Zamnesia Grow Kit 'McKennaii'


McKennaii is a very welcome addition to the ever growing collection of magic mushroom growkits offered on Zamnesia. What they lack in size the McKennaii compensates with in sheer numbers and strength. This will be a certain favourite with discerning mycelium fans.

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Small in stature but prolific and powerful the McKennaii hits all the right notes for the psilocybin fan

McKennaii, a grow-kit developed by Zamnesia, brings the whole universe to your doorstep. The strength of the compounds in this variety will blow your mind with visual treats and psychic maelstroms. If you are a novice grower and user go easy the first time. If you are an experienced traveller you will be buoyant and well satisfied.

Easy to grow and their fastest developing strain to date the McKennaii are not the biggest of mushroom, but they are prolific. Once consumed the small caps resembling a sea turtle shell will have you navigating the oceans of chaos with aplomb and wide-eyed joviality.

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'McKennaii' data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Zamnesia
Strain McKennaii

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Reviews (491)

    Terrance McKennai strain is a very colourful and intense mushroom. Probably one of the strongest Cubensis within Zamnesia. Since starting ordering kits from Zamnesia in 2014, this has been my general go to strain for both potency and general all round mushroom for pure joy and self reflection. Also very easy to grow. Amazing mushrooms amazing customer service.


    got 5 of those Zamnesia boxes - for me zamnesia provides great service - and they have a lot of great some amazing some good and some products not so good normally i buy the Fresh boxes - which over all are amazing Unfortunately there were sold out so i thought let's try this one cant be that different but i was soooo wrong --- i actually dont like anything about this boxes first you had to water them before ---ok ---not boxes fault 2 the vermiculture or whatever they put on the grain is horrible its is so tiny small - and not glued to mycelio spawn ---- so when u water it --water will take it away and 1,2,3 your sink is full ---sooner later your sink plugs but with this you can be sure :) - dislike that a lot , and it all over this sticky small bits ... 3 they took ages to start pinning ---compared to fresh boxes --very poorly 1flush ...not much going on ... so 2 flush and still waiting for any fruits .....just different also the substrate most likely - 4 the bag in which you put the box is tiny small .---at least smaller than the others dont like the small filter , plastic clips instead of metal 5 the box which comes with it has huge round holes in it ....just the best for side pinning --- so i like zamnesia a lot - and the have amazing products but this is not one of them -- cant recommend - wont buy again but recommend the fresh boxes kind regards good luck


    De la balle.
    7flush au total... Rien Ă  dire. Top qualite


    Excellent customer services
    I don’t believe I have ever come across a company with such good customer services. Zamnesia followed up to see how I got on with my grow kit and they offered a generous solution when it had been unsuccessful. Many thanks.


    An die Anleitung gehalten und nichts geerntet. Sehr enttäuscht.


    Poca cantidad
    En la primera cosecha apenas salieron brotes y en la segunda solamente dos setas. De potencia no esta mal pero muy poca cantidad.


    Really nice kit’s always have great yields
    Really easy nice kits great product!


    Très productif
    Paquet arrivé dans les temps et en bon état. Très bon produit. Bon rendement. J'ai suivi les instructions à la lettre, ultra simple! Premier flush arrivé au bout de 10 jours. J'en suis maintenant au 7ème flush avec encore des énormes champignons! A noter que la box est dans une tente de culture à 21-26 degrés celcius et 65-85% d'humidité + lumière naturelle du soleil. Au 6ème flush, je pensais que c'était terminé donc j'ai sorti la box de la tente (15-18 degrés dans la pièce) et à ma surprise, 2 semaines plus tard la box avait donné un 7ème flush, plein de gros champignons ouverts et tout était noir de spores. Le petit coup de frais a dû être apprécié par le mycellium. Du coup j'ai remis la box dans la tente de culture, j'attends le 8ème flush... qui sait !?


    Best growkit


    Great overall !
    I purchased this specific box 5-10 times during the last two years, here is what i learned. This box will give you a lot of shrooms, this is the one that gives the most cycle and grams that i tried. I average 4-5 cycles and went to 8 one time, without even being that cautious with hygiene. I recommend doing 2 harvest by cycle if some shrooms’ veil crack way before the others: just pick these one and let 12h-2days to the others, you will be rewarded with grams. On the other hand, those shrooms are not that potent. But since the box gives you plenty, you just have to uo the dose a bit. I usually recommend 3g to someone who is used to takes 2g and have some visuals from it. Overall i think this box is one of those which gives you the most psiloscibine for your money.

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'McKennaii'