What Is Mycelium?
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What Is Mycelium?

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Mycelium is a word often heard but rarely explained. We demystify this highly important part of the mushroom's anatomy. Grow fresh psychedelic mushrooms at home with easy-to-use cultivation kits. It just takes patience and a little research to successfully cultivate.

Mystery surrounds the simple mushroom because of the fungi’s ability to simply improve a salad, bring on a psychedelic trip, or even initiate death upon the unsuspecting. This mystery means individuals should question ingesting any mushrooms not purchased from a market.

There is no need to be confounded by the complex nature of this organism. Understanding mushroom anatomy, and how mushrooms work in nature, takes out the mystery and turns it into marvellous.

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Magic Mushroom Anatomy: WHAT IS MYCELIUM?

The magic mushroom is a complex organism with various parts to its anatomy, each with their own function. Mycelium for example - what is it? When we speak of "100% Mycelium Grow Kits," what does that actually mean? Well, mycelium is the vegetative part of the magic mushroom, the part of the anatomy that performs the asexual reproduction of the fungus. It also functions as microfiltration, which absorbs nutrients, serving as an organic filter for soil and water in the environment.

The most basic way to understand the anatomy is identifying the mycelium as the roots of the plant and the mushroom parts as the buds and fruit.


How Does Mycelium Work?

The way mycelium absorbs nutrients from its environment is a two-stage process. It first secretes an enzyme into its food source. As the food is broken down into smaller, simpler parts, it is then absorbed into the mycelium. Throughout this process, fungus plays a vital part in regenerating soil through decomposition of organic matter.

The power of the mycelium filtration system is strong enough to extinguish pollutants from the ground. This is why fungus is used for environmental eco-repair projects and bioremediation. It is also beneficial to the soil by breaking down biomass, like decaying wood, into compost, providing nutrients that can be used by plants.

Some large scale environmental uses for mycelium:

  • Cleans oil spills and absorbs radiation
  • Filters water contaminants from water sources
  • Source for antibiotics
  • Assists in reforestation
  • Improves crop yields
  • Potential fuel source


How Mycelium Develops

When understanding the nature of mycelium, it helps to comprehend its growth patterns and how the fungus develops. Most magic mushrooms cluster in and on top of soil and a variety of other substrates.

The hyphae, which are the tubes that grow into the fungal food source, digest other organisms to get energy. They search out food like dead trees and insect carcasses, growing out to form threadlike networks. That total network is called the mycelium.

The mycelium branches out from an original fungal spore. This growth pattern takes advantage of multiple food sources, but when the nutrients have finished decomposing in the center, the middle of the circle gets converted. It ends up leaving the center bare, while mushrooms grow in a ring pattern around the space. The pattern has been called “fairy rings” and is said to serve as a passage to unearthly, magical realms.


Truffles (Sclerotia) And Mycelium

Sclerotium, a compact form of hardened mycelium developed in nature to survive extreme environments. In some cases, it even lays dormant until the right conditions are available for growth. It was thought initially that sclerotium was an original species, but later discovered to just be a stage of development in certain types of fungus.

Because sclerotium thrives in harsher conditions, it too can be used for environmental purposes like mycelium. It is also used for foods, and assists as a pest deterrent for crops. A number of the fungi have historically been used for their hallucinogenic properties.


Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

The benefits of mycelium can be observed in their habitats, which can be created inside your very household. Here are a number of products to easily and safely grow patches of mushrooms at home. Nurture your own little, delectable treats.

Zamnesia Grow Kit: This simple pack contains everything needed to harvest fresh magic mushrooms. It contains perlite, vermiculite, and a substrate that is populated with Psilocybe cubensis. There is also a filter bag, allowing for optimal growing conditions. Make every trip personal by using magic mushrooms grown at home.

Fresh Mushroom Grow Kit: Requiring only some water, care, and time, these prepared grow kits have a colonised substrate of magic mushrooms. Psychedelic fungus has never been easier to cultivate because Fresh Mushroom kits create perfect growing conditions. It even has its own manual to help beginner and experienced cultivators alike.

Supa Gro Grow Kit: Get this mycelium kit to grow magic mushrooms at home. These kits contain Psilocybe cubensis and 1.2 litres of mycelium. It guarantees a bounty of a harvest. Supa Gro has its own bag to create the best fungal growing environment. Water and time is all that is needed to have magic mushrooms at your fingertips.

Magic Truffle Cultivation: Grow magic truffles easily at home. This cultivation set includes three separate strains, so as to offer a variety for each trip. To make growing easier, one simply follows the instruction manual. It doesn’t take much to enjoy a personal psychedelic experience. Use patience and a touch of water.

Outdoor Cultivation: Grow outdoors, just like in nature! This set creates the best patch possible to cultivate and harvest the psychedelic mushroom, Psilocybe azurescens. Just peruse the instruction manual to develop the best potential factors for maximum harvest. Transform those outdoor spots that are laying bare into places of magic and beauty.

Magic Truffle Cultivation

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