5 Surprising Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

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Magic Mushrooms

Thought magic mushrooms were just about tripping? Guess again! Here are five other ways we all stand to benefit.

Magic mushrooms hold a potential that goes way beyond simple tripping – even if it is for dedicated spiritual practice. Science is uncovering all sorts on interesting and beneficial applications for this magical fungus, all of which can improve the lives of millions.

So what are these additional benefits? Well, here are five lesser-known discoveries:


A common misconception is that magic mushrooms amplify your current mood; so if you are depressed, in theory, it would make it worse. This is not the case according to initial research, which found that magic mushrooms can improve mood on a long-term basis.

It is worth noting that these experiments are conducted in controlled and therapeutic settings. Depression is a complicated illness; we do not recommend trying to replicate their findings outside of a clinical/therapeutic environment until more is known.


According to research, psilocybin based therapy can help smokers kick their nicotine addiction to the curb, with findings suggesting it has an 80% success rate after just three sessions. And we are talking fully addicted people here, who have been smoking a pack of day for years. To put it into context, one of the most success pharmaceutical alternatives, varenicline, only has a 35% success rate. The implications here are huge for the amount of life that could be saved.

Once again, it is not just the case of popping back a few mushrooms and being cured – they are being used as part of structured therapy.


Cluster headaches are one of the most painful medical conditions known to man. It is described as like having an ice-pick push through your skull and out your eye. For sufferers, it is a living hell, as it is a reoccurring condition that is highly resistant to current medicine. It is so bad that it is often referred to as “suicide headaches” as many have been driven to take their own life by the pain. Well, certain scientists now believe that the answer could be right there in front of us: magic mushrooms. According to anecdotal reports and initial scientific observations, the use of magic mushrooms to treat cluster headaches is extremely effective, putting many cases into remission, and even terminating the condition for years at a time.


Recent research has shown that the psilocybin in magic mushrooms causes the brain to rearrange itself, creating new connections between neurons. This change is not random or chaotic, though. A new order is produced, creating the feeling of expanded consciousness. It makes it very easy to think “outside the box” and allows us to view things from a completely different perspective.

The upshot of this is that although the trip only lasts a few hours, the discoveries and outlooks we gain stay with us for a long time. The result is long-lasting positive effects on our mental wellbeing. A great example of this is research from John Hopkins University. Not only did the majority of participants in this experiment state that the mushroom trip was one of the most profound experiences of their lives, they also reported an increased sense of wellbeing 2 years later on – something friends and family of participants noticed and agreed with.


Knowing that you have a certain short amount of time to live is an extremely stressful experience. Psychedelics like magic mushrooms have the ability to help terminal patients deal with their situation, reducing anxiety and instilling a sense of peace. It somewhat follows on from the last point – allowing patients to see things from an alternative perspective and leave them with a sense of spirituality and wellbeing. It can make the difference between spiralling into depression or spending your remaining time on earth enjoying the love of friends and family.

Of course, science has only really scratched the surface when it comes to the potentials of magic mushrooms. As research expands, and clinical trials become a possibility, all kinds of new and interesting applications could be found. It is no exaggeration to say psychedelics are shaping up to be the medicine of the future!

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