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Botanical Info

Kanna, Mesembryanthemaceae expansum, is a succulent herb that belongs to the carpetweed family “Aizoaceae” and is part of the Sceletium genus. Kana can be found growing natively in Africa, with large populations found around the western cape of South Africa. Kanna grows triangular leaves with incurved tips and the flowers tend to be white, pale yellow, pale pink or salmon in colour, growing to around 20-30 mm in diameter.

There are thought to be over 1000 species of Mesembryanthemaceae growing in the drier regions of Africa. A few of them, including kanna, are thought to be related to pokeweed, pink, and cactus families.

Kana is a perennial that flowers between June and September in its natural habitat. After flowering, the plant dies back, leaving behind a skeleton.



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