Tobacco Alternatives For Spliffs
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Top 10 Tobacco Alternatives For Spliffs

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Tobacco helps spliffs to burn evenly and slowly, but the high nicotine content can cause users to become overstimulated. Why not explore the vast world of herbs for a fitting alternative? The 10 plants below boast a host of unique benefits that tobacco cannot provide. Enjoy psychoactive effects, earthy flavours, and an even burn.

Looking to kick your tobacco habit? Luckily, there are many fascinating herbs you can substitute it with. Sure, you can smoke pure cannabis, but adding herbs to your spliffs will help to stretch out your stash and provide unique effects. Check out the top 10 tobacco substitutes below. Discover how they taste, what their effects are, and why we love them—plus, what we dislike about them.



Flavour Gentle, woody, earthy, sweet
Effect Relaxing, comforting, clear-headed
Burn quality Fast but even
Price per gram €0,25
Weight per unit 20 grams

What we like about chamomile

As one of the sweetest tobacco substitutes available, chamomile tastes quite pleasant. The honey-like flavour complements the terpene profile of any strain, especially the more fruity varieties. This pretty herb also burns well. Your spliffs will smoulder evenly all the way down.

What we don’t like about chamomile

Although chamomile provides a relaxing and comforting effect, it doesn’t hit very hard. The subtle effects will chill you out, but don’t expect anything too sensational. Blend them with a strong indica variety if you’re looking for something to blaze before bed.



Flavour Citrusy, fruity, earthy, bitter
Effect Light, subtle, relaxing
Burn quality Slow, sometimes uneven
Price per gram €0,25
Weight per unit 20 grams

What we like about hops

If you’re a fan of IPAs, you’ll love the taste of hops in your spliffs. These oily flowers are loaded with aromatic terpenes that taste pleasant and exert notable effects. For example, a high concentration of the terpene myrcene adds a somewhat stoning sensation.

What we don’t like about hops

Despite their great taste, hops are a little harsh; their high oil content can irritate the throat. The thick resin produced by hops also makes them burn quite slowly. While many smokers like this attribute, it can cause an uneven burn when smoking overly dried cannabis, which burns much quicker. Make sure to grind and mix both herbs evenly.



Flavour Minty, refreshing, sweet, floral
Effect Relaxing, relieves tension, dreamy
Burn quality Fast burn
Price per gram €0,09
Weight per unit 80 grams

What we like about catnip

Catnip ranks as one of the tastiest herbs on this list. Notes of mint and sweetness taste fantastic, especially when mixed with an earthy or fruity cannabis variety. The refreshing minty taste simultaneously contrasts and complements the relaxing and dreamy effects of the herb.

What we don’t like about catnip

Catnip burns fast. If you pack your spliff too loose, you’ll end up with chunks of unburnt cannabis dropping out of the end. To properly enjoy the taste of this herb, you need to grind it down and pack your spliffs densely.



Flavour Woody, earthy, sweet, sour
Effect Pulls the mind into the present, grounding
Burn quality Steady burn
Price per gram €0,10
Weight per unit 80 grams

What we like about passionflower

Passionflower ticks all of the boxes as a good tobacco substitute. It burns evenly and steadily, making every spliff a pleasure to smoke. The complex tastes of earthiness, sweetness, and sourness light up the taste buds, but they don’t drown out the cannabis terpenes either. The relaxing effect of this herb synergises with the cannabis high to produce a euphoric and dreamy state of mind.

What we don’t like about passionflower

Sometimes, passionflower hits a bit too hard. There’s a time and a place for this sleepy plant. Reserve these flowers for relaxing afternoons and evenings when you have nothing else planned. We don’t recommend using passionflower as part of a wake and bake if you want to feel energised during the day.

Wild dagga

Wild dagga

Flavour Sweet, bitter, floral
Effect Mildly psychoactive, euphoric
Burn quality Slow, uneven
Price per gram €1,39
Weight per unit 5 grams

What we like about wild dagga

Wild dagga brings something entirely different to the table. Native to Southern Africa, this member of the mint family contains phytochemicals that impart a mild psychoactive effect, soothing the mind but energising the body. This herb subtly slows down thoughts, brightens colours, and amplifies sounds.

What we don’t like about wild dagga

While wild dagga shines as a psychoactive additive, it disappoints in the flavour department. Many users are turned off by the harsh, bitter taste. If you want to experience the mind-altering kick this herb has to offer, blend it with the tastiest cannabis strain you can get your hands on to take the edge off.

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White lotus

White lotus

Flavour Earthy, musky
Effect Mildly psychoactive, dreamy
Burn quality Rapid, uneven if packed loose
Price per gram €0,33
Weight per unit 20 grams

What we like about white lotus

White lotus contains an alkaloid known as aporphine, a psychoactive molecule that binds to dopamine receptors. Sprinkling this herb into your spliff will add an element of intensity. Enjoy feelings of stimulation and euphoria alongside your cannabis high with this uplifting plant.

What we don’t like about white lotus

The musky notes of white lotus don’t merge well with some terpene profiles, which can impact the flavour of otherwise scrumptious strains. We also don’t recommend using white lily willy-nilly. Save your stash for the appropriate setting. This isn’t a herb to blaze with your weed on the way to work.

Blue lotus

Blue lotus

Flavour Sharp, bitter, earthy
Effect Euphoria, trippy, possible hallucinations
Burn quality Even, medium speed
Price per gram €0,80
Weight per unit 10 grams

What we like about blue lotus

Blue lotus sends pulses of euphoria throughout the central nervous system. This herb will transform your sessions when used in the right way. Roll up some blue lotus at small gatherings or sessions with your buddies to get on a deeper level and enjoy some mind-rattling conversations.

What we don’t like about blue lotus

If you have a particularly sweet tooth, you might find the bitterness hard to handle. Pair it with a sweet and fruity cannabis cultivar, or even a sprinkle of chamomile, to neutralise its potent flavours.



Flavour Spicy, peppery
Effect Chilled, with a mild buzz
Burn quality Slow and even
Price per gram €0,11
Weight per unit 80 grams

What we like about damiana

Damiana gets people in the mood for action, soothing the body and catalysing a mild buzz in the brain. The plant inspires creativity and boosts the mood. Keep your instruments, notepads, and paintbrushes within arm's reach.

What we don’t like about damiana

We actually enjoy the spicy and peppery flavour profile that damiana offers. However, we realise some users won’t enjoy this trait. If you enjoy spicy flavours, tuck in! If not, we suggest settling for a tamer tobacco alternative.

Yerba mate

Yerba mate

Flavour Bitter, leafy
Effect Gently stimulating
Burn quality Slow, uneven if not ground fine
Price per gram €0,06
Weight per unit 80 grams

What we like about yerba mate

People in South America have used this caffeine-rich herb for hundreds of years. It provides a noticeable but gentle jolt of energy. Sprinkle this plant into your spliff in the morning to get your mind and body into gear.

What we don’t like about yerba mate

Yerba mate leaves have a tendency to burn unevenly. You can sidestep this issue by grinding them up into uniform pieces before rolling a joint. However, if you’re in a rush, don’t expect the perfect spliff.



Flavour Mild, earthy
Effect Cognitive pick-me-up
Burn quality Medium speed, even
Price per gram €0,17
Weight per unit 50 grams

What we like about skullcap

A neutral flavour and subtle chilled effects make skullcap a great addition to a spliff, especially when you don’t want to take away from the effects of cannabis. Use the herb to fill out your joints and enjoy its mild cognitive effects without altering your normal smoking experience very much.

What we don’t like about skullcap

While some users appreciate this herb’s subtle taste and effects, others are left disappointed. This herb simply hangs out in the background and helps to bulk up spliffs without any obvious effects.

Get creative with your spliffs

Who said you need tobacco to enjoy a spliff? Blaze up without the overstimulation of nicotine with this selection of alternatives. To start, we recommend going low and slow so you can determine how each herb affects you. We also recommend mixing them with strains you're used to at first, so you can detect the unique effects of each herb in the mix. Over time, as you discover what works best for you, you can craft customised blends that merge the positive traits of multiple herbs.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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