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The Difference Between Set And Setting

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Tripping can either be an incredible, uplifting experience, or a complete downer. In order to prepare yourself for the best situation possible, it's important to understand the differences between "set" and "setting," as well as the necessary precautions to take for each.

Tripping on drugs like Peyote can go one of two ways. Either you'll have the time of your life, or it will seem as though you're stuck in a living nightmare. By preparing for the festivities, you can ensure that you’ll have a great experience and not a bad one. Of course, things like taking the proper dose and clearing up your schedule for the day can help. But the two most important factors are set and setting. In other words, choosing the right place, the right time, and the right state of mind and body.

In this article, you will learn not just the difference between set and setting, but also the precautions to take for each. The goal is always to achieve pleasure, not madness. If you want to make it through the journey to the spiritual realm successfully, then do read on. Happy tripping!


Set, in a nutshell, is the state you're in before your trip. However, it doesn't just pertain to your mental state, but also your physical condition. Believe it or not, your emotions and outlook on the world can control which way you will go during the voyage. For example, if you're stressed out and filled with negative energy, you will no doubt be traveling south - a place you do not want to go this time around.

Set And Setting: Set

Precautions To Take With Set

No psychedelic substance should ever be used when you are emotionally or physically distraught. If you are in a negative period of your life and decide to turn to drugs for an escape, then the odds will not work in your favour. Hallucinogens, especially psychedelics, force the user to face their problems, no matter how deep or how dark. So more than likely, you will experience increased anxiety and possibly even paranoia if you consume during especially trying times.

Also, if you have any pre-existing mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, it is highly recommended that you refrain from using such substances. Otherwise, you may face delusions and hallucinations that are far more extreme than what you're used to experiencing.

Precautions To Take With Set

To point out another important precaution, you should always let the substance do its thing. In other words, don't try to micro-manage the experience. Instead, just relax and remain calm. You know, go with the flow. No matter what, your thought process and motor skills are going to be affected. By accepting this fate and realising that tripping is ineffable and incomprehensible, especially in high doses, you’ll have a greater chance of experiencing a positive outcome.

As far as your physical condition goes, tripping when you're sick, injured, or even tired can potentially cause negative results. In fact, it will likely make you feel ten times as worse, being that psychedelics are known to increase the awareness of nerve endings throughout your body. Wait until you're feeling comfortable and well enough to partake.


You know what they say, there's a place for everything. And that's exactly what setting is - where you are when you begin your trip. Yet, it doesn't just involve the physical environment, but the social environment as well. Like set, setting can significantly influence the outcome of your experience, so choose wisely.

Set And Setting: Setting

Precautions To Take With Setting

First, you should make certain that you are free of responsibilities on the day of the trip and the day after as well. Even the easiest tasks can seem difficult while tripping, and having too much to do will just spoil the fun. Instead of working, you should be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Another thing to keep in mind are the people around you. While they may not seem bothersome at the time, there is a chance that they will bring on unwanted anxiety during the trip, especially if they aren't trustworthy, or don't approve of such activities.

If this is your first time experimenting with psychedelics, or you're still new to it all, then it would benefit you to have a trip sitter nearby. That way, you feel more calm, cool, and collected. But don't just choose anyone. They should be responsible, trustworthy, and sober.

Precautions To Take With Setting

Be sure to stay away from public places, or those that are potentially dangerous and unfamiliar. Also, avoid loud and messy environments. The quieter and cleaner the environment, the better.

Finally, surround yourself with positivity. For example, don't listen to hateful music or watch grotesque films. If you notice something is bothering you, then make changes as necessary. You may not be able to control how the adventure turns on, but you do have the power to get rid of bad vibes.


Written by: Brittney
A firm believer that cannabis can be a benefit to society, Brittney has enjoyed its subtleties for a long time. This love is reflected in her writing, which aims to inform, educate, and bring people together over a love of cannabis.

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