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Good To Know


Basing on numerous personal experiences, lots of trip reports and seeing our friends tripping countless of times , we have prepared a short list of most important things to remember while taking magic mushrooms.

What you should NOT do with magic mushrooms:

  • using them with strangers
  • using them in a strange, unknown and unfamiliar place
  • using them while not feeling well, either physically or mentally (e.g. tired, stressed)
  • using them as a way of spending free time
  • experimenting with them while still being a teenager

Magic mushrooms can lead you to some unexplored dimensions and places in your mind, that you didn't even knew existed. Tripping through this world should remain safe and pleasant.

In order to ensure that, make sure that you:

  • take your time – hurry is not a good companion for tripping
  • prepare yourself properly – mushrooms are to be enjoyed rested, with a clear mind
  • eat them on empty stomach
  • find some trusted, relaxing space for tripping
  • think about engaging a trip sitter (sober guardian)
  • consider taking a day off afterwards, to allow your body and mind to rest and analyse the trip?


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