Kanna Extract UC


Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum ) is a narcotic plant that is native to South Africa. It is long known for its relaxing properties along with other effects like the ability to give a social buzz. The Kanna UC extract is an ultra-concentrated Kanna extract that is more potent with a faster onset of the effect. Kanna UC extract is best used if taken as capsules or as a snuff.

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Kanna Extract UC

Kanna, also known as Sceletium Tortuosum is a narcotic plant from South Africa. It is believed that Kanna’s relaxing properties had been discovered by tribesmen 300 years ago. The tribesmen used the plant as a natural relaxant and mild recreational drug for pleasure by using it as a chew or snuff.

The effects of Kanna, depending on the dosage taken can range from giving a deep relaxation to a social buzz that often comes with an increased appreciation for the moment and the beauty of nature.

The Kanna UC extract is a pure and very concentrated extract that doesn’t contain any plant material. It is more potent with a faster onset as compared to Kanna powder or some other Kanna extracts. When used as a snuff, the onset of its effect is very rapid and very intense but doesn’t last too long.


We recommend using the Kanna UC extract in the form of capsules although it can be used as a snuff or snort as well. The best way to dose it can be if you use a capsule machine. This way you can make 6 to 7 dosages with approximately 150mg of Kanna UC extract per capsule. If used as a snuff or when snorted, the recommended single dosage for the Kanna UC extract is 75mg.

Contains 1 gram of ultra-concentrated Kanna UC extract.

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Weight 1 gr

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Reviews (20)
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    Good for anxiety

    B. S.

    Bon KANNA
    Le précédent était dans un etuit au fond plat cette fois fond rond mais le produit est le même Impossible de cromprendre l'effet ce qui est surement dut au traitement que j'ai mais c'etait sympa

    B. B.

    Super potent und gut verträglich. Ganz klar mein Favourit.

    M. M.

    Plant Power
    In combination with a couple of vodka shots, gives a nice and warm explosion in the brain!

    E. D.

    Excellent produit

    A. A.

    Now this is legit strong.

    M. M.

    You are certainly going to feel it
    The pretty small line made me feel awful, but I guess that's just me not getting along with kanna. If you want to know whether Kanna is for you, this is your product.

    J. C.

    Sehr gut
    Kann ich jedem empfehlen, ein angenehmer Rausch... Werde ich wieder bestellen...

    P. B.

    The stuff is strong. Kanna leaves are more relaxing but this brings the psychedelic vibes already in low doses. Smooth to sniff. Gonna give it 5/5

    I. A.

    75mg Insufflated
    We took 75mg, Insufflated and both felt like we were shot out of a cannon. Both ended up nauseous and a little freaked out for the first several minutes. Recommend scaling a first Insufflated dose way back.... maybe 25mg.... and work your way into a comfort zone. 75mg is too much right out of the gate. Just a bit of random advice. Otherwise, turned into a pretty smooth ride and we fell asleep within the hour.

    B. P.
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Kanna Extract UC
Kanna Extract UC
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