed from the dry regions of Mexico. It was always traditional used for religious purposes, allowing the user to become closer to god through spiritual visions. It is considered to be the first cause for a “war on drugs”, waged by Spanish Conquistadors. The Spanish empire was notorious for forcing its religious beliefs on those who came under their subjugation, and it was no different for the people of what is now Mexico. The Spanish saw the use of Peyote as a heretical act in the worship of false Gods - peyote itself is considered to be the living god El Mescalito. As a result, peyote was outlawed and driven from mainstream use.

Our Peyote with Pups is a special breed. Instead of having the one traditional growth, this rarer, collectors version of peyote grows with numerous pups, allowing for even bigger harvests. Peyote is quite a small cactus in stature; it grows low above soil level when compared to more traditional cacti, with the majority of the peyote cactus growing underground as a large tap root.

They are extremely slow growing, taking up to 3 years to go from seed to a mature adult plant. This, in conjunction with over harvesting and the increasing use of land for ranching, has seen a decline in the amount of peyote growing wild – to the point where it is now an endangered species.

The re-emergence of peyote and our Peyote with Pups is largely down to establishment of the Native American Church in the 90's. As peyote is central to their religious practices, they have been given legal protection to use it. This has seen a keen niche interest build in the area, with experienced psychoactive drug users wanting to collect and experience it for themselves. If you fancy yourself a peyote fan, then obtaining this unusual specimen may be right up your street.

Active Ingredients

Just like the classic peyote, the ingredient you will be mainly interested in with our Peyote with Pups is the potent entheogen mescaline. When taken fresh, peyote with pups will have a 0.4% content; if dried you can expect this content level to increase to 3-6%.

Harvesting and Dosage

The pups of the cactus will develop disc shaped “buttons”. These buttons can be sliced off and be administered either fresh, dried or in a tea form. The most common way to take peyote is to take 4 to 12 of these buttons and then cut and chew them. This releases the active ingredients.

You should make these cuts just above soil level, this will allow the discs to regrow. You can also re-root your cactus by planting it in sandy soil similar to that you would find it in growing in the wild. By watering it regularly and letting it dry out in between each soaking, you can stimulate new root growth.

How To Dose Mescaline Cacti Properly

Warning and Disclaimer

Peyote is extremely foul tasting and can cause extreme nausea from the get go. You will need to power on through this and last long enough for the psychoactive effects to take place. Try not to eat anything for 6 hours prior to doing this, it will help keep the juices down, and the longer you can keep it down the more mescaline you will be able to absorb. Once the effects have taken place you will feel a large increase in your heart rate and become very sweaty – remain calm, this is a normal side effect of mescaline.

As with any strong psychoactive, make sure you are playing it safe, especially if it is your first time. Take it in a comfortable and safe surrounding, with someone you know to watch over. We do not take any responsibility for the adverse effects you may feel or the results of a bad trip. Peyote is very strong and should be treated with the respect it deserves. As we have said, our Peyote with Pups is something quite special, and is mainly for the connoisseur and experienced psychoactive users.

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Reviews (37)

    Un grand plaisir de voir ce magnifique être big up l'équipe pour l'amour que vous lui avez donné


    I received a beautiful Peyote, it’s was even bigger and had more pups than I expected. Thank you Zamnesia, you always deliver 110%


    Ho acquistato la taglia più grande. Spedizione rapida e imballaggio perfetto. Un cactus già maturo al centro più una decina di medie dimensioni. Tutto attorno polloni più piccoli per un totale di circa un ottantina di peyote. Tutto in condizioni perfette!


    Trop beau spécimen, plus de 70 têtes de peyotl en 1, en fleur un mois après réception! Après trois mois d’attente de retour en stock, je suis Heureux!!!! Merci!


    Très mignon
    Cela fait 1 mois que je l'ai et il est au top! J'ai hâte de goûter cette merveille mystérieuse histoire de voyager loin loin loin


    Recibí los peyotes en perfecto estado. Muy bonitos y floreciendo. Contento con la compra


    Really good
    I received it in perfect conditions. When I transplant them some of the bulbs got sick and spoiled, so sadly I had to cut them. But shortly after a big amount of new bulbs had grown and seem super health!!


    Great specimen
    Exceeded my expectation, beautiful peyote, rooted quickly and seems healthy. Unlike one that I bought from another vendor that died, the one from Zamnesia is already showing new growth. Very good quality products


    Very good support
    Mine was damaged during shipping and I have been offered a new undamaged one by Zamnesia. Excellent customer support.


    spero resista al mio appetito ...è veramente una gioia per gli occhi !!!

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Peyote with Pups (Lophophora williamsii)
Peyote with Pups (Lophophora williamsii)
Peyote with Pups (Lophophora williamsii)
Peyote with Pups (Lophophora williamsii)