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To prepare mescaline cacti, it is essential to know the concentration of active compounds of each plant to be processed. If that is not the case, it must be assumed by scientific averages and one has to start at a low dosage of plant material and gradually work his way up to the correct dose.

Mescaline cacti are prepared quite simply. Generally, it is recommended to prepare dried cactus flesh. Cacti, which can be easily cleaned from thorns or are thorn-less, but can also be eaten fresh, like Peyote. Simply cut, bite, chew, swallow. If you can tolerate the bad taste, not minting a gag reflex.

We are using the dry material as it contains more active ingredients and is easier to handle. There are various possibilities. In general: A cactus intended for consumption should be cleaned from thorns and possibly dried in the sun, respectively air. Drying operations in the oven or on a radiator go hand in hand with a reasonable loss of active substances. Large specimen, such as massive columnar cacti like San Pedro, should be peeled. Usually there is a good concentration of mescaline in the bark of the plant. Therefore, the skin of the plant should also be dried. Then the cactus body are cut into pieces. Into slices, strips or buttons, depending on what is recommended. In this state, the cactus flesh can be dried well. After drying, the material is comminuted, in the ideal case processed to a powder. The finer the powder finally is, the better the contained mescaline is absorbed by the body later. This powder is the end product already. It can be put in drinks or food or choked down pure. But beware! Cactus powder tastes bitter and terribly nasty. Some psychonauts fill 1gram capsules with cactus powder. That's a good idea because then the flavor is not disturbing and at the same time, be metered well.

Another method of preparation is boiling of the plant material in water. A shot of an acid improves the extraction process. The decoction is the thickened one to several times and finally concentrated to a kind of mescaline syrup.



Mescaline Cacti