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Effects of Mescaline Cacti

The main active substance of all mescaline cacti is mescaline itself. Therefore it is a mescaline experience one would expect after consumption of such cacti. However, the pure, synthetically produced drug can not induce such a rounded experience as the mix of substances in the cactus plants. Say: It is a different experience. There is a common denominator, but the experience in its totality is a more perfect one, when caused by the cactus.

The effect of mescaline cacti sets in about 30 to 120 minutes after ingestion of the material. Initially, at the beginning of the effects of mescaline cacti, many psychonauts report about a violent nausea, often escalating into vomiting orgies. In the sense of the American Indian the experimentee herewith cleans his body - and so to speak brings forward the hangover of the next day. Thus he can begin his visionary journey completely clean. Depending on the dosage, the psychonaut will experience an journey to the inner of himself, a journey through the universe, a trip to the gods. In the correct dosage Mescaline produces colored hallucinations just like a classic tryptamine entheogen. However, the whole experience is rather permeated with emotional characterization. For some, the experience is rather similar to a dreamlike level. But these are nuances only the experienced psychonaut can make. The effects of the mescaline cactus last, depending on the variety and specimen, for 4-9 hours before they are completely worn off.

Generally one can say that mescaline acts somewhat like psilocybin and LSD-25. At lower doses, about 50 to 150 milligrams of mescaline, mescaline cacti have a stimulating effect, drive-enhancing, even performance-enhancing. A certain analogy of mescaline with the amphetamine derivatives, which are chemically so closely related, is revealed here.

In addition, many mescaline cacti in the indigenous folk medicine apply as medicinal plants that have various medicinal qualities and as for example, help in case of fever, pain and poisoning.


Mescaline Cacti