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Lost a bit, broken a bit, or just want a spare part? Here’s the place for saving your vape from being dumped before its time, or just for cleaning and restoring it.

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DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
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  • Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

VapCap Screens

VapCap Circumferential Compression Diffuser (CCD) screens ensure your vape is always in good repair. These stainless steel screens filter fine particles while offering unparalleled airflow. This product is engineered to give you a top-notch vaping experience, and each of the three screens should give you months of use. Replace when bent, clogged, or broken. 3 pieces


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VapCap Replacement Cap

The VapCap Replacement Cap is identical to the one that came with your original VapCap device. The cap is made of medical-grade stainless steel, and clicks when heated to the right temperature. The cap fits all VapCap vaporizers. The cap sometimes clicks twice—this is normal. If it’s not fitting properly, squeeze it gently and adjust.


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VapCap Condenser O-Ring Kit

The VapCap Condenser O-Ring Kit is a replacement for the rubber rings on the stainless steel condenser of most VapCap products. These rings produce a tight seal, ensuring that everything works smoothly and without leaks. Replace your O-rings frequently to make best use of your vape. Please note that these rings do not work on the OmniVap.


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VapCap High Temp O-Ring Kit

Need a new set of O-rings for your VapCap product? Look no further! This product comes with 5 rings, identical to the ones that are standard on titanium tips, stainless steel tips (M tips), mouthpiece assemblies, and the OmniVap condenser. Don’t make do with worn-out parts—replace them instead and vape in style!


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DynaVap SlimStash XL

Made from sustainably sourced wood, the SlimStash XL by DynaVap fits in your pocket easily and provides a tasteful way of transporting your DynaVap device. Available in a number of different types of wood, there's something to suit everyone's style here. The best part is that it looks attractive yet discreet, so nobody will suspect what's inside!

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DynaVap SlimStash

A little larger than a standard lighter, the SlimStash from DynaVap is the perfect pocket-size companion that can store your DynaVap device inconspicuously. Made from several sustainably sourced types of wood—the choice is yours—it's an attractive product that doesn't draw attention to itself. Transport your favourite vaporizer in style!


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VapCap Fat Mouthpiece

The VapCap Fat Mouthpiece by DynaVap is made of rubber and forms a tight seal on all 14mm female water tools. The mouthpiece can serve many functions; it can act as a replacement if you’ve lost your old mouthpiece, and can allow you and your friends to share the vape without sharing germs. Note that this item does not fit the DynaStash.


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VapCap DynaWax

Feel like giving your vape a little extra love? Check out VapCap DynaWax to your keep your vape in shape. DynaWax is made from locally-sourced beeswax and hemp oil, and can be applied to mouthpieces, wood midsections, O-rings, and DynaStashes. You deserve nice things, and so does your vape—if you treat it well, it’ll treat you well!

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