Best Vape Herbs For Relaxation

Best Vape Herbs To Relax

Stress is a contemporary problem that can cause grave health concerns. De-stressing well helps keep hypertension at bay and blood pressure stable. Being able to augment your down time with good sleep, an unworried mind and positive outlook can nip stress in the bud.

Vaping is a contemporary solution for making the essential compounds of traditional herbal treatments more readily available. Herbs have direct physiological benefits such as enhancing smooth muscle function or bronchial dilation. The correct herb selection can decrease anxiety by complimenting the brain's "feel good" chemicals and can improve the quality of deep restful sleep.



Chamomile has been used as a tea and topical application since before the rise of ancient Egypt. The comprehensive amount of compounds present in chamomile performs many functions.

Vaping chamomile for relaxation releases beneficial volatile compounds directly into the blood stream. One of the active parts of its essential oil profile is bisabolol. This terpene is an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant and acts as a mild analgesic and relaxant. The analgesic effect is quite pronounced when vaping.

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The flavonoid chrysin is thought to be partly responsible for the anxiolytic properties of chamomile. Vaping chamomile stimulates glycine production, a chemical which relaxes nerves and muscles and acts as a mild sedative. It also increases the available quantities of GABA in the brain which also plays a part in reducing anxiety and boosting relaxation.

Vaping chamomile before vaping other herbs may increase the easy absorption of other volatile compounds. Dried chamomile flowers should first be broken down with the fingers prior to a quick grind. The essential oil in the dried flower heads will vaporize at between 100° - 150°C. Before refilling straight away assess how you are feeling, vaping this herb can be quite a powerful experience at first.



Those after work beers are so relaxing partly thanks to the effects of hops. If you don't drink alcohol you can still directly get the benefits of those relaxation qualities by vaporizing dried hops.

Hops contain alpha acids, flavonoids and essential oils. Myrcene and humelene are the prominent active terpenes and are responsible for the characteristic hops aroma. Responsible for over 40% of the essential oil volume both are well documented as analgesics, antispasmodics and antipsychotics and can potentiate the effects of cannabis.

Vaping hops can have immediate sedative effects with drowsiness and mild euphoria. Increasing dosages can have hypnotic or psychedelic effects and promotes deep states of restfulness. The oils of hops are held within lupulin glands inside the hop cone. Grind well to make sure these essential volatile compounds are released. Hops perform best when heated to 175° - 200°C.



Passionflower has a long history as part of the native American apothecary. Known for its relaxing and sedative effects passionflower grew commonly throughout the American continent.

Vaping dried passionflower liberates a host of flavonoids as well as alkaloids.
The terpene chrysin is thought to be responsible for the sedative and relaxing effects of passionflower. Harmine, harmol and harmalol are three harmala alkaloids that act as monoamine oxidase inhibitors. In higher concentrations, the harmala family of alkaloids play a significant role in the effect of ayahuasca. In low concentrations as with passionflower, they promote a general sense of well-being.

Passionflowers are quite tough when dried and will need to be ground well before vaping. They may need to be untangled from the grinder blades and given a second round to break them down sufficiently. Adjust your vaping tool to 100° - 150°C and enjoy the relaxing effects of passionflower.

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Lavender enjoys global notoriety as a fragrance. It also contains beneficial compounds that can be vaporized for relaxation and health benefits. Traditionally, inhaling the aroma from sprigs of lavender was used to treat headaches and migraines or placed under pillows to promote deep sleep.

The terpene linalool is what gives lavender its distinctive bouquet and is also the main therapeutic compound. Used for thousands of years to treat insomnia and anxiety vaping lavender has similar effects. Linalool is also crucial to the production of vitamin E in the body.

Linalool stimulates several systems in the body including opioid and dopamine receptors. It mediates pain and importantly provides a sense of well-being and relaxes deeply. Vaping lavender is a delicious experience with the effects being felt immediately as a pleasant drowsiness. The essential oils are easily vaporized at 125°C, but like all natural therapies should be treated with respect.


Wild Lettuce

A single phrase highlights how effective wild lettuce can be. Physicians of old would use wild lettuce when opium wasn't available.

The volatile compounds of wild lettuce are members of the opiate family. Prized in the past for their pain-killing properties modern vaping makes them perfect for relaxation. Psychedelic in large quantities wild lettuce modulates dopamine and glutamate in the brain promoting a sense of well-being.

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Wild lettuce offers a mild and enjoyable sedation that promotes sleep. The anxiolytic effect can be felt immediately as a subtle wave of relaxation eases your mind and body. Wild lettuce easily breaks apart and will only require a mild grind so as to avoid powdering. A temperature of 125° - 150°C is all that is needed to appreciate the relaxing benefits.



Catnip - or Catmint - may make our feline friends do backflips, but it makes humans slough off the worries of the day and fully relax. Catnip is well known in natural therapies as a beneficial herb for humans.

As an antipyretic, vaping catnip can help prevent and treat colds and flu and is an antitussive (calms coughing). Nepetalactone makes up 75% - 90% of the essential oil profile of catnip and is thought to be responsible for the relaxing effects. Catnip promotes sleep and overindulgence can cause mild euphoric states.

Catnip has been used as tincture, juice and tea and is sometimes smoked. Vaporizing is much healthier than smoking and unlike digestion, delivers desired compounds immediately. Catnip grinds easily and the essential properties will vaporize at 125° - 150°C.

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Blue Lotus

Blue lotus or Egyptian lotus has been celebrated as an intoxicant and medicine for thousands of years. It helped produce the poetry of Byron, was a respected medicine in ancient Greece and Rome and is a recommended treatment for heroin addiction.

Don't be fooled by a name. Apomorphine does not bind to the opioid receptors, but is a selective dopamine agonist. Stimulating neurotransmitter receptors in the absence of biological dopamine can cause euphoria and a sleepiness that often can't be denied. Blue lotus deeply relaxes mentally and physically and can wash away the stresses of the day.

Usually steeped in red wine to compliment its effects blue lotus can be uncomplicatedly vaped at 125°C instead. Releasing their cache of apomorphine the indigo flowers imbue a languid relaxation and gentle mental buzz. The flowers will need to be broken up very well before grinding as they are very stringy.


Vaping Herbs For Relaxation

Vaping organic herbs for relaxation compliments your mental and physical well-being. Regular exercise, a healthy varied diet and keeping stress under control naturally reduces the chance of related conditions like heart attack and stroke. However, if you experience any potentially serious health issues at all, you should always consult a doctor first.