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Uses & Dosage

The dried plant material is traditionally chewed and the juices swallowed, but it is also used to make teas and tinctures, inhaled as a snuff or smoked. The Hottentot and Bushmen tribes of South Africa sometimes add other herbs to it.

You will have to find out which way of ingestion works best for you - and it is always a good idea to start with a mild dose. While some may feel only slight effects, others with a low tolerance might already be on their mental tip-toes.



This is the traditional way of ingesting Kanna and refers to fermented leaves, stems and roots. The plant material is chewed for an extended period of time, sometimes throughout the whole day.

Mild: 100-200mg
Medium: 200-400mg
Strong: 400-600mg
Extra strong: 600-1000mg

Duration: Main effects last for 1-2 hours and then fade out over another 1-2 hours.

Effects: General intoxication, euphoria


The die-hard way of ingesting Kanna. The material should be finely ground for snorting. This method is said to be one of the most efficient ways of ingesting Kanna, but has a big drawback - it is not a pleasant method and repeated Kanna snorting can lead to nose-bleeding, itching and blockage.

Mild: 25-50mg
Medium: 50-100mg
Strong: 100-250mg
Extra strong: 250-500mg

Duration: Effects come on within minutes and stay at their peak for 20-60 minutes before slowly fading over another 20-60 minutes.

Effects: The euphoria is much more pronounced with insufflation, analgesic effects less so.


Dry, powdered (fine or rough) or shredded Kanna plant material can, just like any other herb, be smoked. The smoke of Kanna is described as sweet in flavor and not harsh on the lung or throat.

Mild: 50-100mg
Medium: 100-250mg
Strong: 250-400mg
Extra strong: 400-500mg

Duration: First effects felt within seconds to a minute. Main effects Peak for 30-60 minutes then taper off in 60-90 minutes.

Effects: The onset of the effects may be characterized by head rushes and slightly jittery feelings or such of "butterflies in the stomach", followed by a relaxed spacey feeling. Euphoria is more pronounced with smoking, the analgesic effects less so.

Oral ingestion

The Kanna plant matter can be eaten by chewing over a long period time and then swallowing or it can be made into a tea, which reportedly tastes like green tea - but worse.

Mild: 200-400mg
Medium: 400-600mg
Strong: 600-1000mg
Extra strong: 1000-2000mg

Duration: The effects can take as long as 90 minutes to come on, but the experience is also much longer and can last for 4-5 hours.

Effects: Especially higher doses have more pronounced sedative, narcotic and analgesic properties, whereas the euphoria is much less pronounced.



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