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Sceletium tortuosum can help to enhance the mood, to decrease anxiety, stress and tension, to stimulate and sedate and to suppress appetite, but the effects of Kanna vary greatly with the method and amount of ingestion. Kanna can be smoked, sniffed, chewed, ingested in gel-caps or made into a brew or tincture.

One fact beforehand: No matter where you read it is or who ever might claim it is, Kanna is NOT hallucinogenic and no adverse effects have been documented.

Here is what you can really expect after the use of Sceletium tortuosum:

Depending on the method of ingestion and ingested amount, you will be encountering stimulation and an energy boost, appetite suppression, tingling sensations, a sense of general well-being, in high doses narcotic sedation, pleasant muscle relaxation, mood elevation, mental relaxation, analgesia, euphoria and enhanced empathy. Only very few users reported side-effects such as nausea, headache, anxiety and insomnia, but those side-effects usually occur and are much stronger at higher doses of Kanna.

Using Kanna in combination with cannabis increases the effects of cannabis, which also prevents a hard come down from the Kanna kick, whereas the appetite suppressant property of Kanna alleviates the 'munchies'.

Smoking: The effects come on almost immediately and peak for 30-60 minutes before fading out over the following 60-90 minutes. The analgesic effects are less pronounced, but the euphoria is much more so.

Insufflation: The first effects come on within minutes. The main effects peak for about 20-60 minutes before slowly fading out over another 20-60 minutes. The analgesic effects are less pronounced, but the euphoria is much more so.

Oral ingestion: Orally ingested Kanna, especially at higher doses, has a sedative to narcotic effect and the analgesic effect is much more pronounced. The effect is very enjoyable and lasts longer (up to 4-5 hours) but is also less euphoric.



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