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Magic Mushrooms Are The Safest Drug

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After all this time, magic mushrooms are finally beginning to receive the acclaim they have always deserved. As the Global Drug Survey 2017 indicates, magic mushrooms pose the least threat of harm to consumers and even boasts a lot of medical promise.

Psychonauts rejoice! New research has deemed what we in the community have always known to be true: magic mushrooms are the safest recreational drug. Recorded in 2016 and released in 2017, the Global Drug Survey sampled over 120,000 human subjects living in more than 50 countries. The survey set out to discover the rates of emergency medical treatment required after consuming a wide range of recreational drugs from MDMA and LSD to alcohol.


By the conclusion of this survey, the evidence was clear that the potential harm of ingesting psychedelic mushrooms was vastly diminished compared to drugs like fellow psychedelic LSD and addictive stimulant cocaine. Reported rates of emergency medical treatment for these drugs were nearly five times higher than taking magic mushrooms.

Of the 12,000 subjects who ingested psychedelic mushrooms, only 0.2% required medical attention, whereas LSD subjects clocked in around a respectable 1%. Out of the entire survey, roughly 28,000 participants claimed to have taken magic mushrooms in their lifetime, with over Four-fifths of the samplers having experienced a psychedelic response of some kind.

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Magic mushrooms refer to a broad range of psychedelic fungi that can be ingested to encourage visualisations and induce a temporary state of altered reality. The components responsible for magic mushrooms’ psychotropic qualities are psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin - compounds present in over 100 different species of mushrooms.

The experience of taking magic mushrooms varies on several criteria including type, amount, and setting. Many individuals who report taking magic mushrooms recall varying levels of visualisations, a deep connection to nature and feelings of euphoria or enlightenment. With that said, two individuals can take the same dose of the same type of mushroom in the same setting and have completely different experiences.

Historically, magic mushrooms have been utilized in ceremonial rites and cultural practices since long before the written word. Still today, mushrooms offer individuals and communities a chance to experience a heightened state of reality under safe circumstances.


Unlike many recreational drugs, magic mushrooms are 100 percent natural. While some subjects report feelings of nausea after ingesting mushrooms, death from toxicity is a non-issue. Every trip is different, but one thing you can be sure of is that it’s nearly impossible to overdose on magic mushrooms. This is why it is best to take psychedelics under calm and confident circumstances to maximize the possibility of a fulfilling trip.

In fact, there is much more of a threat in consuming other types of non-psychedelic, poisonous fungi which sustain much more worrisome effects on subjects. As for magic mushrooms, the best protocol for new consumers is to start with a mild dose and be in the presence a sober trip-sitter who can guide you (or at very least provide you with comfort when needed).

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Safe Mushrooms

The dangers of magic mushrooms largely exist in the presence of other, more lethal drugs. When used in combination with substances like alcohol, the likelihood of self-injury is substantially higher. While worldwide cultures have begun to move past the stigma toward psychedelics, it’s important to be informed about the substance you are taking and to respect the safety of yourself and others during the trip. 

Some magic mushroom novices fear the notorious symptoms of paranoia and panic that have been known to accompany some trips. While it's true that feelings of psychological and emotional intensity occur when tripping on mushrooms, these feelings are not a sign of actual physical or mental harm; rather, they are mental manifestations created in the presence of a psychoactive drug. If you do happen to experience anxiety or panic while taking magic mushrooms, know that the feelings will disperse.


As echoed by a study led by Johns Hopkins’ Roland Griffiths, there have been substantial accounts of consumers who speak of “bad trips” which ultimately had positive outcomes or incited meaningful internal conversations.

For anyone considering taking psychedelic substances, it’s important to recognize that unlike some other drug classes, psychedelics can alter the way you perceive yourself and others. Mushrooms can stir up memories from the past and strike an emotional chord in some consumers that may scare them into thinking they are having a “bad trip.”


Aside from their obvious recreational functions, the psychedelic compounds in magic mushrooms also pose legitimate medical benefits. Recently, two studies have displayed that cancer patients with anxiety and depression experienced significant “spirit-lifting” effects after ingesting magic mushrooms. 

How can they help us?

Said outcomes lasted over two weeks in the patients, encouraging further research in the area by the medical community. Furthermore, ten supplementary remarks were made by renowned psychiatrists supporting the continued study of psilocybin in treating psychological disorders.

Magic mushrooms can help encourage a more honest conversation within ourselves and interpersonally with others. Altered states of reality allow you to expand your consciousness in a way that can be positively applied to your daily life.


While the results of the Global Drug Survey give magic mushrooms a much-needed media makeover, there is still a lot of work to be done in broadening recreational acceptance and medical use of these substances around the world. Many countries throughout Europe, North America and the rest of the globe still prohibit the sale of magic mushrooms, even as more studies like the aforementioned are released.

In addition to their findings on mushrooms, the Global Drug Survey found cannabis to be the second safest recreational drug, with only 0.6% of the large sample group seeking emergency medical attention after consumption. This is indicative of the vast capabilities and “intrinsic safety” of naturally psychedelic substances like magic mushrooms and cannabis.


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