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Being Out Of Space

What you have to know about tripping

Magic mushrooms are a powerful psychedelic drug. Many people count taking them among the most important experiences in their lives. Such things should not be done unplanned. You certainly don't want the trip take a wrong turn, right? By preparing yourself properly, you make it easier for mushrooms to work their magic and give you a pleasant and insightful trip. Below you will find our advices on what you should take into consideration while planning the trip to the bottom of your consciousness.

Getting ready

Among the most important factors, shaping the nature of the experience, is the environment in which you decide on taking mushrooms. Few people forget their first psychedelic trip, so make sure it is one worth remembering.

One basic rule says that the place should be a familiar one – you must feel safe and comfortable in it. Most people name home as their place of choice, and we especially recommend it to the newcomers. With some experience to the peculiar state of mind, you might think about going outside – this could definitely be beneficial to the trip, causing it to be more diverse and colourful. However, keep away from busy streets and crowded cities. Unfamiliar places and people might be unpleasant. Nature, with its comforting beauty and peace, works much better.


People were fascinated by visions since the beginning of history, and for a reason. The experience of seeing and hearing things that to not exist in the physical world is unique. Once you witness it on your own skin (or, to be precise, brain) you will easily understand how it made ancient civilisations believe that these were prophecies sent by one god or another.

The funny shapes and colours beyond imagination now have a scientific explanation. However convinced you might be during the trip, that your visions are real, that they might be the Truth itself, they are just a result of a flawed works of your senses. Smell, touch, vision – all get distorted by the psychoactive substance, causing misperceptions and illusions. Put simply, you will perceive something that does not exist. The same mechanism is responsible for non drug induced hallucinations – for instance during high fever. Those caused by mushrooms count as rather mild hallucinations. The visual signal that reaches your eyes get distorted, making the walls covered in fractal patterns and changing colours. If you are tripping in a familiar place (e.g. home), these will probably be pleasant and exceptionally interesting.

The intensity of a trip

You don't step into the same river twice. No two mushroom experiences are the same. The main variable is obviously the dose, but don't get mislead – taking the same dose twice doesn't have to mean the same intensity of a trip. Mushrooms are grown organically and as a natural product, they have natural variations. Despite our best efforts to ensure constant cultivation environment, the exact amount of psilocybin – the mushroom active compound – can vary from one batch to another. One thing you might be certain is that it will definitely be high enough to make you feel its magic.

The dose, even correcting for the psilocybin concentration, is not everything that matters, though. How the drug will affect you depends on a range of factors:

- The contents of your stomach – whether you eat the mushrooms just during your meal, before or after. Mushrooms work best if ingested on an empty stomach.

- Method of ingestion – if you decide to chew the shrooms, make sure you suck all the juices out of them before swallowing, as it will allow the active compound to be absorbed more easily.

- Freshness of mushrooms – eaten shortly after the harvest work best. To extend their life, best keep them in a closed container in a fridge. Opening the box if you don't intend to consume the contents is not advised, as letting the oxygen inside will reduce the mushrooms longevity.

- Taking sugar in any form (sweet snacks, fruits) can reduce and shorten the effect.

- Tolerance – some people over-react to psilocybin, while others have to eat handful of them to feel anything – all depends on the person.


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