Kanna is the name given to the fermented roots and leaves of the South African bush Sceletium tortuosum, a traditional vision-inducing entheogen and inebriant that in the West is more regularly used to improve mood.

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Kanna: raise the spirits and boost focus

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) has a long history of use among hunter-gatherers of South Africa. As an energising and mind-altering plant, these populations would chew on the dried plant material and swallow the alkaloid-rich saliva. Kanna is reported to raise the spirits, boost focus, and reduce worries. Although not hallucinogenic, kanna does produce somewhat of a euphoric and enjoyable effect.


Use as a snuff (20mg) or chew (100mg–1 gram) with some gum.
A single pack contains 1 gram of kanna.


The plant contains the alkaloid mesembrine, though the pharmacology of kanna is not fully understood.

Kanna data sheet
Weight 1 gram

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Reviews (147)

    Wie immer eine sehr schnelle Lieferung, die erste dosis als Tee getrunken, nach ca 60 min kam eine leichte aber lang andauernde Wirkung die dem kiffen gleich kommt, die zweite dosis 4 Std später genommen aber weniger als im Tee und geschnupft, man fühlte sich sehr leicht, schläfrige Augen, und man hat ein sehr entspanntes Gefühl. Der erste Eindruck, ein sehr empfehlenswertes Gegenstück zum weed und definitiv ein ausweichprodukt wenn man mal kein Gras da hat.


    nessun effetto
    su di me non ha avuto nessun effetto


    Para todos aquellos que aún no sepan de Zamnesia, es una empresa sería que responde y los envíos son rápidos y efectivos. En cuanto a esta Kanna ; es un producto relajante con calidad precio espectacular, recomiendo consumir inhalado.


    Little quantity, strong power
    Not really strong but nice as a little energizer shot


    Très efficace pour la détente


    pas à mon goût
    pas d'effets


    Didn't feel pleasurable effects + too much jitter
    Tried small amounts and nothing happened, Trying a slightly bigger amount (250mg) and got a strange jitter and heart palpitation. Perhaps it's better to try Kanna Extreme instead of this one.


    Ça peut aller.pour un bon kick de courte durée 1 2h aimeront l'euphorie et bien être


    Not Very Strong but Nice
    Wanted to test it by snorting an adequate amount. Started with 40mg, was still a bit weak, ended up doing about 70mg. Important to note I had had 3 alcoholic beverages, so I was not entirely sober. Within about 10 minutes felt some effects. Started as a warm glow and an unwitting smile, made me feel more relaxed and uninhibited. The strongest effects started wearing off within 20 minutes after that, did keep a more relaxed attitude and a kind of "mellow" feeling for a while after that. All in all I can say at these amounts it's not very strong but a very friendly feeling.


    weak but fantastic
    this is a stimulant that is happy and euphoric. Feels amazing.

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Video (1)
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