Kanna 10x Extract


Kanna 10x Extract is a highly concentrated Kanna powder 10x stronger than standard kanna. Kanna is a traditional South African herbal product, able to elevate mood and relax the soul. It is these traits that have led it to become popular in the West as a way to unwind after a particularly hard day. Kanna 10x Extract contains 1 gram of concentrated kanna powder.

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Kanna 10x Extract: A potent and concentrated mood booster

Kanna 10x Extract is a highly concentrated variety, resulting in a powder 10x power potent than a standard kanna extract.


Kanna 10x Extract can be chewed with gum, snorted or brewed into a tea. An average dose is between 50-200mg. Each pack contains 1g of Kanna 10x Extract

Kanna 10x Extract data sheet
Weight 1 gr

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Reviews (61)

    I love this stuff
    The effect is really subtle but it really makes me not give a shit, great for me for partys, still stupid negative thoughts every now and then but they have no negative emotional impact. I take about 150 mg sublingually


    Don't expect crazy effect but it certainly lifts the mood and gives a nice fluffy feeling. No side effects with a regular dose.


    Went in not expecting too much yet thoroughly enjoyed having this. Am keen to try the stronger extracts now.


    Euphoria & Stimulation. I like it intranasal or as tea. Works fine in a joint too


    excellent produit jamais déçus par zamnesia


    Vraiment sympa
    C'est pas la première fois que j'en commande, je ne suis jamais déçu, moi qui ai souvent du mal à sentir les effets de ce genre de drogues qu'on trouve sur les smartshop, le kanna m'a toujours apporté des effets sympa en sniff. Un peu sédatif, ma vision devient un peu floue, sensation d'engourdissement général, une légère fatigue mais en même temps, bizarrement, ça m'aide à me concentrer, donc pour les personnes qui ont un trouble de l'attention, je vous conseille de tenter l'expérience. Quand j'en prends, d'un coup j'arrête de faire 10 choses en même temps, je me concentre sur une et j'arrive à rester concentré un moment, tout en y prenant du plaisir, c'est difficile à décrire. Ca fait un peu mal, je vous conseille de vous moucher et vous rincer le nez 5 minutes après la prise. Evitez de trop vous agiter ou de faire du sport après avoir prit du Kanna, ça pourrait vous donner la tête qui tourne.




    Skip your expectations, and enjoy
    If you are used to stronger substances, you might be in for a disappointment. It's all about expectation management. Also, Kanna might not have any effect at all in the first couple of tries – keep giving it a chance. And finally, anything below this 10x extract is likely a waste of money. And this? It's wonderful. I use it on occasions where others consume alcohol, which I don't do anymore. About 20 mg 10x bring me to their level. 50 mg equals a shot for me. Sadly repeated dosage hardly does anything for me. But the pleasant effects do last some time, and while sleep might be difficult, I always have an "anti-hangover" the next morning: awake and energetic. It's wonderful.


    Pas mal du tout
    Sympa pour se débarrasser de certaines mauvaises habitudes


    The 10x extract surprised me in a good way
    So I wasn't really expecting to get super High by this, and I wasn't, but it really brang out the nature of the drug,(I would say its an amazing feeling, relaxed and a bit stimulated) what Kanna powder couldn't. I'm really looking forward to taste the stronger extracts some day.

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Kanna 10x Extract
Kanna 10x Extract