'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit


Copelandia Hawaiian (Panaeolus cyanescens), a legendary mushroom among psychonauts. This is a species of magic mushroom with one of the highest concentrations of psilocybin (up to 5 times that of cubensis)—and has effects to match. Now you can order a growkit, coming with a substrate infused with the highest quality Copelandia Hawaiian mycelium, and grow your very own!

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Copelandia Hawaiian Grow Kit: One Of The World's Strongest Mushrooms

The Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom grow kit contains the mycelium to grow your own Panaeolus cyanescens—an exceptionally strong magic mushroom. Up to around 5 times stronger than a normal Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms, the Copelandia Hawaiian variety offers an experience like no other. The effects of Copelandia are powerfully visual. Some say they have a tropical edge—but you will have to find out for yourself! With the main trip lasting between 4 and 6 hours, get ready for a psychonautical voyage.

This Copelandia Hawaiian Grow Kit is 1200cc, making it fairly large. If all goes well, it should yield between 90–130 fresh grams. Whilst this is not as large as P. cubensis yields, for the serious mushroom lover, Copelandia Hawaiian cannot be missed. The sheer strength of these mushrooms is what makes them so incredible, and they are well worth trying. This yield should be spread across 2–3 flushes. Unlike P. cubensis grow kits, the substrate upon which Copelandia Hawaiian grow is horse dung, mirroring how they grow in the wild. Of course, this substrate comes fully colonised with Copelandia Hawaiian mycelium, just waiting to pin!

Also included is a comprehensive yet simple instruction manual that will give clear guidance for every step of the growing procedure. Some of the steps are slightly different to P. cubensis mushrooms, as Copelandia Hawaiian have different needs. So even if you’re an experienced grower, make sure you give them a thorough read.

Copelandia Manual

What you get:

  • 1 grow kit of fully colonised horse dung
  • 1 grow bag
  • 2 cups of topsoil
  • 1 paperclip
'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Copelandia
Strain Copelandia

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Reviews (107)

    It was alright, I guess
    The good thing about these ones is that you don't need a large amount, so out of the first flush, I got roughly 5 high doses. That being said, the flush didn't yield as many mushrooms as other grow kits I've bought and I was expecting strong effects, which I didn't get. Yes, there was some sensory enhancement, some 3D effects and some movement, but nothing mind-blowing.


    Kleine aber brutale Pilze
    Hallo also habe es ausprobiert muss sagen die Wirkung ist unvergleichbar und hatte ca 7g trocken nach drei Durchgängen was nicht viel ist aber man sollte sie mal probieren


    Copelandia Hawaiian
    unfortunately it arrived very dry, I contacted the assistance and they immediately provided me with 2 choices a new kit or a voucher equal to the price of the kit and free shipping Zamnesia is the best


    Kit copelandia


    Je suis mitigé
    C’est mon 2em kit et premier kit arrive contaminé, et le second très peu de rendement


    kein Wachstum
    Habe zur selben Zeit auch cubensis gezogen. Gleichzeitig gefruchtet, aber beim Copelandia wurden die Fruchtkörper nicht größer als 2cm und waren auch nur sehr wenige. Sie fngen an Myzel zu produzieren und waren hinter kleine weiße Bälle. Bisher keine ernte gehabt, trotz konstanten 26°c, ausreichend Licht sowie Feuchtigkeit Ist jetzt knapp einen Monat her Kontaminationen sind nicht sichtbar


    No idea what i did right, but these grew twice as fast as my cubes.
    Grew these during the biggest heatwaves, so maybe that was a factor - got first flush after week and half; lower quantity, about 1,5 g dry, which is for about 2 average trips. Anyways, these were much stronger than cubes and provided an incredible experience


    Blue Hawaiian copelandia kit
    The kit came in good condition. The kit produced as described however it produced very little, also the claimed strength of 3x 4x times stronger than cubensis is incorrect information and no where did I find any information to support this claim. Over priced but it's the only way to secure a proper spore print. 5/10


    Attention la canicule
    J'ai recu un kit qui avait parfaitement commencé à pousser. Malheureuseement, la canicule est arrivée, et je n'ai pas réussi à maintenir la températureassez basse (asperger de l'eau fraiche sur l'extérieur des parois suffit pour baisser la température interne du sac). Autre difficulté : le taux d'humidité à commencé à chuter rapidement tous les deux jours en fin de matinée. Si vous ne pouvez pas surveiller humidité et température tout au long de la journée, danger. J'ai continué d'espérer la reprise du champignon, mais rien. Poubelle, dommage... La moyenne, car sans la canicule, c'était très bien parti.


    Siempre los he usado siguiendo las instrucciones exactas, pero en este kit no ha crecido nada y sólo apareció una sustancia negra y blanca muy parecida a la contaminación. He pedido una devolución y me han enviado un cheque con el mismo valor del kit para seguir comprando productos. Bastante insatisfecho porque he tenido que esperar más de 1 mes para encontrar solución y no he podido cultivar los hongos que necesitaba.

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'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit
'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit