Magic Truffles Hollandia


The psilocybe Hollandia is one of our most powerful strains. These very strong nodules reach the full score on our 5 finger scale - this is the top of the charts. One pack of 15 grams is enough for two strong trips with - ideal for an experience with your most trusted buddy. You will share an undescribable feeling of euphoria, closeness and solidarity and creative thinking.

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Weight: 15 grams € 19,99
  • Weight: 15 grams € 19,99
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Magic Truffles Hollandia - With love from The Netherlands



The psilocybe Hollandia has a very strong effect - this is one of the two strains that made it to the full score on our 5 finger scale. With the Hollandia variety of magic truffles you will most likely experience hallucinations - if you dare to take enough. But even smaller doses will send waves through your body when the effect starts. Your senses are sharpened (your eyes could be overly sharp actually), creative thinking is at its full potential and a feeling of being one with nature can arise. The occurring effects greatly vary from person to person and can not be compared or predicted because they depend on many personal prepositions and environmental circumstances.


Good times with friends or the knowledge of ancient mystics at a glance with our easy-to-use dosage calculator.

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Note: All of our magic truffles are fresh and can be stored in a fridge for a maximum of two months. Once opened, use within two days.

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Reviews (1444)
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    Niet veel effect

    J. V.

    J'ai mange les 15g et j'ai pas eu des effets

    A. L.

    Super trip
    Une de me préféré après les vahalla, très bonne experience je recommande

    K. D.

    Rapide et efficace

    M. L.

    Pas d'effet
    J'ai testé plusieurs chose dans ma vie,LSD,champignon mais ça c'est vraiment nul,nul,nulvous aller juste perdre de l'argent.

    R. B.

    Cette fois c'est validé !
    Après un test des truffes Utopia non concluant pour 7,5gr consommé, cet essai aura été le bon ! Prise de 15gr/personne des truffes Hollandia, nous avons eu de nombreux effets visuels (motifs psychédélique ressemblant aux mosaïques présent en nord-Afrique, déformations des formes comme le plafond qui ondule, couleurs amplifiées et lumières très scientillantes) et la notion d'espace temps était complètement différente avec l'impression de vivre plusieurs heures dans pleins d'univers différents sur une plage horaire réelle de seulement quelques minutes. Prise des truffes par lemon tek très efficace et plutôt rapide en ayant été à jeun toute la journée, mal de ventre lors de la digestion tout de même.

    E. M.

    Satisfaction +++
    Zamnesia gives me new hope in customer service. Efficient, fast and always with relevant solutions and advice. This world lacks people who take their job to heart and for whom customer satisfaction is of real importance. Go with your eyes closed, the team is really top-notch ! MANY THANKS TO ALL Manon

    B. H.

    Salut à vs tous , avec Les champes UTOPIA le delire est pas mal et suffissament FORTE ASSEZ POUR DECOLLER, vraiment forte ,mes le fait d'avoir planer et o point de ne plus rien comprendre et bien mwa n'aime pas trop , alors ,je prend c truffes là , les penser sont distordue

    F. D.

    Great to dance
    Tried out a Lemon Tek with 15g. Didn't grind them properly though since there were still some small pieces left that I had to chew in the end. I also took only one lemon instead of 2-3... Honestly it was hard enough to get it down with one . 22:00: Ate a big handful of Cashews+ some chocolate to get rid of the taste after. It still took 20-30 minutes for the trip to reach full strength. This time I had prepared the Shaman CD ( music only) since Videos didn't work well before. Decided to dance and not lie down despite the heaviness and urge to rest under a warm blanket... Good decision. It was great to dance, as if I could just embody the melody perfectly. The scenery unfolded automatically by itself, even more so behind closed eyes. The nausea was there but could be suppressed by concentrating on the music. I also kept having chills, even when I started sweating... Feeling cold is somehow always there with the truffles, but it can be ignored. Every song was like its own world. After 4 songs it felt like hours had passed.... Then came my favorite, a very energetic one that always just makes me wanna jump to it - it was amazing: I really wanted to shout along, I could go all out and it was like my brain was gonna explode from happiness - put the song on repeat .. So it is possible to dance on shrooms after all - and it's really worth it. Even though I couldn't work away my back pain fully, it was a lot better the next day. When I decided to sit down, then lie down, I kept seeing the music for a while... Then I was several times startled by a new song beginning, when I finally realized I was falling asleep. It was only 0:40 a.m.. So I went to bed but tried to stay awake longer since the trip was still quite strong... But my energy level was totally at zero - No choice, I had to give up and sleep.

    C. R.

    Aucune hallucination, mais de nombreux fou rires, par contre il vaut mieux avoir deux sachets pour 2 personnes pour ressentir pleinement les effets

    J. B.
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Questions (1)
Benjoujou 2021-06-07 12:52:21

Les truffes sont fraîches ou séchées ?


Hi Benji, The truffles we sell are fresh indeed!

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Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
Magic Truffles Hollandia
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