How To Make Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules

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Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules

Looking for a stealthy option to taking magic mushrooms or just an effective way to microdose with them? Look no further, in this article we will explore the benefits of using magic mushroom capsules and how you can make them for yourself!

Making magic mushroom capsules is an efficient and simple way to enjoy consistent and measured doses without having to weigh them out or put up with the sometimes unpalatable taste mushrooms can have.

All you need are some empty capsules, a capsule machine, and a coffee grinder (preferably one that you don't use anymore or one you can use specifically for the purpose of powdering your mushrooms.)

Making magic mushroom capsules can even be vegetarian-friendly, with vegetarian capsules now also widely available.


There are plenty of benefits to making capsules. The obvious ones are that you can get roughly the exact same dose each time and you can manage your consumption a lot easier. Mushrooms should take effect faster when consumed in powdered form and there's also no taste factor involved.

Capsules are also a much stealthier option than carrying around a bag of dried mushrooms in a dodgy plastic baggie; it gives a lot more flexibility when it comes to storage and administation when out and about.

Another benefit to using mushroom capsules is that you can easily take microdoses with them. Many anecdotal reports from enthusiasts suggest the effects of taking tiny amounts of psychedelics can be very positive, enhancing awareness and senses, increasing your focus and creativity, boosting energy and more!

Magic Mushrooms Capsules

The negative aspect of having mushrooms in a capsule is they don't look too appealing, and if they're not yours, you can never be certain of what's in them. We would never recommend taking mushroom capsules unless you made them yourself, as it's never easy to differentiate one powder from another!


What you'll need:

• Coffee grinder
• Capsule maker
• Empty capsules
• Dried magic mushrooms (grow you own)


1. Weigh out your mushrooms for how many capsules you want to make and how much you want in each capsule. So for example, if you want 50x0.3gs capsules you would need 15g of dried mushrooms.

2. Grab your coffee grinder (or a small blender could work) and add the mushrooms.

3. Pulse your coffee grinder or switch on your blender. Just be sure to break up the mushrooms until they become a fine powder!

4. Load up your capsule maker with one-half of the capsule (the smaller half) into every hole and don't skip any. Size 00 capsules should hold around 0.5g.

5. Place the corresponding capsules into the other half of your capsule maker or according to the instructions on the kit.

6. Carefully shake some of the mushroom powder onto the bottom section of the capsule maker.

7. Use a small piece of card or a credit card to push the powder around so that it falls into the capsules.

8. Take the tool provided with the kit and use it to push the powder down into the capsules, use an equal force but don't push too hard or you might break the capsules!

9. Some of the powder should now be packed down into the half capsules.

10. Move around any remaining powder with your card so that it can fall into any space left in the capsule halves.

Capsule Machine and empty capsules

11. Add the remaining powder and repeat the process of gently pushing the powder around.

12. Push down again with the pressing tool when the half-capsules become full.

13. Move the powder around again and keep repeating the process, even when the half-capsules appear full. Just be patient and try not to waste any powder.

14. Push off any remaining powder to the corner of the capsule maker with your card and gently nudge it off and out of the way.

15. Take the upper part of the capsule maker (loaded up with the other half of the capsules and line it up with the bottom half filled with mushroom powder.

16. Gently push it into place making sure that the top and bottom halves line up with each other. Then push down with an even and level force as according to the instructions of the capsule maker.

17. Gently turn the whole box upside down and hold the bottom down with your fingers.

18. Turn it upside down again and softly push on the back, you wouldn't want to damage any of the things!

19. The capsules should pop out nice and neat; they are now ready for storage.

20. Store your capsules in a glass jar with a packet of silica gel to keep them fresh.

21. Make sure you put the lid on tight and store them in a safe place away from medications.

Now your magic mushroom capsules are ready to go! You can take advantage of the even doses to make sure you never take too little or too much, or maybe you could try microdosing with them for a little pick-me-up or a boost of creativity and focus.

We would recommend the B+ strain for making capsules as it is easy to grow and produces consistent yields. They are one of our most popular, and produce multiple flushes of top-shelf mushrooms!


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