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Lost a bit, broken a bit, or just want a spare part? Here’s the place for saving your vape from being dumped before its time, or just for cleaning and restoring it.

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Storm Vaporizer
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Storm Water Tool Adapter

Without any doubt, vaporizers tend to provide a much smoother experience than a bong or joint, but how about a "silky" experience? Simply use this adapter to connect your Storm vaporizer to your bong or bubbler. The (male)connector is made from borosilicate glass, the gasket from silicone rubber and the inbuilt screen from stainless steel. Joint size: 14.4mm


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Storm Bubbler Mouthpiece

Sturdy, discreet, incredibly simple to use, reasonably priced and highly versatile - this pretty much sums up what the Storm vaporizer has on offer. And its versatility is actually improvable by using differing adapters and mouthpieces, such as this revolutionary hand-blown bubbler mouthpiece. Fill with water, attach to your Storm and enjoy moisture conditioned clouds of vapour.


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Rechargeable 18650 battery (2200mAh)

The rechargeable 18650 replacement battery delivers a powerful 2200mAh for many hours of vaping fun when fully charged. This type of battery is used in a number of vaporizers, so check your particular model for compatibility.


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Storm Screens (6 pcs)

Vape like on the first day again with your Storm Vaporizer with these new Storm screens! Complete set of metal screens for your Storm Vaporizer pen includes 2 x mouthpiece screens, 2 x chamber screens and 2 x glass mouthpiece/water tool adapter screens. Set of Storm Screens with 6 pcs.


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Storm Steel Concentrate Capsule

The Storm Concentrate Capsule is the perfect accessory so you can vape oils and pressed solid resins in your Storm Vaporizer Pen. The capsule is very easy to use: Simply crumble some resin into the capsule, put your Storm on high and enjoy! The replacement concentrate capsule is made from stainless steel.


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Storm Mouthpiece

Original Storm replacement mouthpiece with improved airflow for your Storm vaporizer. Great as a replacement mouthpiece, or if you want a spare for sharing.


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Storm Resin Capsule

With the Storm Steel Resin Capsule you can vape resins cleanly and effectively using your Storm Vaporizer Pen. The replacement concentrate capsule is made from stainless steel.


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Storm Glass Mouthpiece

Vaping through a glass mouthpiece undeniably beats toking through a mouthpiece made of rubber or plastic. This mouthpiece is a replacement part for the standard issue rubber mouthpiece included with the Storm Vaporizer. The tubule is made from borosilicate glass and the gasket from silicone rubber. The inbuilt screen is made from stainless steel.


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Storm Carry Case

The Storm vaporizer is a nifty little gadget, but you probably don't want to carry it around loosely in your pocket when you are out and about. Simply use this carry case to stow away your Storm vaporizer, two spare batteries and accessories and you have all in one place - safe and sound.


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Storm Pen Sleeve

Stay cool and take your Storm vaporizer anywhere! Protect your Storm Vaporizer with the Storm Pen Sleeve and always keep it cool to the touch. The sleeve is made from neoprene and will also hold your mouthpiece firmly in place. The handy zipper makes using your protected Storm super-easy!


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