Now It's Official: Vaporizers 'Deliver Safe, Reliable Doses Of Cannabinoids'
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Now It's Official: Vaporizers 'Deliver Safe, Reliable Doses Of Cannabinoids'

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You can rest easy in the knowledge that there is another piece of scientific research claiming vaporizing weed is one of the safest ways to use it.

Humans have been vaporizing herbs and other botanicals for as long as history has been recorded, with cultures both old and new harnessing the practice. Yet, despite this, a surprisingly large amount of people are unaware of vaporizing, and the many benefits it holds over smoking – especially when it comes to cannabis. This is a trend that is slowly changing, though. The advance of technology has allowed for the production of portable electronic vaporizers, making them much more popular with weed enthusiasts in recent years. As they gain popularity, it comes as no surprise that there is an increasing number of scientists wanting to determine just how safe they are to use. The most recent study says they are not only safe but also reliable.

It is news that isn’t exactly going to shock those who have done their homework on vaporizing, but for those who have never tried it, or were unsure, it may help shed a bit of light on the issue.

The study in question was recently published in the journal PLOS ONE by Swiss researchers. In it, the focus was on testing a range of vaporizers and how well they vaporized weed (in terms of THC and CBD release).

It was concluded that the use of an electronic vaporizer – especially one with precise temperature control – was relatively safe and offered uniform dosing. The researchers also stated that electronic vaporizers could be considered as a “promising application mode for the safe and efficient administration of medical cannabis.”

Conversely, they found gas powered vaporizers to be unreliable in nature and quality.

This is backed up by previous clinical trials that found vaporizing marijuana not only delivered a higher concentration of THC when compared to smoking, but also did not result in the toxic gasses encountered when smoking (combusting cannabis).


So what is the difference between smoking and vaporizing cannabis? For those not in the know about them, they probably look quite similar in practice, with vaporizing maybe looking a little more ridiculous. However, there are some very real and significant differences. The main of which is the way cannabinoids like THC and CBD are extracted from the plant. Vaporizers work to heat up cannabis to the point where the various cannabinoids boil and evaporate out of the plant in a vapour, without actually causing any combustion. Smoking, on the other hand, burns the cannabis, destroying much of the content and creating toxic and carcinogenic compounds from the plant matter. The resulting difference is a clean and safe vapour full of cannabinoids compared to a dirty, toxic smoke with a lesser cannabinoid content.

So as you can see, it is largely agreed that vaporizing your weed is much safer than smoking it. Although not necessarily with regards to weed, it is a sentiment also held by tobacco smokers, with nicotine vaporizers surging in popularity recently – to the point where some governments have said it is a healthier alternative to smoking.

If you are interesting in finding out more about vaporizing, we have a wealth of information covering pretty much everything you need to know here. We have also put together a handy guide to help those looking for a vaporizer find the right one to suit their needs. So get out there and get vaping!

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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